Corns are troublesome and sometimes painful thickenings that occur in/on the skin at areas that are being pressed on by underlying bony structures. Corns occur on parts of the feet and sometimes on the fingers. They can be painful while walking on even when they are small in size.

Common locations for corns are on the sole, over the metatarsal arch (the "ball" of the foot). Other places where they can occur include on the outside of the fifth (pinky) toe, where it is rubbed against the footwear especially shoe and between the 4th and 5th toes. Unlike other corns those are firm and flesh-colored, corns occurred between the toes are generally whitish and messy and hence, they are sometimes termed as "soft corns". It is quite difficult to know where finger corns come from since they do not appear at sites of obvious pressure.

Causes of corns

  • Wearing tight fitting footwear especially shoes
  • Wearing tight socks
  • Wearing tight stockings
  • In case where shoe is rubbing against the toe
  • If one has deformed toes
  • If one has crooked toes
  • Wearing shoes or sandals without socks
  • Wearing high heels footwear
  • Having a high arch that adds weight and pressure to the ball of the foot and the toes
  • If one has an uneven distribution of weight on the feet as he or she walks, sometimes because of the physical abnormality
  • If one has sharp bonny structures in the feet that may rub against the footwear especially shoes
  • Having bony feet that structurally lacking typical cushioning

Home Remedies For Corns - Corns Cure

Soften this thick, callused skin with a little castor oil as it is the best home remedy for corns. For this, apply a drop of oil onto the corn with the finger three times a day; as a first thing in the morning, as soon as you go home from work, and just before bed. One should cover the corn with a Band-Aid before putting on socks and footwear. One can see slow but steady improvement over some weeks. This is one of effective corns remedy.

Licorice serves as the perfect home remedy for corns. All one needs to do is to grind three to four licorice sticks and add ½ teaspoon of sesame oil or mustard oil to it. The hardened dead portion or a corn is to be daubed with this mixture before retiring to bed.

Lemon is another valuable in the home remedy for corns . One can cut out a fresh slice of lemon and then place on the affected area by tying it. Putting it over the painful corn affected area for overnight gives relief from pain.

Diet for corns - One should take about a ½ teaspoon of papaya juice and apply it over the dead skin area on the body. Do it at least thrice a day and feel its great effects.

The milky juice of green figs is very useful corns treatment especially if regularly adopted for long duration. Apply about ½ teaspoon of this juice three times a day.

One of the simplest home remedies for corns is using chalk. Make it powdered and then into a paste by adding little water. Apply this solution onto a corn affected area at bedtime.

Another natural remedy for corns is taking licorice powdered and mixed with mustard oil to form a paste. Apply this 2-3 times a day onto the affected area.  

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