Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment: Safe and Effective

Laser acne treatment has become quite popular for some years. Laser acne treatment has come up as an alternative to traditional treatments for acne removal and prevention. Many people are opting for this latest technique as antibiotics are getting ineffective on various forms of acne. Acne is a kind of skin rash which mostly affects the teenagers as they got change in hormone levels due to puberty. This condition is most common in people with extra oily skin and boys suffer more than the girls.

Laser acne treatment is quite welcomed when the person gets side effects due to antibiotics and other medicines. It is especially useful for the people suffering from severe form of acne like acne vulgaris. In this form, acne is stubborn and does not respond to any regular or traditional medicinal treatment.

Who do not get much benefit from laser acne treatment?

People with black or brown, dark skin tones do not get much benefit from laser acne treatment, as it creates uneven skin tone. Though laser acne treatment may provide less effective results than full acne surgery but it can do wonders for the people harassed with acne, if combined with acne medicines like Isotretinion. Laser treatment is wonderful for acne removal.

Laser Acne treatment should be done by a qualified doctor or dermatologist. During the procedure, he holds a laser pen over the acne scar tissue or laser. He hover the concentrated beam of light over the acne and vaporize the undesirable acne tissue. This gives space for the new skin cell growth and formation of new collagen. This procedure is called as laser surfacing.

Laser surfacing is a painless and safe technique but people often get a post procedure reddening and swelling which gets healed after seven to ten days of treatment. Avoid application of any kind of makeup till it heals completely.

How does laser treat acne?

A sharp laser beam is used to target acne. Laser targets the oil producing sebaceous glands beneath the skin. It penetrates into those glands below the skin layer and destroys them completely. Laser treatment does not cause any pain or discomfort. And also it leaves no marks after the treatment is over. When these sebaceous glands get damaged, oil production in those glands stops. In turn, acne producing bacteria do not get proper condition to grow. Hence acne formation is controlled then. One should know that it is not always the case that laser treatment always cures the acne.

When smooth beam acne treatment is done, topical local anesthetic is applied over the area to be treated. Then a cryogen is sprayed on the skin just few milliseconds before laser beam is released. This is for cooling effect. This technique removes the old skin and new skin cells grow there.

Earlier when laser acne treatment was introduced to public, it was used to treat mild acne. Now days this smooth beam laser acne treatment is used to treat severe acne. But as I told above a cream is applied before releasing the laser beam because it was observed that if cream is not applied, there are some case of burning. Outcome and effect of this treatment is also very individualistic as in other acne treatments. But laser treatment is most of the time, effective for many people. You have to take at least three sessions before getting any positive result, in case of sever acne.

Precaution before going for laser Acne Treatment:

 If you thinking for laser acne treatment, first get all the information about the dermatologist who is going to perform it. Get complete information about his expertise and experience and also ask him about the result, you will get after the treatment. Laser treatment can be a little bit harmful for sensitive skin as it causes redness on the skin for sometime. And remember one thing, before choosing laser treatment; try some other traditional methods to remove acne.

Some advantages of Laser Acne Treatment:

It is safe and painless

There is virtually no recovery time after the treatment

It gives results very quickly

This laser treatment is cheaper than other laser treatments

It can be used for spot treatment also

Drawbacks of Laser Treatment:

You need at least three sessions of laser treatment

For sensitive skin, there may be temporary reddening of skin

On deep lines or sever pigment problems, there are not very satisfactory results of laser treatment.

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