Cold Sores are something that appears as small but painful blister that is fluid filled. It occurs on or around the lips and nose. They have been known to get aggressively inflamed with the changes in temperature and therefore, they are given the name “cold sores”. The root cause is however not to a reaction to the cold but they are caused by one of two highly contagious viruses namely; Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2. Type 1 generally produces oral herpes, or cold sores. Type 2 generally produces genital herpes. Although both type 1 and type 2 viruses can affect oral tissues but more than 95% of recurrent fever blister outbreaks are occurred due to the type 1 virus. Cold sores are one of the commonest disorders of the mouth and millions of people across the word sufferer from it.

Cold sores fall under highly contagious condition, and even more so when there are cold sore blisters. The virus is generally spread by kissing, however sharing plates, glasses, bottles etc with someone who is suffering from a blister is also not recommended due to the contagious nature of the condition. It is estimated that a majority of people who get infected actually picked up the virus before they become 10 yr old.

Causes for Cold Sores

  • Herpes Simplex virus type I
  • Herpes Simplex virus type II

Home remedies for cold sores

One of the effective home remedy for cold sores is pressing or rubbing ice on a sore. There are many benefits to this remedy. If an ice is applied early in the development of the cold sore, it can slower down the metabolism of the area that surrounds the cold sore, greatly slowing its rapid growth. It is very beneficial to hold the ice to the sore for about 3-8 minutes repeating it for a few hours. The ice also makes the sore smaller and keeps the away the virus from moving or spreading.

Rubbing aloe, lemon balm extract, or tea bags to cold sores is also one of the great home remedy for cold sores to lessen their size and help decreasing pain.

One should restrict taking coffee is another way to prevent cold sores. It is said that coffee can be a catalyst in giving raise to the cold sores. It is recommended that people who are likely to have cold sores should cut off their coffee intake.

Diet for cold sores - Vitamin C play important role in healing cold sores. Take 200-500 mg. of vitamin C along with 200-500 mg. of citrus bioflavonoids thrice a day. This remedy greatly reduces the formation of the sores.

One of the greatest diet for cold sores is application of Vitamin E topically. It will provide pain relief.

Another home remedy for cold sores includes yogurt eating. For this, plain yogurt (with acidophilus) with live cultures is taken as it is very good as preventive measure for cold sores. Heat-treated yogurt does not work. One of the researchers reveals that those who have added yogurt to their daily diet have discovered that they generally do not get cold sores, or very few. Yogurt is known to stimulate the immune system.

Using the zinc has also been reported to decrease the duration of cold sores. Applied topically, it accelerates the healing. Zinc tablets can also help, but do not take more than 15mg for more than one week or without any medical attention. Take up to 60mg daily for the first week. This is one of the useful cold sores remedy.

One can also take 4 acidophilus capsules 3-4 times a day with milk. The milk is considered to be activating culture medium for the bacilli. This sooths the sore and speeds up healing. If one does this while feeling a burning or itching at the onset of the cold sore, this home remedies for cold sores inhibits the formation of the lesion.

Cold sore treatment - When one feels the tingling sensation or numbness starts, try rubbing juice from an aloe plant onto the affected area. If one is traveling, take a bottle of Aloe gel just in case a sore begins. This remedy is very effective if used early when the first sign of a cold sore is noticed. However, it will also stop it later on, too.

Native Americans have been using the herb called chaparral (Larrea tridentata). This works wonderful as cold sores remedy, viruses, arthritis, burns and other problems.  

Another home remedies for cold sores is applying a cornstarch paste. This heals faster.

One can also mix up some spirits of camphor and dab it on the sore with the help of a cotton ball. This is one of the greatest treatment for cold sores.

Another natural remedy for cold sore is using grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and mixing it up with aloe or another liquid, such as olive oil, and dab it onto the affected area. GSE is very strong, so use with caution.

One can also make a tea by adding 2-3 leaves to a cup of boiling water and steep. Then add one tsp of powdered ginger and have it several cups a day until the sores are cleared off.

You can also steep an ordinary tea bag in boiling water for couple of minutes and then allow it to cool. Apply later onto lesions. Within 4-5 days the lesions will crust over and will disappear. This is one of the best cold sores cure.

Some people suggest applying Vaseline as one of the simplest natural home remedies for cold sores.

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