Who can’t use dermabrasion for the management of acne scars

One of the worst effects that acne can have on those unfortunate enough to be afflicted with them is that it will directly damage and even shatter the confidence, self-esteem and happiness of the victim who will feel unattractive, sexually unappealing and ashamed of their complexion. Given that such people are more at risk of bullying and harassment purely because of their appearance, it is little wonder then that people with prominent acne scars are more likely to suffer from depression.

There has been a great deal of time and energy devoted to the management of acne, however, when it comes to dealing with and controlling the aftereffects that are so often encountered and endured as a consequence of the acne clearing up, it would seem that the dermatologist profession as a whole has a great deal of progress to make.

One of the most commonly used methods by dermatologists for the treatment of acne scars is known as dermabrasion. The purpose of this article is designed to consider the people who are and who are not suitable candidates for this specific form of acne scar treatment.

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What is dermabrasion?

Constituting a hybrid work of abrasion and derma, meaning of the skin, dermabrasion will effectively involve the top layer of the skin being sanded or rubbed away by means of medical equipment in an attempt to compel the body to regrow and repair the damaged area. The idea here being of course, that when the body does finally repair the damaged skin, it will do so stronger and more durable than before.

What people are best suited for this procedure?

Unfortunately, dermabrasion is not a procedure that is suitable for all people who have acne scars, and specifically, concerns have been raised about people who have autoimmune disorders. The reason for this is that people whose immune system does not work as effectively as it could, or indeed should, will be at a much higher risk of acquiring a very serious infection that can quickly escalate into something much more serious and potentially fatal.

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