Cold Sores are something that appears as small but painful blister that is fluid filled. It occurs on or around the lips and nose. They have been known to get aggressively inflamed with the changes in temperature and therefore, they are given the name “cold sores”. The root cause is however not to a reaction to the cold but they are caused by one of two highly contagious viruses namely; Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2. Type 1 generally produces oral herpes, or cold sores. Type 2 generally produces genital herpes. Although both type 1 and type 2 viruses can affect oral tissues but more than 95% of recurrent fever blister outbreaks are occurred due to the type 1 virus. Cold sores are one of the commonest disorders of the mouth and millions of people across the word sufferer from it.

Cold sores fall under highly contagious condition, and even more so when there are cold sore blisters. The virus is generally spread by kissing, however sharing plates, glasses, bottles etc with someone who is suffering from a blister is also not recommended due to the contagious nature of the condition. It is estimated that a majority of people who get infected actually picked up the virus before they become 10 yr old.

Causes for Cold Sores

  • Herpes Simplex virus type I
  • Herpes Simplex virus type II

Home remedies for cold sores

One of the effective home remedy for cold sores is pressing or rubbing ice on a sore. There are many benefits to this remedy. If an ice is applied early in the development of the cold sore, it can slower down the metabolism of the area that surrounds the cold sore, greatly slowing its rapid growth. It is very beneficial to hold the ice to the sore for about 3-8 minutes repeating it for a few hours. The ice also makes the sore smaller and keeps the away the virus from moving or spreading.

Rubbing aloe, lemon balm extract, or tea bags to cold sores is also one of the great home remedy for cold sores to lessen their size and help decreasing pain.

One should restrict taking coffee is another way to prevent cold sores. It is said that coffee can be a catalyst in giving raise to the cold sores. It is recommended that people who are likely to have cold sores should cut off their coffee intake.

Diet for cold sores - Vitamin C play important role in healing cold sores. Take 200-500 mg. of vitamin C along with 200-500 mg. of citrus bioflavonoids thrice a day. This remedy greatly reduces the formation of the sores.

One of the greatest diet for cold sores is application of Vitamin E topically. It will provide pain relief.

Another home remedy for cold sores includes yogurt eating. For this, plain yogurt (with acidophilus) with live cultures is taken as it is very good as preventive measure for cold sores. Heat-treated yogurt does not work. One of the researchers reveals that those who have added yogurt to their daily diet have discovered that they generally do not get cold sores, or very few. Yogurt is known to stimulate the immune system.

Using the zinc has also been reported to decrease the duration of cold sores. Applied topically, it accelerates the healing. Zinc tablets can also help, but do not take more than 15mg for more than one week or without any medical attention. Take up to 60mg daily for the first week. This is one of the useful cold sores remedy.

One can also take 4 acidophilus capsules 3-4 times a day with milk. The milk is considered to be activating culture medium for the bacilli. This sooths the sore and speeds up healing. If one does this while feeling a burning or itching at the onset of the cold sore, this home remedies for cold sores inhibits the formation of the lesion.

Cold sore treatment - When one feels the tingling sensation or numbness starts, try rubbing juice from an aloe plant onto the affected area. If one is traveling, take a bottle of Aloe gel just in case a sore begins. This remedy is very effective if used early when the first sign of a cold sore is noticed. However, it will also stop it later on, too.

Native Americans have been using the herb called chaparral (Larrea tridentata). This works wonderful as cold sores remedy, viruses, arthritis, burns and other problems.  

Another home remedies for cold sores is applying a cornstarch paste. This heals faster.

One can also mix up some spirits of camphor and dab it on the sore with the help of a cotton ball. This is one of the greatest treatment for cold sores.

Another natural remedy for cold sore is using grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and mixing it up with aloe or another liquid, such as olive oil, and dab it onto the affected area. GSE is very strong, so use with caution.

One can also make a tea by adding 2-3 leaves to a cup of boiling water and steep. Then add one tsp of powdered ginger and have it several cups a day until the sores are cleared off.

You can also steep an ordinary tea bag in boiling water for couple of minutes and then allow it to cool. Apply later onto lesions. Within 4-5 days the lesions will crust over and will disappear. This is one of the best cold sores cure.

Some people suggest applying Vaseline as one of the simplest natural home remedies for cold sores.

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for cold sore rub an alcohol pad repeatedly on infected are n it dries it up n kills the infection fast ........ trust me i tried everything
#1 - stephanie robinson - 04/27/2008 - 21:10
I have been sufferring from painful & ugly cold sores for the longest time of my life. My skin is always itching & peeling & I alway shy away from the crowd. The turning point come for me when I found the miracle myth that changes my life!! I wish to share this with someone who is sufferring from cold sore pain & is seeking for a turning point in your life!
cold sore Dr

#2 - Ricia - 10/08/2008 - 22:13
At the first sign of a cold sore, I rub
the area with a ice cube, make sure you run water on the ice first.
Do this afew times and no sore!!
#3 - Ken - 11/29/2008 - 16:04
I get "Bio Propolis" from the chemist, a bit coslty but cold sore are gone in 2 days. Works a charm!
#4 - Tracey - 01/06/2009 - 05:08
take ear wax from your ear and rub on it it really works.
#5 - tim - 01/17/2009 - 23:43
First sign of a cold sore you should put white vinegar over the area. The Viniger stops the process. If the cold sore if already activated you should use Ice cubes (Keep on for 15minutes) + Witch Hazel to stop it from its process. This dries it up quicker and it goes away. However the eariler you target it the quicker it is to treat it.
#6 - Kristyna - 01/21/2009 - 17:47
I am not sure if this is available outside of Australia but you can also try Zovirax is a great product. Its a great little tube that you pop into your pocket or bag and you can apply all day at work instead of vinegar and ice cubes.
#7 - Kristyna - 01/21/2009 - 17:50
For me cold soars are caused by too much sun, too much foods with acid, stress from either work or health reasons. I have been using an amino acid - L-Lysine for years. The minute I feel that tingle; I take 2 - 1000 mg every 4 hours for the first day. By the next day; the cold sore has not gotten any larger.
#8 - Doris - 02/04/2009 - 14:08
As soon as you feel any signs of an outbreak Hold an alcohol pad on the sore for about a minute and repeat about three times a day IT Will WORK! The swelling went down asap! Lips may be dry so I also used vasaline to help peel dry skin. In two days there was not even a scar!!!!!!!
#9 - redzp - 03/15/2009 - 23:58
when you first feel a cold sore coming on apply tooth paste and let it hard there as long as you can stand it. Wash the area with soap and water first. There is another product that you can order called DMSO.. Just google that.. It is great for cold sores but you have to use it cautiously as it enters directly into the cells.. It is worth the try though.......
#10 - Nancy - 04/24/2009 - 08:27
I have had cold sores for as long as I can remember . For me the camphor just broke it out more ,and the meds from the drug store for cold sores made it worse as well . At the first tingle of a cold sore starting I use Carmex , in the little yellow jar ( not the tube for some reason ) ,liberally many times a day and it never even comes up .
#11 - Sue - 06/27/2009 - 11:38
I use Vicks Vapor rub on the sore and it relieves it. Also the tea bag thing works ok as well.:-)
#12 - latoya - 07/02/2009 - 18:23
Hey! :] I use carmex if I have a coldsore and I think it works fast. If you can feel when a coldsore is forming (unlike me) I found out that when you feel the tingle that means its forming you should put the natural oil from the back of your ear and nose on it if you don't have ice. :-) Also eat lots of yogurt it helps a LOT! Oh, and try to wash your hands before (and after) you go to the bathroom, trust me. Remeber loads of people are going through this, don't stress its ok! 8D
#13 - TryingToBeHelpful - 07/12/2009 - 17:34
I take L-Lysine 500mg daily....this keeps them from coming up at all....if I eat lots of tomatoes or pineapple, they do try to and sometime do pop up. I just increase the dose until it goes away then I go back to the regular dose of 500mg. I increase the dose if I feel them coming.
#14 - Karen - 09/02/2009 - 20:31
i love zovirax it works great!!!!! pretty expensive... bout $18 for a 2 mg tube but its worth it.... before i started using it i had cold sores for weeks on end because they kept spreading but this stuff you apply it when you feel that tingling of a cold sore coming on (you only need a little bit) and it goes in like a day!!! GENIUS :-D 1 tube will last me almost a year!!! ;-)
#15 - cat - 12/14/2009 - 19:10
herpes stays with u 4evers k.
#16 - u ho.s - 12/31/2009 - 22:03
I was told by an old truck driver.."rub your finger behind your earlobes, then rub finger where you feel cold sore coming on." (Do this several times a day from the time you start to feel it coming on) I thouht he was a crazy loone but tried it the next time I felt one coming...it never did materialize or turn into an actual sore. I have never again had another cold sore turn into a blister or open sore and it doesnt cost me a dime!!! :-)
#17 - Shannon - 02/12/2010 - 10:21
nothing ever worked for me. i had cold sores since i was six years old. tell me about the whispers in high school!! alcohol works but hurts really bad. being in front of a heater and not licking my lips dries it out. but doing both,it heals in like week.
#18 - randa - 03/01/2010 - 22:07
Doris, you hit tthe nail on the head. I would get two every year and they are agony and ugly and would be there for ten days from start to finish and even longer sometimes.
L-Lysine is a perfectly natural nutrient. It's an amino acid.
Take 4000mgs on an empty stomach as soon as you notice the cold sore coming. It kills it instantly. Continue to take that for a few days and maybe another gram or two later in the day also of the first few days. And then take L-Lysine as part of your supplement programme.
#19 - brian - 03/22/2010 - 12:15
For cold sores in the mouth I was always told to put a small amount of baking soda on my finger and rub the baking soda on the sore everyday. I have done this before and it works really good. :-)
#20 - Amanda - 06/02/2010 - 23:22
K so what i do for a cold sore is first bubt a little bit of lemon juice on a cotton ball then rub it on. it burns but it kills the germs and keeps it from turning into an island on your lip. after that rub on vasaline to keep it protected from bacteria. another thing you can do is put milk on a cotton ball and swab it on. that sounds weird but it works! take vitamine C pills, because a cold sore usually comes up when your immune system isnt doing well, and it will speed up the healing process! cold sores suck.
#21 - anna - 08/16/2010 - 10:41
I want a f****** cure... not a treatment. or even somthing that keeps coldsores away for a year or so
#22 - Tanner - 01/25/2011 - 16:57
I have also suffered from cold sores since i was very young. I have tried every home remedy, every pill, none of it worked. My life comes to a screeching halt when i get one. No school, no work, no people whatsoever. Its so embarrassing. I too want a cure, but the only thing that works on keeping the sore small (because mine swell up very...very large) and less blisters is icing it. I ice it for hours and hours. It hinders the sore from growing and they are also much less painful when i do this. But you gotta catch it right away, otherwise this method doesnt seem to work as well. Then i put honey on it for healing purposes. It has anti-fungal, viral, and bacterial. I hope this works for those who are willing to try it.
#23 - Melissa - 01/28/2011 - 23:30
I've had this ugly critter's for year's, that is why I'am on here now. I use zovirex, (get it in Mexico) for $5.00, couple off my friend's at work also have the same problem, so every time I have a chance to go to Mexico, I get a good supply. but someone told me that iff we get a vaccine for shingle's or small pox's , we will never have another cold sore. I'am looking in to it. You should too. good luck
#24 - Linda - 02/09/2011 - 21:17
If you feel it coming on, as soon as you can place a single drop of Oil of Oregano on the spot. It seems to work for me:-)
#25 - conrad Kay - 02/19/2011 - 02:12
It is unbelieavable that scientists discovered the cure for many other complex things and they can not find the cure for something relatively simple as the cold sore. All we need for now is something to make the ugly look of this disapper and fastly! When it starts it looks like all the cells are full of liquid, so I think salt is a good element to make the liquid goes away, disolve some salt on hot water to make it easier. Why they don't put all these medications on the market for us? We already suffer enough!
#26 - Christy - 02/28/2011 - 19:36
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#28 - BradshawKristi - 05/15/2012 - 09:13
I used to get cold sores on my lip often and had to endure the healing process as well as the ugly sight and pain. Now, the moment I get that tingling feel that it is coming, I will just rub the area with salt and leave the salt there. Keep repeating. This actually nibs it at its bud so that the flare will not be so bad and no bursting of skin, and it will be healed and gone in just 2-3 days. Further, over the years, the attacks are less frequent. On top of that, salt is cheap and easily accessible.
#29 - Sarah - 07/11/2012 - 15:03
I use pure clove oil to get rid of a cold sore. Just dab a small amount onto the sore, it stings a little at first, then it's numb. Nothing works like this or is a better alternative and it's very inexpensive.
#30 - Eve - 08/17/2013 - 14:26
one time i got SICK, i mean,, two weeks of puking kind of sick!!! and th moment i felt better, bam. both my lips were absolutely covered in cold sores. 15 atleast and that isnt even a slight exaggeration. went to the doc,, he got me that zovirax stuff nd in 4 days they were gone. but ill tell ya what- lemon juice is an IRRITANT, vaseline usually makes mine worse, and if u think rubbing any vitamin on it that isnt in a petroleum product, youre so wrong.
#31 - dokkaflocka - 01/15/2015 - 10:48
once people notice virtually any blisters on the lips, you have to throw away ones toothbrush. This is ticks to help realize The item a great toothbrush is usually your current most common vessel to get your own HSV-1 virus. if you use same toothbrush you have been using, You could be triggering another outbreak. since the throwing away the old toothbrush may cut short and in some cases eliminate a great outbreak, This can be considered as being a preventive measure.

#32 - Diana - 07/01/2015 - 13:46
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