Apply Concealer

How to choose and apply concealer in correct way

Concealer can be such a valuable and magical cosmetic in your makeup kit that if you are not blessed with flawless skin, it will help you get one. Concealer is a cosmetic which is used to hide blemishes, marks, dark circles, acne and many more skin problems. It helps to make the skin look even and smooth by covering the roughness.

Types of Concealers:

You can choose concealer according to texture and shade of your skin. Concealer is available in cream, liquid and solid forms. The easiest to apply are stick concealer which is the reason for their popularity. Stick concealers provide the ultimate all-around coverage while creamy and liquid concealers have little disadvantage as they are oily in texture and tend to slide off while stick concealers stay there.

For dry skin, liquid and cream concealers are the best as they have emollients which combat with dryness of skin. Solid concealers are advised to cover the hard marks like scars, pimples, acne or blemishes. For this type of skin, concealer should not only be oil-free but also having anti bacterial properties to treat the spots. It can be easily and directly applied over the mark. If you have sensitive skin, go for a concealer having mineral colors in them.

Choosing the shade of concealer:

While selecting the right shade of concealer, be quite careful as it is very important for preparing the perfect base for the face. Shade of concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone to let it match completely with your skin tone. Excessively light shades can give you owl eyes when you apply them on dark under eye circles. If you apply a concealer not matching your skin tone than separate undesirable concealer marks will appear on the skin. In summer season, go for a shade darker as skin gets tanned in summer sun.

You should choose a concealer which contains high pigment level; and mineral oils as they are best for hiding the blemishes on the skin. These kinds of concealer stay there for longer period. Concealers are thicker and denser than foundation in composition.

Applying concealer in right way

Concealer is always applied after foundation has been applied and before the application of powder. When the concealer is still damp, you should dust a little translucent powder over it to seal and set it. Dusting of powder lets the concealer blend and also save it from cracking and creasing.

For hiding under eye dark circles, select a concealer having yellow tone. To prevent the concealer from depositing into the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, application of eye cream is recommended. It also saves concealer from drying up. For other parts on the face, you should use skin moisturizer. If you are not using solid concealer, use a fine tipped brush to apply liquid or cream concealer in very small quantity. For a smooth and natural finish, you can go for matt finish concealer.

Tips for Applying Concealer:

As said above, before applying concealer, apply under eye cream for dark circles and skin moisturizer for rest of the face. Give it a little time to get it absorbed into the skin. Now apply the concealer on the under eye circles, starting from the center and gently blending towards the corner of eyes. On the other marks, directly apply the concealer with a brush or finger and blend it using the fingertip by back and forth movement. Do it gently and for diluting it, you can use moisturizer. Avoid pulling the sensitive skin of eye while blending the concealer.

Also make sure that concealer does not get deposited into the fine lies around eyes that you can find by smiling into the mirror. Blot away extra concealer by tissue. After satisfactorily applying the concealer, dust translucent powder to seal the concealer on the skin.

Some useful Tips about Concealer Application:

While choosing concealer, do not test it on the wrist; instead check it against the color of neck and face. Another thing is to test it in sunlight or very bright light as in bright lights concealers reflect different tone from skin if not properly matched. To have smooth look on the face, apply concealer on the fine lines around lips, inside of Nose Bridge and the outer corners of eyes. While applying thick layer of concealer, prevent it from appearing cakey.

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