What you should know about knee arthritis

What medPeople who suffer from knee arthritis are usually people who are over the age of 50 and the most common form that knee arthritis will take is osteoarthritis which itself is the process whereby the cartilage of a joint will wear away and degenerate.

What causes it?

Cartilage plays an extremely important role in the maintenance of a healthy joint as it acts as a strategically placed barrier and shock absorber between the bones thereby preventing them from rubbing against one another. When the cartilage is worn away or damaged due to disease, infection or trauma such as a fracture, then the cartilage will erode and force the bones to rub together. This in turn will result in the pain so commonly experienced whenever people have knee arthritis.
Can the problem get better on its own?
Sadly, no. When a person develops knee arthritis, this means that there is now a mechanical fault present inside of the joint and so the pain and the stiffness experienced by the sufferer will only get steadily worse unless surgery is utilised.

Who is most at risk of developing knee arthritis?
There is a wealth of information that clearly shows and proves a causal and direct correlation between the development and onset of knee arthritis,
and excess weight. The reason that obesity and being overweight even factors in the equation at all is due to the fact that the knees are a weight bearing joint as they support the body weight of the person as they move around whether this is walking, standing, bending or flexing.

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It is for these reasons then that healthcare professionals will typically recommend that people who have knee arthritis should try and lose weight before relying on more permanent and drastic measures of pain relief.

What medication can I use for the control and management of knee arthritis?
The actual medication that is prescribed to a person will depend greatly on their current health and any other medication that they are currently taking, although broadly speaking, anti-inflammatory drugs will be prescribed along with painkillers as well, which may or may not be codeine based.

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