Wheat Allergies and How to Cure Them

Wheat is a popular grain that most people consume on a daily basis. It is a common ingredient in bread, pizza dough, pastries and desserts. However, there are many people that must stay away from this food. This is due to having a wheat allergy.   If you have a wheat allergy it can become a very serious problem if not diagnosed and treated properly.

Wheat allergies are one of the most common food allergies ever. However, many people mistake a gluten allergy for a wheat allergy.  They are two different ailments and have different symptoms and guidelines. When you have a gluten allergy, you cannot consume wheat, barley or rye products without getting a reaction. Whereas, most people with  wheat allergies can have barley and rye products with no problem.

The most common symptoms for a wheat allergy are asthma and eczema.  They are normally mild, but the asthma can lead to breathing problems.  Wheat allergies can also sometimes be more serious and include difficulty swallowing, decreased blood pressure and shock.  If you experience any of these symptoms after consuming wheat, chances are you have developed a wheat allergy.  Be sure to get tested immediately to prevent any other symptoms and problems.

Unfortunately, having a wheat allergy can become very frustrating. Since wheat is a common ingredient in all foods, trying to find products that do not contain wheat can be a time-consuming project and can cause you to become extremely frustrated.  Buying fresh produce and meat is a great way to be sure that you are not getting any wheat. Also, gluten-free products are safe for a wheat allergy diet. Be careful when going to a restaurant as many do not list whether or not wheat is an ingredient in the food.   Try going to places that offer gluten-free menus or speak with the chef about your specific diet needs.

Wheat allergies are a problem that many people have to deal with. Knowing the signs and how to prevent them from happening will help you become symptom free. You may need to watch what you eat, but knowing that you will be healthy is a reward in itself.

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