Sun Protection

Various ways for Sun Protection

What is Sun Protection?

Excessive exposure to sun rays is harmful for our skin. You need sun protection whenever you go out in the sun. Ultraviolet rays or UV rays are damaging for the skin; they cause wrinkles, freckles, sunburns, and dryness and may even leads to skin cancer. Sun protection means protecting your skin from harmful rays of skin by various methods.

Various ways To Sun Protection:

Avoid Excessive Exposure:

The most important step you can take for sun protection is avoiding unnecessary excessive exposure to the sun. Avoid going out in sun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. when sunrays are the brightest. Sun rays at this time are the most harmful for the skin.

Apply Sunscreen Lotion:

Another important tip for sun protection is to apply sunscreen lotion or cream whenever you go out whether it is bright sun or cloudy day. UV rays can penetrate through clouds also. Sunscreen lotion should have minimum SPF 15. You should apply it even if you are going out for just 15 minutes. UV rays can pass through water also and you should apply it even if you are going for swimming or any water activity. While swimming, apply waterproof sunscreen lotion.

Reapply Sunscreen Lotion:

You should apply sunscreen lotion again after being some time in sun. Effect of sunscreen lotion reduces with passing time. SPF of a sunscreen lotion indicates duration of its effectiveness. Another tip about sunscreen lotion is applying it 15-20 minutes before going out. People, who do not want to apply sunscreen lotion because of its greasy nature, can use sprays or gels. Gels or sprays contain more alcohol content and can be tolerated.

Use Cosmetics having Sun Protection:

Use cosmetics like moisturizer, foundation or lipstick which have sunscreen in them. But sunscreen lotion is must even if you are wearing sun protective cosmetics.   Sun protection in cosmetics is not as effective as in sunscreen lotions or creams.

Wear Sun Protective Clothing:

Another measure you can take for sun protection is wearing protective clothing to prevent sun rays to touch your skin. Wear loose fitting cloths made of tightly woven fabric like cotton. Fabric should be such that you light cannot pass through it. Try to stay dry as wet cloths give less of sun protection. Wear shirts with full sleeves, full pants and wide-brimmed hats.

Brim of the hat should be about 2-3 inches wide to cover neck, ears, eyes, forehead and nose. Hairs too get damaged from sun light.

Wear sunglasses:

Wear sunglasses in sunlight to protect your eyes and sensitive skin around eyes. Skin around eyes gets damaged because of sunrays. Wear wraparound sunglasses which have 100% UV protection. Mirrored glasses intensify sunrays- stay away from them.

UV rays pass through an invisible chemical applied on the lenses. Darker or lighter shade of sunglasses has nothing to do with UV protection. Large framed sunglasses protect eyes from all the angles. Children should also wear smaller version of real protective sun glasses not the toy sunglasses.

Seek Shade:

Whenever and wherever possible, seek shade from glaring sunrays. Especially, keep children under shade and as for infants, avoid taking them out in scorching sunlight. Their skin is very sensitive and they soon get sunburns and irritation.

Protect Your Lips:

Protect skin lips also from sunlight as they easily burn. Protect them by wearing sun protective lip balm daily and reapply it. Avoid licking your lips; it will remove lip balm.

Ban the Tan:

Do not use tanning beds as tanning in sunlight is never safe for your skin.

Protection UVA and UVB:

 There are two types of UV rays emitted from sun which damage the skin; UVA and UVB. Elements like zinc and titanium are the best physical blockers to protect against both harmful rays of sun. People usually hesitate to wear them because they are white and pasty. But now both these elements are available in the form of clear sun protection creams.

Some medicines like birth control pills or medicines prescribed for acne treatment increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunrays. If you are on these medications, intensify your sun protection.

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