Lip Care

Lips Care: Keep the Lips Soft and Smooth

Whenever you talk to somebody, lips draw your attention. Lips are very sensitive part on your face. Healthy and pink lips are considered beautiful. Soft and smooth lips are indicator of your beauty. Skin of lips is very delicate and is highly prone to drying, chipping and cracking. Dull and chapped lips mar whole look of your face and it affects your personality also. There is constant need of lip care to keep them in perfect condition. There are many measures; you can take to take care of lips.

Dry, dark and chapped lips draw unwanted negative attention which you surely do not want. Lips Care is not just one activity; you have to take constant care in the form of set of many activities. Lips care is regular ongoing care. Lips lack the oil glands so they lack ability to retain moisture. Only due to this reason, lips can become extremely dry and rough. Lips care is comprised of protecting it from weather conditions, applying topical moisturizers, eating well balanced food and drinking water.

Various Steps for Lips Care:

First thing you should do is to eat well balanced, healthy diet. Any good nourishment taken gets reflected from rosy lips. Your food should include lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, whole grain and other nutrients. Healthy lips are the part of healthy body.

Increase your intake of water. Drinking water hydrates the body and skin. It maintains the moisture level of skin and lips.

Applying Lip Balms:

Lips balms are special moisturizers for the lips. Applying lip balm is very essential for lips to keep them moist. Lips balms also protect lips from weather conditions like dry winds, heat and sunrays. Try to get a lip balm having sun protecting properties.

Lips become extremely dry in cold winter months when dry air strips off all the moisture from lips. Delicate skin of lips finds it difficult to cope with these harsh climatic conditions. Lips crack and bleed due to lack of moisture and it is a real irritating condition. Regular lip balm application can save you from this harrowing condition.

Using Lip Gloss:

Lip gloss is cosmetic which lends lips a luscious effect besides moisturizing them. Women generally apply this to beautify their lips. It is generally applied after lipstick application but you can apply a thin film of lip gloss without any lip color to give lips a bright shine.

Lips need constant pampering and nourishment to stay smooth and soft. You should exfoliate your lips before any moisturizer application. Use a very soft cotton cloth for this purpose. Exfoliating removed dead cells accumulated over lips and brings out soft skin.

Do not lick the lips constantly; first it removes any moisturizer applied on lips and other thing it does, it strips all the natural moisture from lips.

Apply lipstick using right method by using a lips brush. Choose lipstick having vitamin E moisturizer and sun protection properties in it. This type of lipstick apart from lending color to the lips, keeps them moisturized and protected from damaging sun rays.

Remedies for Cracked Lips Care:

You can apply warm ghee (Purified Butter) on cracked lips. A thin film of ghee acts as natural lip balm.

Dip black tea bags in boiling water and when it is lukewarm, press it over lips; it will help increase moisture level in lips.

Before going to bed, do not forget to remove lipstick and apply moisturizer on lips.

Honey is another natural remedy for lips. Honey being a humectants, has moisturizing and healing properties for cracked lips. It can be applies on small cuts on lips because it is antibacterial. Apply it before bed time or throughout the day; it will leave lips smooth and soft.

Mix extra virgin olive oil and beeswax to make a paste of smooth consistency and apply it lips. It is extremely helpful in severely cracked lips.

For sun damaged lips, you can apply aloe Vera gel over lips. Aloe Vera soothes and cools burnt lips due to sun exposure. You can rub the flesh of aloe Vera over lips to exfoliate and moisturize them.

Shea butter is very beneficial for extremely sensitive lips.

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