Bed-wetting is also known as Enuresis. It falls under a habit disorder that is not physically harming anyone but it is more an embarrassing situation for parents. They are the parents who normally wake up every night to check their child, maybe even to disturb child’s sleep to check on whether a kid wants to urinate.

When a kid wets its bed, those are again the parents who need to change and wash the sheets and then to air the room. The problem generally subsides when a kid starts growing but in many cases, enuresis remains even after couple of years passed. A kid is then ashamed a lot when he or she has no control over the urination and the making the bed wet regularly.

Causes of Bedwetting

  • Immaturity of the nervous system
  • Bladder size that is small and cannot retain the urine overnight
  • Defects in urinary tract
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Certain diseases such as diabetes, UTI, sickle-cell anemia etc.

Home remedies and natural remedies for Bedwetting or enuresis

The best home remedy for bedwetting is to give your kid six to eight oz. of cranberry juice, an hour before going to bed.

Bedwetting can also be cured using certain effective herbs such as causticum, lycopodium, ursi, corn silk and pulsatilla.

One of the best home remedies for bedwetting is to eat two tsp walnut halves and one tsp raisins before going to the bed.

Another effective bedwetting cure is that you can also give massage inner thigh of your kid with St. John’s wort oil.

There is urine retention control training you can pursue that.

If a kid is grown up, he or she should be asked to practice retention control by postponing urination during the day. She or he should do it first by a few minutes and then by eventually increased amounts of time. This exercise helps strengthening the muscles, which controls the urination and also increase the elasticity of the bladder.

Another home remedy for bedwetting or enuresis is give a drink of herbal tea made from herbs like oak bark, horsetail, wormwood or bearberry

One should avoid giving liquids before bedtime to their kids and make sure that kids empty the bladder before they hit the sack.

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