Jetlag refers to a normal condition that is experienced by some people after air travel. It is also known as desynchronosis. It makes difficult for the people to adjust to the external environment like doing work, routine sleeping and loss of appetite. It causes various complications like dehydration, fatigue, discomfort in legs and feet, irritability, fuzziness and broken sleep.

Home Remedies for Jet Lag

The best jetlag treatment is Epsom salt bath.

Drink lots of water on any flight. A cup of water every hour would be ideal. Good Home Remedy for Jetlag.

Kick your shoes off to ease pressure on the feet.

During extended stopovers on a long-haul flight, try to grab a shower.

Add few drops of rosemary oil to ½ a cup of water and drink. After few hours, have a Valerian tea. This is also very good home remedy for jetlag.

During the day, try and expose yourself to as much sun as possible, so as to inhibit Melatonin production.

Preventive measures for Jetlag

Before taking flight drink plenty of fluids. This is one of the best jetlag remedy.

Avoid traveling when suffering from colds, flu etc.

Take enough sleep a night before travelling. Good Natural Remedy for Jetlag.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine on the flight.

Diet for Jetlag - Take a heavy diet three days before travelling but on the travelling day its better to fast. A high carbohydrate meal is highly beneficial.

Don’t sit for a long time, walk after every hour in a long journey.

A high protein diet for jetlag during flight will make one alert and energetic.

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