Skin Moisturizers

Skin Moisturizers: Keep the skin smooth

Moisturizers are skin care products which provide for lost water from the skin. Skin is the protective covering of our body which needs to be properly cared for. Due to various environmental factors, skin looses its natural moisture and becomes dry and cracked. There various causes like sunrays, dry wind, and cold weather conditions for dryness of skin. It protects skin from premature wrinkling and dryness.

Moisturizer work two ways by first replenishing the lost water and other by trapping the natural moisture of the skin by forming its thin layer and prevents its loss into surroundings. If you apply water, it has only temporary effect on the skin to curb dryness and only oil can not moisturize the skin by itself. For moisturizing, you need a right balance of oil and water.

Types of Moisturizers

 There is large array of moisturizers available from which you can select the one which suits your skin. Two main categories of moisturizers are there for all type of skin needs. First one is oil-in-water emulsions and second one is water-in oil emulsions.

 Most of the oil-in-water moisturizers may contain substances called humectants. Humectants are those substances which draw and absorb water from surroundings. For instance, honey is natural humectants, used in various moisturizing formulas. Glycerin is also commonly used humectants. There is little drawback in usage of humectants. They sometimes attract excess of moisture from the skin itself that skin becomes dry. But effect of moisturizer containing humectants is quite temporary and less effective.

Water-in-oil emulsions are quite newer to use that first category. They are used in the form of lotions or creams. They form a thin oily film over the surface of skin and trap the natural moisture by acting as a barrier to water loss. Sometimes these types of creams are called anti- dehydrating creams.

Choosing a moisturizer:

To have positive results from moisturizing, first you have to choose the right kind of moisturizer which complements your skin. If you have an extremely oily skin, you will not need a moisturizer at all. If you have extremely dry skin, your skin needs a very strong moisturizer like thick moisturizing cream. People with other types of skin like normal, dry or oily skin need some kind of moisturizing after cleansing. Moisturizing is not an optional step in skin care; it is a necessity.

For normal skins, you need water based moisturizer containing less of oil. For dry skin, you need moisturizers containing humectants like glycerin and glycolic acid which help retain water. You can get newer type of moisturizing formulations which are light and non-oily and as effective as thick creams.

How to moisturize your skin effectively:

You can well understand your skin and its needs at different point of time. You will get to know how to moisturize and how much to moisturize your skin. If you have combination skin, do not apply creamy or oil-based moisturizer over T-zone which is greasy; instead apply an astringent to absorb excess of oil. Apply light moisturizer over the dry area.

Moisturizing of skin is important step in skin care after cleansing and toning. Always judge your skin before applying any skin care product. If you find your skin condition is normal and smooth, apply a light moisturizer on all over your skin.

Before you apply moisturizer, it is always good to clean your hands and face properly and apply some kind of toner. Then moisten your skin by splashing or spraying tepid water.

Always apply moisturizer over the damp skin for the best results. It traps and seals the moisture on the skin. Apply moisturizer on your face with your finger tips and smoothen it very gently with light movement of finger tips. You should apply moisturizer in circular upward and outward movements, starting from neck to upwards. This kind of movement helps the skin to combat effects of gravity and protects skin from early sagging.

Some useful tips about Moisturizing:

 Moisturizer protects skin against environment and it acts like barrier to the loss of water. Avoid excess of moisturizing as it will clog up the skin pores and spoil the skin texture. You have moisture and hydrate the skin from inside. Drink of plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

Apply moisturizer within three minutes of bathing and taking shower. It helps seal moisture and keeps the skin moist for long.

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