Warts refer to the hard growths on the skin. They are harmless but are capable of spreading to the whole body. They are common both in children and adults. They are usually caused by the virus human papillomavirus (HPV). They can appear on every part of the body including genitals. Some also refer to it as skin tumors.

Home Remedies for Warts

A poultice of flaxseed oil is the best warts remedy. Mix ground flaxseeds with flaxseed oil and a small quantity of raw honey.  Apply it on the wart. Change the poultice every day. 

Crush a clove of garlic and place it on the area with wart and cover it with bandage.This is one of the useful warts treatment.

Applying fresh cut pineapple on the affected area several times in day will remove the wart in 2-3 days and is good home remedy for warts.

Apply juice of fig stems to the area and leave for sometime. This is one of the best warts remedy.

Pick a dandelion weed and squeeze white milky juice from it in a container. Put this white juice on the warts for warts removal. Do this once or twice a day for warts removal. This is one of the good home remedies for warts.

Coating the area with camphor oil several times will remove the wart in few days.

Massage the area with castor oil twice a day, it will make the area soft and remove wart. This is another home remedy for wart.

Another effective warts treatment is the moist areas are more prone to the warts, so care should be taken to keep the area dry and clean.

Diet for warts - Crush the vitamin C tablets and apply on the area, cover it with adhesive bandage.

Apply a drop of grape fruit extract on the area 3-4 times a day and cover it with some cloth or bandage for warts removal. This is a good natural remedy for wart.

Warts cure - Application of tea tree oil to the area for 7-10 days will melt the wart.

Take a piece of Banana peel and place the yellow side out on the wart. Tape it there over night. Change the peel every 12 to 24 hours until the wart is gone. This is one of the effective home remedies for warts.

Soak the area in warm water for 15-20 minutes and pat it dry. Apply cider vinegar with cotton balls and leave for sometime, till it gets dry. Then again wash it with water and dry the area. This is also effective natural remedy for wart.

Rubbing a piece of chalk or raw potato on the area frequently will remove the wart in few weeks.

User Contributed Home Remedies for warts:

A Can of CRC compresed air duster. Or PC duster. Had this Planters wart on the bottom of my foot For a Year tried Everything I could think of  over the couter and under. Planters are the hardest thay attach straight to your bone. On my last try on my pc was the liquid duster . Thought mabey. Got a small jar as big a shot glass turned the can over and filled with the liquid got a q tip and it worked first try took a week for the skin to blister . cut away the dead skin and o my god it was actually healling and not bleading everywhere. The Trick is get a foot scruber take it down till it starts to blead and apply the liquid with the q tip . You see you skin turing white thats what you want. keep it white and appling the liquid for 2 or 3 min. you will see the wart actually sink in it makes a hole that a good thing. I was so happy . Found ought the liquid is at its coldest when appling pressue to the wart with the tip and holding their till it stings. Good thing about this only apply Twice one time to kill it a week later make shure you killed it .  Good luck. -- Mike Mcgill

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