Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips

 Wedding day is one of the most important days in life of a girl. She is the most important person on that day along with her groom. She wants to look the most beautiful on her wedding. She wears the best dress, best make up and best hairdo. But it becomes a worry with most of the girls. Here are certain tips regarding makeup, hairdo and dress to be worn by the bride. Let’s have a look at some wedding tips.

Wedding Tips :

First and the foremost wedding tip is to stay relaxed, cheerful and without any stress. This is the most important beauty boost.

Another important tip is to try to enhance your personality rather than changing it or overdoing it. You should select wedding dress, makeup and the hairdo which blends with your personality and the charm.

For makeup and hairdo, go to a professional makeup artist. She has the best knowledge as what will fit your personality. Another thing is to have trial session of makeup before the actual wedding day. You can check your overall look.

Get your facial done a week before wedding day.

If you want highlights or color in your hair, it is better to have it at least 15 days before wedding day to avoid any color mistake.

For makeup, avoid neon and bright colors, they look ashy in photographs.

Also avoid pink foundation, it will pale tone in photographs. Try to have neutral and true tones.

Choose the jewelry according to your wedding dress. Very heavy jewelry also takes away the attention from bride’s face. The point is to match the jewelry with your dress.

While selecting a hairdo, experiment with some hair styles before wedding day, perhaps on makeup trial session. This will help you choose a hair style which looks best on your face. Do not put too much of accessories in your hairs. These can make you uncomfortable.

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