Acne during Pregnancy

Acne during Pregnancy

Having acne is a quite common condition during pregnancy. Many women experience this harrowing condition. Acne in puberty is the outcome of altered hormonal activity and in the same way acne during pregnancy is due to change in hormonal activity. In another case, if you already suffer from acne, it gets worse during pregnancy. But the good news is this kind of acne gets cured after delivery. You can take the help of dermatologist to alleviate the pain and inflammation.

It is the higher activity of hormones called androgen, which stimulates the sebaceous glands of the skin. They get increased in size and produce more sebum. This extra sebum gets mixed with dead skin cells from skin around hair follicles and plugs the pores. This trapped oil and dead cells debris gives bacteria an opportunity to multiply.

To combat the action of these bacteria, body defensive system acts through white blood cells. This leads to eruption of walls of pores. This is the cause of reddening, pain and inflammation in acne lesions. This acne condition improves gradually as the pregnancy progresses. Your skin can look smoother during second and third trimester, if have taken proper care of your skin before pregnancy.

Any treatment for acne which involves taking of oral medicines should be avoided. But if you have severe acne, doctor may prescribe oral erythromycin. But medicines like Tetracycline, oral isotretinoin, and topical retinoids, which are commonly prescribed for acne treatment, should be avoided during the pregnancy. Anything you take during pregnancy, affects the f oetus indirectly. These medicines can have negative effect on the foetus. You should avoid these medicines even when you are trying to conceive.

Skin during pregnancy becomes more sensitive because it has to go through many changes to prepare for the delivery. Acne is not only skin disorder which women have to face during pregnancy. There are two factors which make the acne more prominent during pregnancy; one is progesterone, a hormone and other is difference in hydration.

Women, who are already suffering from adult acne, find the situation worse during pregnancy. But you can use some medications and creams which can be beneficial even in pregnancy . Acne during pregnancy resolves itself after delivery, so there is no need to take any medicine.

You can get a good skin care by moisturising regularly. You have acne during pregnancy , so you should use light, water based moisturisers. This kind of moisturisers prevents skin pores from clogging. Women having acne during pregnancy should wash their face twice a day with a mild soap. Also in case of makeup, remove it before sleeping as if it is kept overnight, it can clog pores. Use water based cosmetics instead of oil based ones.

Tips to control acne during pregnancy

You can use these some of the quick tips to control the acne during pregnancy without disturbing the health of baby.

Keep your skin oil free during pregnancy by cleaning your face properly.

Do not touch the acne by your hands again and again as it can spread infection. Also while washing, rub it very gently.

Do not scratch or pick the pimples.

To clean your face use, soft oil absorbent microfiber cloth.

Exercise regularly to keep the proper blood circulation which helps keep skin healthy and it has resistance against infections.

Use lots of water to rinse away any residual soap on the skin.

Eat healthy food containing anti oxidants and vitamins.

Avoid taking any oral medicine, especially Isotretinoin, for treating acne as this medicine may be harmful for the foetus.

You can make use of some effective home remedies for treating acne. Advantage of these remedies is there are no side effects on your body or baby’s body.

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