What is Eczema?
Eczema is a skin condition, which is also referred to as dermatitis. This condition is very common among babies and young children. However, eczema can also affect adults. Those who suffer from eczema experience severe itchiness in the affected area. This itchiness is often so intense that the affected person is unable to control the urge to scratch the area. Constant scratching of the itchy area leads to soreness and bleeding. Such open wounds often become infected and inflamed as well. In some cases, mild eczema persists throughout the person's life.
Such eczema often worsens if the person develops conditions such as hay fever or asthma. It is important to monitor this condition so as to prevent it from becoming very severe. Eczema can be treated effectively by making use of various topical remedies. These remedies include herbs and common household remedies. It is important to keep the affected areas clean and dry so as to prevent complications that could arise due to secondary infections.

Symptoms of Eczema

Discoloured Patches on the Skin

The affected portions of the skin often become discoloured. In most cases, they become dark brown or red in colour. Eczema often develops on the arms or on the areas behind the knees. These areas often become much darker than the normal skin of the person. Such discoloured patches make the skin look rather unsightly.

Severe Itching

Itching is one of the earliest symptoms of eczema. The affected area of the skin becomes extremely itchy and this causes the affected person to suffer from a severe urge to scratch the area. In most cases, this urge is so intense that the patient gives in and scratches the area repeatedly, as a result of which, bleeding takes place. The Mayo Clinic also states the same fact. In most cases, the symptom of itchiness worsens at night and this disturbs the sleep of the patient as well.

Oozing of the Red Bumps

The affected portions of the skin often develop numerous bumps, which are red in colour. These bumps are very tiny and often start oozing. They secrete a sticky fluid, which tends to make the affected skin even itchier than before. It is important to keep such skin dry so as to prevent the occurrence of fungal or bacterial infections. When these bumps start drying, they form a crust-like layer on the skin and this crust eventually falls off.

Causes of Eczema

Genetic Factors

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases states that people who have a family history of hay fever or asthma are more likely to suffer from eczema than those who do not have a family history of such problems. This proves that such conditions are hereditary. There is a protein, which is called cytokine. This protein is responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system. When the body is deficient in this protein, the immune system responds to every stimuli and this often triggers outbreaks of eczema.

Pollutants in the Atmosphere

It has been stated by the 'National Eczema Association for Science and Education' that people who are living in cities are more likely to develop eczema than those who live in rural areas. This is because the urban areas are much more polluted than the rural areas and so the skin can react to the pollutants that are present in city air.

Skin Irritations

Skin irritations often trigger certain types of eczema. In some cases, the skin of the patient does not react immediately to the allergen. It can take up to several months or even a year for such reactions to result in eczema. This has been stated by the American Academy of Dermatology. Common skin irritants include battery acid, nickel and yeast.

Types of Eczema

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema. Children are very prone to suffering from this condition. However, adults can also develop atopic dermatitis, especially if they have a family history of hay fever or asthma. Atopic dermatitis causes the patient to develop red rashes on certain portions of the skin. These rashes are extremely itchy and often secrete a sticky fluid. In the later stages of eczema, the affected portions of skin become thick and dry.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a condition, which develops when the skin of the person reacts to certain allergens. Common allergens include detergents and pollutants. The affected skin becomes deep red in colour and swells up as well. Oozing is also a common symptom of contact dermatitis. The affected individual must try to avoid contact with the allergen, in the future.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Such cases of eczema are common in extreme climatic conditions. Very cold weather or very dry weather can cause a person to have an outbreak of seborrheic dermatitis. In most cases, seborrheic dermatitis first affects the scalp of the person and then spreads to the hands and face. The affected portions of skin become extremely itchy. They often become swollen as well and the patient experiences severe burning in the area.

Home Remedies for Eczema


The University of Maryland Medical Center states that licorice is an herb that may prove effective in reducing the symptoms of eczema. According to a research study published in Journal of Dermatological Treatment' in the year 2003, it was observed that using a topical gel containing 2 per cent licorice was helpful in reducing itchiness as well as water blisters associated with eczema over a span of two weeks. According to the lead author M. Saeedi, licorice may prove to be an effective remedy for treating atopic dermatitis. Dr. Linda B. White, author of The Herbal Drugstore' states that a British research study showed that this herb, when consumed in the form of tea by children, proved to be effective in relieving the symptoms associated with eczema. This effect of licorice on eczema is attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties possessed by it. You can apply licorice gel to the affected areas twice daily for relieving itchiness and inflammation. If you do not have access to licorice gel, you could also soak a soft cloth in licorice tea and apply it to the affected areas.


Chamomile is an herb that may prove effective in treating eczema. MedlinePlus states that chamomile can be applied topically to the affected areas to experience relief from skin conditions such as eczema. According to a research study published in European Journal of Medical Research', it was observed that using a cream containing chamomile extract was more effective in treating the symptoms of eczema compared to a cream containing 0.5 per cent hydrocortisone. MedlinePlus states that this herb may prove safe when applied to the skin topically, however, avoid using this herb if you have any kind of skin irritation.

Red Clover

Red clover is an herb that is commonly used in the preparation of topical creams for skin conditions such as eczema. Red clover is an herb that possesses high amounts of minerals, isoflavones as well as vitamin C. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that you should apply a cream containing 15 to 20 per cent red clover heads to the affected areas of your skin, if you are suffering from eczema. However, it is important to note that you should avoid applying this herbal cream to cracked skin and avoid using this herb if you suffer from any irritation. Red clover is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, which attribute to the effectiveness of this herb on the symptoms of eczema.

St. John's Wort

The University of Maryland Medical Center states that St. John's wort may also prove effective in the treatment of eczema, when applied topically to the skin. St. John's wort is an herb that possesses hypericin, which is a chemical substance that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center states that a research study conducted on 21 individuals suffering from eczema showed that this herb was effective in relieving the symptoms associated with this condition.

Gotu Kola

Countries such as India, China and Europe have made use of gotu kola for centuries to treat several skin conditions, including eczema. Western herbalists have also used this herb extensively for treating inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis as well as eczema. This is due to the fact that this herb exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties. Gotu kola is known to contain saponins, which are responsible for healing wounds. The American Cancer Society states that animal studies have shown that saponins are helpful in promoting the production of collagen as well as speeding up healing in the body. To treat eczema with gotu kola, you should prepare gotu kola tea and apply a soft cloth soaked in this tea to the affected areas of your skin. To prepare this tea, add one teaspoon of the dried root of this herb in a cup of water and allow it to steep for around 15 minutes. Wait for the tea to cool and then apply the soaked cloth to the surface of your skin. Apply the cloth over the affected areas twice each day.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a type of honey that is considered extremely beneficial in treating numerous health ailments, as it possesses antiseptic properties. Manuka honey is known to possess high amounts of methylglyoxal, which is a compound responsible for the antiseptic properties possessed by this home remedy. Manuka honey is considered beneficial in preventing infections in the open wounds, which commonly occur when a person suffers from eczema. According to a research study conducted in the year 2004, it was observed that manuka honey was effective in reducing red and scaly spots that develop due to eczema. Similar to other home remedy, manuka honey is not helpful in curing this condition, but is effective in controlling the symptoms associated with it. Before using manuka honey in the treatment of eczema, it is highly recommended that you consult your physician regarding its appropriate usage.

Witch Hazel

The University Of Maryland Medical Center states that witch hazel is very effective in curbing the oozing of the blisters. Such oozing is a common symptom, which is associated with eczema. In such cases, it is recommended that you use the liquid form of this herb due to its quick action on the problem. Witch hazel also helps to counter the symptom of itching, which is associated with eczema. It is important to apply this herb to the skin on a regular basis in order to get relief from the symptoms of this condition.

Evening Primrose Oil

This essential oil must be consumed orally in order for it to be effective in the treatment of this condition. However, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends the consumption of this essential oil only under the guidance of your physician as the oil can cause side effects in the body. The University of Michigan Health System states that the effectiveness of evening primrose oil is due to the fact that it contains gamma-linolenic acid. It has been discovered that most of those who are suffering from eczema are deficient in this acid.

Green Tea

Green tea is extremely effective in the treatment of eczema as it contains antioxidants. Those who are suffering from eczema must consume this tea on a regular basis. It helps to strengthen the immune system and so the body is able to fight against the inflammation more effectively. Make sure to drink this tea at least five or six times each day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an ideal remedy in such cases. Most people prefer to use aloe vera gel as a topical lotion. This gel can be applied to the affected areas of your skin. It is important to leave this gel in place for at least a few hours so as to facilitate absorption. The affected people can also consume aloe vera juice internally. This juice has a cooling effect on the body and helps to promote healing. It is a powerful antiseptic and brings about quick healing of the open wounds that develop on the skin due to eczema. Make sure to consult your physician before making use of aloe vera juice or supplements in order to get the accurate dosage.

Other Home Remedies for Eczema
  • Apply some coconut oil over the affected areas of your skin. This will help in moistening the skin.
  • Soak a few cotton balls in witch hazel extract and dab them on the affected areas of your skin. This will help in reducing itchiness as well as inflammation associated with eczema.
  • Apply the juice derived from the leaves of spearmint to the affected areas. This will help in reducing the symptoms of eczema.
  • Applying mashed papaya seeds to the affected areas has also proven beneficial in reducing itchiness associated with eczema.
  • Make a paste from a teaspoon of turmeric and neem leaf juice. Apply this paste to the affected areas of your skin. This paste is helpful in reducing the symptoms of eczema.
  • Add equal amounts of comfrey root, slippery elm bark and white oat bark to two cups of water and allow it to steep for around half an hour. Allow the tea to cool. Soak a soft cloth in the tea and cover the affected areas with it.
  • Take a few almond leaves and crush them. Following that, add them to some water so as to form a thick paste. Apply this paste to the affected areas of your skin. This paste is considered effective in reducing the symptoms of eczema.
  • Cold water is also considered beneficial in the treatment of eczema. Apply cold compress to the affected areas twice each day or as many times as you want. Cold water is helpful in reducing the itchiness and inflammation associated with eczema.
  • Add a teaspoon of camphor to the same amount of sandalwood paste. Apply the paste to the affected areas. This remedy is helpful in relieving eczema.
  • Apply the juice derived from aloe vera to the affected areas of your skin. This herb is helpful in reducing inflammation and itchiness associated with eczema.

Diet for Eczema

Consume Foods with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Eczema is a condition that is associated with inflammation as well as irritation of the surface of your skin. Consuming foods with anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the inflammation associated with eczema. In their book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide', authors Larry Trivieri and John Anderson state that symptoms of eczema may occur as a result of deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids and the inclusion of foods containing these nutrients in your diet may prove effective in controlling the symptoms of this condition effectively. Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods' also states that deterred metabolism of fats may result in skin diseases, including eczema. The National Institutes of Health state that essential fatty acids help in reducing inflammation, thereby treating eczema. Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids include mackerel, herring, olive oil, salmon, tuna and spirulina.

Drink Enough Water

Consuming enough water is essential when it comes to treating skin conditions such as eczema. Drinking enough water is helpful in flushing out the toxins present in the body and may prevent the occurrence of any infection along with this condition. Make sure to consume about six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis. If you lead a very active life, you must consume more water in order to compensate for the loss of water through sweat.

Eczema Prevention

When it comes to preventing eczema flare-ups, it is crucial that you avoid common allergens that may aggravate the symptoms of this condition. Some of the most common irritants include bubble baths, solvents, wool, nylon, grass, sand and soaps. Pollens, animal dander, house dust mites and certain foods may also trigger symptoms of eczema, in certain individuals. When bathing, it is important that you use warm water and avoid the use of hot water as it can aggravate the skin, thereby worsening the symptoms of eczema.

Other Treatment Options for Eczema


Vitamin A is a vitamin that is considered effective in boosting the immunity and maintaining as well as repairing damaged skin tissue. Vitamin A is known to exhibit antioxidant properties that help in protecting the skin from damage triggered by harmful free radicals. Skin conditions such as eczema are known to occur as a result of a deficiency of this vitamin. Foods that contain high amounts of this vitamin include broccoli, carrots, apricots, yellow squash, pumpkin, kale and asparagus. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is known to play a crucial role in the execution of almost 300 processes that take place in the body. This vitamin is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help in reducing the symptoms of eczema. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C include oranges, lemons, berries and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin D is also known to exhibit antioxidant properties and helps in protecting the skin from damage caused by UV rays. This vitamin is also effective in the treatment of certain symptoms such as itchiness, redness and dryness, which are commonly associated with eczema. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin D include dairy products, fish oil, eggs and fatty fish. Vitamin E is used extensively in the preparation of topical treatments for eczema as it helps in reducing inflammation and dryness. This is due to the fact that vitamin E exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin E include nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grain and legumes.


Benadryl is known to an antihistamine and can be consumed orally as recommended by your physician. Benadryl cream may also be applied to the affected areas of your skin. This antihistamine is considered effective in preventing the occurrence of infections. It helps in drying the wet areas of your skin and reduces inflammation as well as itchiness.

Dermarest states that dermarest cream possesses hydrocortisone, which is a topical steroid that helps in reducing inflammation, redness as well as itchiness that may occur in different parts of the body. To treat eczema using this topical treatment, apply a thin layer of this cream to the surface of your skin and allow it to dry. However, it is highly recommended that you allow the affected areas to air out and avoid using a bandage. This is due to the fact that covering the affected areas increases the amount of hydrocortisone absorbed by the body, which can trigger several harmful effects. It is highly recommended that you use this topical treatment as prescribed by your physician. It is important to note that if the skin is dry and cracked, you must avoid making use of this cream.

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sunbathing is NOT a good thing for those suffering from should be avoided at all an eczema sufferer myself and have tried it several times to no avail
#1 - Chris - 09/26/2007 - 00:25
Remedy for Eczema
Eczema Treatment Using Lemon Juice

Apply lemon juice to the area and allow to dry before bed. Leave on
overnight. Helps the skin to heal. This can dry the area and promote
healing. It acts as an antiseptic if the area is inflamed.
#2 - Moriah - 10/15/2007 - 13:46
I would have to agree with the sunbathing, I have terrible ezcema and when Im in the sun it gets even more irritated
#3 - Ilone - 12/06/2007 - 04:09
best thing thats worked for me is skin lotion and air .i had eczema on my feet really bad too .i got it from the dye in my sketcher sport tennis shoes.they'd make my socks black. i'm wearing different shoes and its went look at what's touching the area it could be your problem.
#4 - plaqued - 12/14/2007 - 01:00
Put 2 cups of cheap instant oatmeal and 1 cup of powder milk in a chesse cloth bag and bath in it.
#5 - Lisa - 01/07/2008 - 14:21
i am suffering from acute eczema. suddenly my skin flares up and rashes appear all over my body. please suggest some simple home remedy
#6 - hanna - 01/14/2008 - 13:24
I used to go to a dermatologist how gave me a "skin repair cream" and this other medicine which has steroids. It works but when I stop, the rash comes back. I am trying tomato juice but I dont see any changes yet...its been 3days. but I will still continue, plus the juice tastes good!hahaha
#7 - Joe Elizaga - 02/04/2008 - 01:43
I've had eczema my whole life and sunbathing/ tanning are the BEST thing for eczema! Also a good glycerin soap helps for bathing.
#8 - Shoshana - 02/24/2008 - 17:15
I have eczema on my leg and it won't go away. i have tried that nutrogena cream and persriptions but they don't help. Is there anything i can do? I don't have that much herbs and supplies at my house. Help me!!!
#9 - Cierra - 02/26/2008 - 10:52
I have eczema on my hands and feet and I am wondering if keeping it dry is the best thing for it cause when it dries out it puts me in terrible pain. Is there any suggests.
#10 - nicole - 02/27/2008 - 18:07
I Have Eczema And Its Like All Over! On My Thighs, Forearms,Middle of My Arms, And At The Top Of My Arms, And Behind My Knees, And At The Top Of My Lip, Where The Area Of a Bracelet Goes. Everyone Always Stares At My Exzema, Its Emberassing!:-( I Have A Field Trip Coming Up And We Are Going Swimming, I Cant Let Them Stare At It! >-( I REALLY NEED HELP! Its Ruining My Life, I Had It ON AND OFF!
#11 - Lindsay - 03/06/2008 - 15:58
I get eczema badly all over my body. The only treatment I have seen work wonders is getting a sunburn. After a week or so the eczema goes away along with the sunburn. [@] in winter though, let me tell you.
#12 - Jeff - 03/10/2008 - 02:23
I had excema bad until I got gold bond lotion in the green bottle it really helps get rid of it,cool it and stop the itching.get it it will work wonders!!
#13 - gold bond - 03/14/2008 - 20:11
My daughter has eczema and chlorine really helps when she goes swimming. It burns a lil at first but does her skin wonders. It also helps to add a lil clorox to your water when you bath, about a cap full. Her doctor recommended doing so.
#14 - Angel - 03/24/2008 - 21:52
i am a mother of two boys and both has eczema.
i give them showers every day and then i would pat dry and mix vasline petroleum jelly and non scented lotion together. the combination is great and their skin are great. I tried everything from around the world and nothing works better than vaseline and lubriderm lotion. works miracles people..miracles...
#15 - meena - 04/22/2008 - 10:31
I had eczema on my legs for almost a year, sometimes it was so inflamed that I could not stand any fabric touching it at all. I hated the Aqueous creme and steroid creme the doctor prescribed me. What helped me enormously was to apply shea butter with olive oil or coconut oil several times a day.
I agree direct sun light can make it worse. But now that my skin is healing it seems to speed the healing process up. I also found drinking fresh ginger tea and lots of water helped and wearing loose cotton clothes. Hope this helps!
#16 - Sandu - 05/08/2008 - 13:59
I was holiday in Japan recently, and I broke out in eczema on my finger. Perhaps it was the change of weather. Anyway, I was desperate for relief, and had nothing but toothpaste with me. I applied it over-night. It burned so much!!! OUCH!!! But... this is the best part: ) when I woke up the pain was gone and it was dry!! It works. Try it, but be prepared for the pain. Hope you feel better soon. I know it is not easy to live with something like eczema. TC.
#17 - Priscilla - 05/21/2008 - 06:27
You need to look to the Inside. Eczema is an "external" symptom to an "Internal " problem...... I recommend lots of fish oils, lots of water, coconut oil on the skin and good probiotics..... a good one I recommend is In-liven.... alot of people I know have been helped by using it.
#18 - Organic - 05/23/2008 - 13:52
I've been a lifetime sufferer of eczema and I can tell you to totally change the types of laundry soap, bath soap, and even dish soap that you use. I use Arm & Hammer laundry soap, Dial bath soap (original only) and Dawn dish soap. If you must use Bleach, make sure your clothes have a few days to hang before wearing, although I've just discovered that Hydrogen Peroxide works as well, I haven't tried this yet, but I'll let you know as far as cleaning for whites. I still sunbathe as much as I want, and this helps, afterward I shower and apply Johnson's baby oil (in the shower) to help with dryness. I haven't had an outbreak in about 10 years due to making these few simple changes.
#19 - Suzanne - 06/11/2008 - 08:55
I notice if I eat only non-processed food it goes away on it's own. However, I will try the topical remedies listed for help in healing. But I beleive diet is key to prevent future occurences.
#20 - Melissa - 06/11/2008 - 16:34
I've got this annoying eczema when I was 22 of age and my dermatologist prescribed me to use a clobetasol lotion and a herbal soap which is only sold in her clinic and within a week my eczema was gone. Right now I'm already 28 and it came back again, I'm not in my country so I can't buy my derma's prescriptions, I'm just using a diaper rash lotion to my hands, the itchiness decreases but the eczema is still there.
#21 - milkyway - 06/12/2008 - 10:54
I tried everything... this works for my 6yr old son! Mix a few drops of Tea tree oil into a pot of petroleum jelly or some camphor cream. Then apply to the area.
#22 - Heidi & Hayden - 06/15/2008 - 13:21
I hav chronic eczema as wel as my sister. The only thing thats working for us is IONIC COLLOIDAL SILVER water. We drink up2 a litre a day and apply it2 our skin. It works wonders. Stop all ur medication and try it! And remembr ur not alone :)
#23 - A nony mouse - 06/16/2008 - 15:56
I had severe eczema on the folds of my elbows and behind my knees as a child, but it went away about the time I hit puberty. After taking Accutane during high school, my eczema came back twice as bad on my face and neck. I can't stand steriods, as much of you have expressed. I've used Elidel and Protopic, and though the creams are not home remedies, I though I would share some knowledge that my doctor didn't bother telling me. If you have used either of these creams, you may have experienced severe itching and a warm, burning sensation. Apparently this is a normal side effect and may last for up to 5 days, but should subside after after your body begins to heal. It's frustrating, I know, but for those of you who may have no other choice but to use the creams at time, it is good information to know.
#24 - Brianne - 06/17/2008 - 15:50
I have sever eczema on my face and moderate acne. I'm having trouble treating them both. If I treat one the other flares up and visa versa. Any advice? Thanks!!
#25 - Brianne - 06/18/2008 - 16:49
I have sever eczema on my face and moderate acne. I'm having trouble treating them both. If I treat one the other flares up and visa versa. Any advice? Thanks!!
#26 - Brianne - 06/18/2008 - 16:50
I have suffered from eczema for about 5 years and they are directly related to my nasal/seasonal allergies. I get terrible break outs on my hands and feet. I did some reading after the expensive prescription my doctor gave me didn't work and discovered that Tea Tree Oil is an anit-fungal, anti-itch, and healing agent. I started using it and within a couple of hours after the first application, the trouble spots started to dry up. I still have some raw spots, but those are healing quickly.

It also works for many, many other skin irritations, breakouts, and rashes.
#27 - TEA TREE OIL!!! - 06/19/2008 - 13:53
Silver is the key, my son 11 when he got exzema all over his hands, after trying every product online, dematologist and their steriods, three years later we do a parafin hand treatment every other night, then he applys Tetrasil to his hands and sleeps with gloves on, only apply to the infected area. 3-1/2 years later, I don't know how much money, he practically never has any more breakouts. If he has any areas pop up, he applies Tetrasil and it goes away. I buy this product from Aidance Skin Care
#28 - Laura T - 06/25/2008 - 13:11
Iam a victim of Eczema, as well. and when I said it cover my whole body. I mean my whole body,I really don't like taking medication for it, I want to go the natural way about it. I have tryed witch hazel and it burn like heck, and specially around my neck. can some help me out here.
#29 - Can Relate - 06/26/2008 - 13:13
My granddaughter has eczema, we tried everything under the sun, my friend in america suggested I try 'Baby Fissan Paste' Well I was surprised at the results, it cleared up, she hasnt had eczema for 6 months now - Liz - 06/28/2008
#30 - Liz - 06/28/2008 - 12:28
#31 - GAYLE - 06/29/2008 - 21:48
I have eczema on my eye lid. I was wondering if you know any home remedies that will i can apply or take to heal my eczema that won't sting my eye. Thank you.
#32 - Carolynn - 07/01/2008 - 23:25
Gayle, make sure to be careful with hydrocortisone and steroids because they thin the skin out and can cause permanent damage (stretch marks, etc.)

Carolynn, I also have eczema on my eyelids, and I found that aloe under you moisturizer helps a lot. I bought a bottle of pure aloe gel at Wal-Mart and I keep it in the refrigerator (the cold helps a lot too).
#33 - Brianne - 07/08/2008 - 16:09
I noticed one of the possible causes of eczema it the body's inability to excrete poisons, which is believed to also be the cause of fibromyalgia (inability of the muscles to excrete toxins). How many of you out there have fibromyalgia?
#34 - Brianne - 07/08/2008 - 16:12
Hi All,
My 3 year old daughter is suffering from eczema all over her body, she itches constantly. All the doctor's medicine with steriods gives immediate results but reoccurs in few days. She has very sensitive skin.
Please advice me good natural remedy for long term effect.
#35 - Meena - 07/10/2008 - 09:36
I have suffered from eczema for as long as I can remember, it runs my family. Over the last couple of years it has gotten worse on my hands, particulary the tips of my fingers, and is still 'splotchy' on my legs. The itching comes in intense fits and my fingers are cracked and bleeding. The best possible thing anyone can do for their eczema is to stay mosturized and to stay away from water and chemicals (cleaning products) as much as possible. I recently changed all of my bathroom products to hypoallergenic as the hair styling products I used irritated my hands. Try Cetaphill body wash and mosturizes well without a greasy feeling. I also cover my hands in lotion or cortizone and put gloves on at night, it helps to heal my hands. Also, try taking vitamins - Vitamin E, Cod Liver Fish oil and biotin. Sunbathing can help as it can dry out the 'splotchy' parts - I found that I got a better result from the tanning bed than the real sun however! I hope this helps, I know this is a hard, frustrating and painful condition to live with! Good Luck!!
#36 - Samantha - 07/11/2008 - 13:01
Also, keep in mind your allergins. I have two hairy dogs, I am not allergic to them, but the hair and dust does bother my skin. My husband and I make sure to clean our house constantly and brush/de-shed our dogs. We vaccum, dust and wash blankets and towels almost every other day, even if it doesn't look like it needs it. It's a pain but it makes a HUGE difference!
#37 - Samantha - 07/11/2008 - 13:06
I am interested in what Brianne had to say about excema and fibromyalgia. I have had excema flareups on and off since birth. The worst during early childhood. As a teen I got mono, and then at thirty was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. My beleif is that my system can't handle toxins. I m wondering about a liver detox?
#38 - theresa - 07/17/2008 - 17:25
I've suffered from eczema since I was a baby. Growing up with it was awful and really made my middle school and high school years horrible. I always wore long sleeve shirts and jackets to hide it. The only thing that really helps me is Suave Natural Oatmeal lotion. I put it on my affected area's after I wake up, take a shower, and anytime that I get wet like after swimming. Stress can affect it alot also. I've noticed that any time I get really aggrivated I break out . So I try to stay away from people and situations that get on my nerves.
#39 - Nicole - 07/20/2008 - 01:09
I was diagonised with excema a few months back. Since then am having homeopathic medicines. It did start showing effect slowly...and now I just have those black marks on my legs... But the worse part is I have realy important function in 10days. Its realy imp for me and I need to get ride of those marks. Any idea....??Any remedies??Please help folks...My whole life is centered over this function in 10 days and I need to look perfect....:-(
#40 - Bets - 07/24/2008 - 05:08
Meena i feel you. My 3 and a half daughter has been suffering from the same and in the same matter as your child. today i spent over 80 dollars in copays for meds and my child skin is heartbreaking i need help a good home remedy.
#41 - Thella - 07/25/2008 - 12:05
I have eczema on every single part of my body except for my nose,back of my legs,and toes. I've been to dermatoligist after dermatoligist tried pretty much every cream and anti-bioctic pill avilable.I am allergic to coconuts,or any type of nuts,WHAT DO I DO.I am about to start school next week where i wear jackets and pants everyday to hide my eczema.(i'm tired of being the odd one out please help me):-(
#42 - cindy - 07/29/2008 - 14:11
I had eczema when I was younger(around 7), but it went away on its own and hasn't bothered me until recently. I'm 22 now and for the past year I have had eczema all over! I have tried creams from my dermatologist as well as an oral medication, which made it go away until I stopped using it. I don't want to go back and pay more money for something that only works for a little while and isn't that good for you overall anyway. My mom has been doing a lot of research with natural remedies for it and has found a lot of research about colloidal silver. Supposedly this cures a ton of different conditions, including eczema. Apparently when the silver is near a fungus, bacteria, pathogen or virus it inhibits its oxygen metabolism enzyme so it "suffocates" and dies. But it leaves beneficial enzymes in place, unlike prescription drugs. We read some reviews of people who said that their severe eczema went away in a matter of days! I haven't tried it yet, but plan to try it as soon as I can get some. I'm sure no one's doctor is going to suggest it since they cant make any money off of it, so do some research on your own about it. I'll update you guys with my results.

Other than that, I have found that tanning in tanning beds does help a little. I was kind of surprised because I thought it would just dry my skin out more and make it worse, but it has helped. Just make sure to cake some good lotion on before and afterwards. I use cetaphil.
#43 - Alexandra - 08/03/2008 - 22:47
I feel your pain. My eczema was bad when I was young. Until I was about 10 years old, I had it on the top of my feet, behind my knees, and in the bends of my arms. I scratched my feet so much that it left scars, which fortunately only show up when I tan (there is no pigment left where the scars are). When I was 11 or 12, I only had small patches on my fingers and palms of my hands. Then, that went away and when I was in high school, I got patches on my big toes (of all places!) and the inside portion of my ankles. It is now back on my fingers (index finger and pinky finger on my left hand only), and at the age of 29 I realize that I have to go back to the allergist. (When I went around the age of 3, they were afraid to administer the scratch test because they felt that it would cause a severe reaction, so I never truly found out what I am allergic to.)

I have tried multiple remedies. I find that a lot of creams and lotions actually irritate my eczema because of the increased moisture. I currently use a prescription cream, Triamcinolone, 0.1%. It helps sometimes, but it is a steroid cream and this summer has been brutal. I have also found that chlorine and saltwater help. When I would go on vacation as a kid, my eczema would clear up after spending most the of the week swimming in the ocean or in a swimming pool. Because I have no vacation planned, I plan to try soaking my hand in saltwater or perhaps some toothpaste. Yes, all of these things burn initially, but if you are like me and you suffer from intense itching, the burn is a welcome sensation.

I have also found that individuals with eczema that is more itchy than dry find drying agents to be the best, while individuals who suffer from more dryness than itchiness find moisturizers work best. If you find that you breakout with small pustules that ooze (kind of like poison ivy), drying agents work best. My mom, who also suffers from eczema, has soaked her hands in white vinegar before and it worked. Also, taking an antihistamine before going to bed can help keep you from scratching at night.

I know what it is like to be embarrassed by eczema, but keeping it covered can actually make it worse. I used to wear socks year round because of the eczema on my feet. I find that educating people is the best defense against funny looks and comments. Just explain that it's an allergy and it [@] and that you are allergic to so many different things that treating it is next to impossible. Most people, even kids and teenagers, understand this.

If it's as severe as you say it is, you may need to be put on an oral steroid. I'm not a doctor, but I had to do that once. The side effects can be irritating, but sometimes, they are easier to handle than the eczema.
#44 - Jen - 08/07/2008 - 16:42
I suffer with facial eczema all around my eye's and mouth and its very dry red and irritated ..iv tryed doctors creams ,natural creams ,and different types of oils ,homeopathic remidies pretty much every thing under the sun but nothing seems to be working... any advise? thanks!
#45 - caitlind - 08/14/2008 - 20:43
i have bad aczema and i have had it for almost 9 years now...ever since i was born...i am 13 now.....and i still have it.. But anything i try it still wont go away...most of the time it will go away for like a month or two and then come back....what can i do..?
#46 - Kyli Larson - 08/16/2008 - 16:41
after taking a shower with LUKEWARM water, put on Aveeno Lotion for Itchy Skin. apply the lotion while you're still in the shower, pat dry your skin, & apply A LOT! doing it while barely coming out of the shower with the air still warm makes the pores open up and it absorbs the lotion better. I do this all the time. I try not to scratch AT ALL & I've noticed that when I don't use the aveeno lotion I get my eczema very badly. im out right now & my whole arm is covered with eczema. I hate it so much. this started when I got my period, im guessing the my body going through all those changes made it occur. I've had it for three years now & all I do is apply Aveeno Lotion. its the only thing that works for me. another thing I do, is put an ice pack on the eczema to calm down the swelling. then I let it air-dry completely & apply the lotion once more. everyime I get my eczema, I do this & its gone in 3 days. looove it! hope it helps! I know its frustrating. it is for me too, especially since im in high school. its so embarrasing. I have to wear long sleeve shirts sometimes... but thanx to all of you, I know I have support & I know im not alone.
#47 - LOTION! - 09/01/2008 - 20:30
everyone when i 2 months old i started to get eczema. i am now 13 and the only t thing that works is a cream my dctor gave me a perscripion 4 hat has steriods in it
#48 - roxie - 09/02/2008 - 11:38
Dr. Tichners antiseptic. I know that might sound weird but the but I had a huge patch of eczema on my back for years. I was unforunately misdiagnosed I starting using the antiseptic because it was soothing within months the huge patch was almsot gone. My problem is eczema on my face because the antiseptic on face disagrees with my acne, how ever it works wonders on all other parts of my body.
#49 - Donna - 09/04/2008 - 05:16
I have eczema on my face. I put olive oil on it at night. or honey. But if you are prone to break out you might. what is worse zits or eczema? Its never ending..
#50 - wendy - 09/04/2008 - 12:25
Grape Fruit Seed Extract works well for eczema. Needs to be diluted. Follow the dilution on the bottle
#51 - Kristie - 09/05/2008 - 21:10
As some one stated in the past, eczema needs to be looked at from the inside out, it is a allergy coming out of your pores. My son was diagnosed with it at 6 months old after 10 years of dealing with it getting infected and using conventional meds I found a chiropractor who not only adjusted him to relieve the nervous system causing his eczema but also started him on probiotics,omega fatty acids, and removed dairy and sugars from his system and he is HEALED! I am so saddened that I did not find this alternative for him years ago. Thanks to chiropractors and natural healing he is a new boy and not itching and worried about his self esteem any longer.
#52 - Kathy - 09/09/2008 - 13:33
my eczema treatment is applying raw african shea butter to my skin [available at local african shops] and bathing with black soap.this will definitely relieve itching as well as even out skin tone:-)
#53 - TAM - 09/12/2008 - 21:23
My 4-year old has had eczema his entire life and I have always used prescription meds. But we just saw a different doctor and he suggested an olive oil soap called "Kiss My Face". We haven't tried it yet, but will soon. I'll keep you updated!
#54 - Angie - 09/13/2008 - 10:14
I've had eczema my whole life. It comes and goes. I asked a local dr where i live and he suggested I take fish oil pills. I haven't tried it yet but it's worth a shot. Nothing else has worked.
#55 - Kristie - 09/18/2008 - 15:42
I have had eczema since I was 6 yrs old. Im now in my early 30s. It goes and come in different areas on my body. Right now I have it in the worst possible place you can have it-genitalia area(yes it [@] soooo bad!!) I came to this website and tried many of the remedies. Frankly non worked. While doing that, I was doing trial n errors of my ow. Ive come up with one that works for me: Benrdryl extra strength cream mixed with wal-mart vagicaine cream. I squeeze two lines on top of my hand(one of each cream), mix them together and apply. The benedryl stops the itching..and vagincaine numbs(but be prepared to burn like heck! if you have any open areas from scratching. Quite frankly I dont mind burning as long as Im not itching!). I dont know how this will work on any other area other than the genital area. The relief I felt was like a load off and plus I had no desire to itch, thus healing and not to mention the feeling was IMMEDIATE!! Hope this helps.
#56 - LisaS - 09/27/2008 - 02:28
I tried the fish oil, I've been taking them everyday for months and that did not work.

Last night I put lemon juice all over my arms, let it dry and rubbed tea tree oil after the lemon juice.
I woke up this morning and my eczema is GONE!
Try it, it's fantastic!
I reccommend doing it every night.

#57 - Caroline - 09/30/2008 - 11:24
I've had eczema my whole life; I missed many days of class when I was in high school, and my eczema was so bad that it burned my skin if I just took a shower; I went to a dermatologist, changed my use of lotion, soap, and everything. The only thing that helped was a high usage of an ointment that the doctor perscribed for me- the down side was that when I got pregnant I got stretchmarks everywhere, because the ointment thinned out my skin so much. After I got pregnant I didn't use the ointment as much, but the prenatel vitamins helped very much. Even after I had my daughter I continued using the vitamins, and now my eczema isn't as bad as it use to be when I was a little younger. But I'm going to try these remedies. Thanks.
#58 - Connie - 09/30/2008 - 11:46
The absolute best remedy for Eczema is Rocky Mountain Soap's Pumpkin Patch Soap & Body Butter Stick. Its 100% natural too. I tried everything before this, and it is the first thing to clear up my hands, arms, torso & knees. Within a week too! I also suggest using non- grocery store mainstream dish detergent and laundry detergent. Avoid all synthetic or chemical perfumes and fragrances. I gave up my fave clothes wash: Gain! I still love the smell, but the free & clear detergent by 7th generation is natural and doesn't aggravate or trigger my eczema. Essential oils are usually ok but just be careful! Perfumes are evil.
#59 - Abigail - 10/08/2008 - 16:01
I am 17 and just last winter while i was moving out of my house, i started to get this awful rash in my arm pits. I had never experienced anything like this before. I would have it for 2 months, and then it would heal and come back. It it unbelievbly irritating and just 3 weeks ago, i found out it was eczema. Every single time i sweat it brakes out, and then i cant shave, which is horribly embarrasing, not to mention the blisters. I have used multiple moisturizers, and when they mix with my deoderant, it burns ten times more. What can I use that will not affect me negativly when my deoderant is applied???? I really really need help!!!

Thank you...
#60 - Alysia - 10/11/2008 - 16:32
I'm in really hurtful pain on the bottom of my left foot I have eczema. It gets very itchy and I scratch and now its cracking and blistering and very painful to walk, it throbs when I sleep it throbs almost all the time! I just saw a doctor and he only presrcibed lotriduma. I don't know what to do except what I have been, tolerating the pain. anyone know how to soothe my foot?
#61 - Liv - 10/22/2008 - 17:07
Hi i have had eczema since i was 2 years old and i am now 13 i hate it i am sooooo tierd of trying to explain to my friends why i am always wearing a jacket. Also what really stinks is it's around my neck and i have to make lame excuses about my dog scratching me on my neck when i wear a pony tail. But about a month ago i found out that puting on cortizone and moisturizing lotion on when you wake up and when you go to bed helps so much that i could go to school without a jacket on in the beginning of 8th grade it feels so good to feel normal for a change!!

Also if you don't have the money for cortizone then you can go to cvs pharmacy or dollar general and get their brand of it called cortisone it works the same and its cheap you should try it!!:-D:-D;-)
#62 - Pebbles - 10/26/2008 - 15:12
Well I tried the ice on the bottom of my foot and the numbing feeling of cold really soothed the itching, I went out and bought some of the collidal silver at the health store and to my wonder it is working......its not completely cleared up however it is so much better looking. I know the feeling of being a teenager growing up with eczema on my arms and legs and friends wondering why you always dressed covered even in the hottest weather. When I hit my 20's it kind of started going away on my legs and arms, and now that I'm in my 30's its clear except for the breakout by my ankle (from wearing socks) and the bottom of my foot. My next try is the bio oil that is on commercials, and see if that fades my scars on my legs. Above all am so happy that my foot feels way better than it did on October 22.....thanks this forum has helped out a lot......
take care every1:-D
#63 - Liv - 10/31/2008 - 12:08
My daughter and I were both born with eczema and I find that Oatmeal works wonders.

I buy Aveeno Oatmeal bath products- bath soak, body wash, lotion, etc.

Bathe a few times a week- but not every day! Bathing everyday will actually dry your skin out even more. Try to soak in Oatmeal bath for at least twenty minutes before every shower, at least until conditions clears up.

PAT skin dry and IMMEDIATELY apply lotions.

I use Aveeno products and Eucerin Calming Cream EVERYDAY at least twice.

Take fish oil pills, multivitamin, and drink TONS of WATER.

Incorporate lots OLIVE OIL into your diet as well.

And keep a humidifier in the house- especially during Winter or dry Summer months.

I aquired this routine through YEARS of trial and error and it works for both me and my daughter.

People don't even realize that we have eczema.

There is the occasional flare up- but that is usually because of dehydration, fragrance, too much sun w/out proper sunscreen (aveeno makes sunscreen as well), in proper diet.

OATMEAL bath products, cosmetics and skin care. (NO fragrances)

OLIVE and FISH OILS in diet.

HYDRATION- from drinking water, not daily baths.

Wish everyone well!
#64 - Jennifer - 11/03/2008 - 21:13
Goat milk soap made my eczema go away!!! It is the best thing in the world!!!
#65 - Neiky - 11/11/2008 - 16:25
Theres so many suggestions about all these different remedies . . . But i guess i'd just have to stick it out and try what i think will hopefully work :-[] And from my own experience it really doesnt help to cover up yourself. I just now finally figured that out as it causes the condition to get even worst than before.

Both my sister and i have eczema. My condition wasnt as bad as hers at 1st. I started off with it only around a small portion of my arms and legs. She had it over most of her body and it was way more obvious than mines were but the only difference between us is that i was so self conscious about it and kept myself covered all the time. She on the other hand couldnt care less about what others thought and wore shorts, singlets, etc. She also was more open and accepting of it

I am now the one who ended up with more scars on my body, covered up more than ever and she only has a few but isnt too noticable because she had always let air and sunlight get to it. lol true story

If you cant help but scratch use gloves or something at night as it's hard to realize you actually do when your sleeping until you wake up and find yourself bleeding or stinging.(lol if that makes sense to anyone :-D)

Avoid HOT water. Its common sense to anyway but I couldnt resist it before because it felt so good good on my eczema but then it honestly dried my skin badly, caused it to darken and left unattractive scab scars.

Well anyways im going to try a few of these remedies and unlike others that ive notice them saying they'll get back with their results but didnt i actually will ok

Because it is depressing dealing with this, feeling ugly and less normal than eveyone else but
be as positive as you can be though.
Stress makes it worst.

I know i have eczema for a reason and in a way im glad because it teaches me to be more appreciative of the good things i do have than things i dont have.
#66 - Precious - 11/14/2008 - 16:29
I have suffered from asthma and allergies since I could remember. I have taken allergy meds since I could remember. I was just diagnosed with eczema on my back. It itched so bad that I would rub up against surfaces w/ out even realizing I was doing it. So, my dotor told me to shower in luke warm water I (I use cold water)w/ cetaphil, pat myself dry, apply cetaphil to the affected area, and then apply eucerin lotion. It's taken a week for me to see imporvement. I just hope this is a long-term solution for me and it doesn't come back with a vengance. I hope this helps. ;-)
#67 - Nikki - 11/16/2008 - 15:41

I suffer from it under my armpit as well.. Try dove deoderants or soft and dri silky smooth. they help somewhat. the best thing i ahve found so far is a moisturizer called utterly smooth.. its got cow prints all over and its just 6$ at walmart for a big jar. I have tried just about everything. From diaper rash ceams to aveeno. Nothing seemed to work. One day i was itchy and it was getting pretty bad, i have eczema all over from thighs to hips, arms etc.. the list goes on. I had nothing i could use to relieve the itching.. there was 6 hrs to go before i could come home to the comfort ofmoisturizer. i reached in my pocket and found my chap stick it was cocoa butter. i gave it a try and it releived the itching on the spot. i always carry it with me and when i am stuck it really helps..
I wouldn't recomend it daily but it does relieve for a bit at least !

hope this helps someone out there..

I find creams prescribed by doctors only dry out my skin and cause it to crack. Vaseline helps before bed.
i have also switched to purex natural laundry detergent which has also made a big difference.. try running the wash cycle with rinsing one extra time this helps as well..
#68 - Michelle - 11/17/2008 - 02:47
HI. my son is 13 and suffers from eczema on his face. his is directly related to an intolerance to dairy products and citric acid. A food intolerance test can determine this. I have been treating him with a steroid and it clears up but as soon as he eats any food with dairy or citric acid it breaks out again. would like an alternative to the steroids as i have read they can thin out the the skin.
#69 - breda, dublin, ireland - 12/04/2008 - 04:46
Study up on Apple Cider Vinegar (raw). You can take it internally. Two tablespoons with a cup of water. Drink it with a straw. As it can not be good for your teeth enamel. Also I have just read on something called oil pulling (sunflower or sesame oil) 1 tsp and swish in your mouth for 10-20 min. while showering. You spit this out and it helps to detox your body. In the morning you wake up with white junk on your tongue and on your gums. This takes the bacteria and keeps it from entering back into your system. Read up on it. It may be helpful for those that this could be the root (toxins buildup) problem of your skin problems.
#70 - Shannon - 12/12/2008 - 11:38
The itching caused by eczema has left marks all over my body, can anyone out there tell me what to use to get rid of the marks? i am really really desperate, so tired of not being able to wear shorts:(
#71 - dark legs - 12/14/2008 - 13:23
of my past 17 years i hav learned that eczema break outs and the condition is inevitable. Taking tonics that flush the system helps, oatmeal soaps help to sooth itching a bit, avoid steriod creams they're just like drugs make feel good for a while. I strongly suggest taking a few weeks and FLUSH ur system, no junk food, sweets nothing, and also exercise helps by keeping the pores clean an unblocked.AVOID DAIRIES!! avoid a/c cooling if you don't have lotion ON HAND
#72 - flaky @ 17 - 12/17/2008 - 14:19
I have had eczema all my life NOTHING WORKED!! NOTHING!! I had it in the folds of my arms, behind my knee, the side of my arms and the base of my left above my foot.... all of them disappeared without scarring over the years EXCEPT.. the one on the base of my leg which has stopped me from wearing, skirts, shorts , capris and bathing suits. I had severe itching, and really severe scarring there.... I FEEL LIKE A MUTANT.. I hear most commonly used is Cocoa Butter for the softening of skin and evens skin tone, str8 Lemon used for lightening and healing which drys the skin, but the cocoa butter makes up for that. And TEA TREE OIL w/ Vitamin E. It would help me but i can stop scratching so I guess it wont heal.. Good Luck The Combination may work better for you
#73 - Diamond - 01/07/2009 - 14:55
Check your pH level. I passed by a whole foods store & bought pH strips to test my acidity level. Turns out I was very acidic. I started taking pH drops and supplements. My eczema is clearing up immediately
#74 - pH girl - 01/12/2009 - 13:41
i've had eczema since i was two years old. its been borrible! since i am a teenager, of course the ocasonal acne comes and the lotions i use aggrivate it even worse. and i have tried steroid creams and the best one i have tried (and its a more recent one) is desonate. it's made mainly with water and it doesn't get rid of eczema but what it does is it gets rid of the redness (which makes it less noticable). but the sad thing is that i can't use it on my face because it will cause my skin to thin and having eczema already i don't want to know what it will do in the future.
also i have a VERY mild case of asthma (these two are connected) but i have had allergy tests and they can not find out what i am allergic too and it is very frustrating. but i have tried the aveeno bath treatments but the skin lotions help a little bit. also i would stay away from eucerin products because they made my skin felt like it was on fire. usually i could stand it but it eventually got too bad as to where i would have to wash it off to find relief. but i have found that my eczema could be related to my stress levels. i always feel anxious and i just moved so my eczema is terrible. i love working out but its hard to because the sweat gets in my eczema and it burns!! it makes it even more red! but i am going to try yoga. it relaxes the mind and probably won't make me sweat as much! but i am afraid to use the oils on my face because my skin on my face is so unpredictable. i also drink plenty of water and try to stay away from caffinated drinks (b/c those make you even more dehydrated). cetaphil is a great product to use. their facial moisturizer is awesome! it moisturizes but it also doesn't make my skin feel too oily but it also has spf of 15 which is great to help ward of pre-mature wrinkles. i also stay away from anything with fragrance. body mist is usually alright but lotions (esp if they have a strong scent) really agitates my eczema. also if you have eczema on your face, see what kind of shampoo you are using and conditioner because if it has a strong scent, chances are that it is what is agitating your eczema. the steriod creams really do thin your skin out. i'm 16 and i already have stretch marks. people don't relize how complicated of a disease eczema really is and it [@] to have to explain to everyone why you weren't at school that one day or why your wearing a long sleeved shirt when its 80 outside. sunbathing does help IF you take an aveeno bath AFTER and immediately put on lotion THEN pat dry. my eczema is still pretty bad but it jsut depends on my horomones and stress levels. if anyone has any advice please help! i really hope the yoga helps. and also make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins (especially vitamin c because eczema also deals with your immune system). i hope this helps anyone!
#75 - marie - 01/12/2009 - 22:28
My eczema is caused by cold dry weather. Sun bathing cures it and african shea butter really helps too. So everyone is different, and what helps some may not be good for others.
#76 - Chelsey - 01/20/2009 - 16:56
Mangosteen juce applied topically and orally has been the best thing for my son. He drinks an ounce a day and if he gets an outbreak applied topically. However, as long as he has his ounce a day there are no outbreaks!
#77 - Taye - 01/30/2009 - 20:14
I have suffered from both psoriasis and eczema for 40 years. I had a 10-year "freedom" completely after swimming in a chlorinated pool/being in the sunshine almost daily one summer while babysitting my nephew.

After damaging my skin from a severe sunburn/blistering while camping in my early 20's, following a period of a poor diet trying to lose weight --it came back and kept getting worse every year. After having it severely with over 90% body coverage and not being able to sleep, sit, stand, wear clothing without pain/discomfort -- my quality of life was to the point that I didn't even want to live anymore.

I had some success on/off using a tanning bed over a 3-mth period at one point trying to clear up my skin for my daughter's wedding, but I put off using one regularly because I was concerned about "skiin cancer". I finally bought my own tanning bed (to know it was clean and avoid any chance of infections). I was in it daily for 12-15 minutes for about 3 weeks and my skin cleared up completely. While being out of the tanning bed on vacation, it came back on my elbows and a spot or two. I control it by using a tanning bed for approx. 12-15 minutes/3 days a week now.

After years of dermatologists, creams, shots, meds, $$$ -- the following is what I noticed eased the problems a little:

Taking fish oil capsules;
All cotton clothing;
Avoiding perfumes/dyes in products as much as I could;
Humidifier in the winter time
Luke-warm vs. hot showers,baths
Vitamin B-12 shots helped
Good nutrition and exercise
Fresh air/sunshine

It's my belief that mine is connected with something "internally" - perhaps with the intestines -- or bacteria; or something that doesn't allow the body to absorb nutrients, etc. the way it should. I think in some ways it is also allergy related. I think that manifests itself in the skin problems.

But the only thing that gave me the relief I needed though was the tanning bed. I do think that everyone is different and what works for one, may not work for someone else. I'm sure the dermatologists would have a fit -- but unless you live it -- you don't know what it's like. I opted for what I thought was the lesser of 2 evils and went with a tanning bed so I could have quality of life.

My prayers are with anyone who suffers with this stuff!

#78 - Brenda - 02/02/2009 - 16:23
My Mum has suffered from eczema all her life, she is now in her 60s. The long term use of Hydrocortisone and steroid creams have caused her skin to thin terribly, and her skin now looks constantly wrinkled, and is so see through that deep red bruises show through at the slightest knock, and her skin tears very easily. Although the cream her doctor prescribes now (diprobase I think) seems to work reasonably well on her body, she can't use it on her face. I would be really interested to hear of any natural remedies are sensitive enough to use on the face.

#79 - Angela - 02/08/2009 - 08:25
I have just had a bad flare-up of eczema on my face - eyes, lips and hairline are worst - and my scalp which is a first for me. I'm sure it's down to a combination of too much central heating (literally drying me out, and anyone who suffers with dermatological complaints will be sensitive to this), an increase in my dairy intake, an increase in my sugar intake, no oily fish and a lot of anxiety.

As others have stressed, eczema is an external symtom of internal imbalances, be they emotional, chemical or physiological. I'm asthmatic and officially have numerous allergies but since coming off dairy years ago, and taking care generally with my diet, I rarely have any asthma, eczema or other related symptoms. Recent stressful times have seen me comfort eating, getting into cheese, simply forgetting how much I like mackerel and sardines... it's easy to do and the resulting eczema of course only adds to the stress.

As a child/adolescent, I used steroid creams and internal steroids and have thin sensitive skin thats constantly attracting new bruises and stretch marks - with hind sight I'd have rather suffered the eczema. From thirty odd years of internal steroids I also have muscles that ache for no reason.

Anyway, I've been here before though so I've just had a mackerel sandwich for my lunch (on wholemeal - refined carbs convert quickly to sugar which s bad for eczema or other derma symptoms like candida), I'm applying shea butter to my face, and putting coconut oil on my head when I go to bed, and I'm taking a probiotic supplement as candida is very often connected to eczema and is set off by similar triggers. I also apply neat vitamin e oil to my face under moisturiser - you can get it from a health food store, or pierce a capsule and use that.

My eczema is dry and flaky - different topical treatments are definitely applicable to dry vs. weepy eczema. I used to have the latter, though, and really don't know why that's changed. It takes longer to notice improvements when you address something through your diet, but the benefits are much more far-reaching and work whatever eczema you have.

I really recommend anyone with eczema to give up dairy - 2 weeks is long enough to tell if there's an improvement. Yoghurt with live bacteria in it is okay, but no milk, butter, cheese... And eat oily fish - infintitely better than supplements. If you don't like it, remember the supplement must be an omega6/3 one, NOT cod liver oil which is worse than useless as it often contains toxins - all livers collect toxins, not just human ones!

Also, going back to the candida connection, particularly relevant I think seeing as so many people who suffer with eczema into adulthood seem to be female - candida is a yeast we all have in our gut but with many of us today it has got out of control, mainly due to poor diet - sugar, refined carbs etc. Cider vinegar daily is useful in keeping it better controlled, and someone early on mentioned this is also helpful for eczema, so worth a shot. I take a capful of cider vinegar with juice of half a lemon (not before brushing your teeth as it softens the enamel) and a spoon of honey. Better if you can do it without the honey but I just know I couldn't keep that up, personally.

One last comment - oat milk is famously good for your skin whether you have eczema or not. It not only soothes but detoxes so yes, bathe in oat milk (put a fistful of porridge oats in an old stocking, knot it and hang under the tap) - Cleopatra did it!
#80 - Jo - 02/23/2009 - 07:52
My daughter has had eczema all her life and she is now 10.I have been through it all from doctors to lotions and nothing has really helped like changing the soaps and detergants also,The best thing that has helped is changing her diet .What you eat has a big part in your itching and you must find out what foods make you itch and cause inflammation.Jojoba oil works miracles as a lotion.Home remedies work best for eczema.
#81 - hannah - 03/01/2009 - 19:06
I have had eczema since I was a little girl. When I would start tanning and using the proper lotion my eczema would go away. I agree that it does work.
#82 - Ashley - 03/08/2009 - 10:50
I have reached this site in an effort to find a "natural" remedy for my 8 yr old after the insurance company rejected a precription for protopic that my son has used for years, wanting use to try elidil first. (we have tried everything inder the sun) How dare they!!I am so pisted because who is the insur. comp to tell the doctor what to prescribe. My son has had eczema since he was 4 mnts old, scratching crying and bleeding. It is under control w/ steriods but I figure that this is a blessing because he has terrible scars from the steroid creams. I mix aquaphor ointment, aveeno and eucerin lotion and this is very helpfull as a moisterizer. Try this everyday to prevent flare-ups. Thanks for the suggestions. Also get tested for alleries. This can help to avoid foods that cause fair-ups. Good Luck
#83 - Mom4 - 03/30/2009 - 12:46
i have severe eczema on my right started with a small patch but now it has taken my whole palm...there is lot of itching n bleeding n there is swellin also..plz help me coz none of the prescribed med seem to have any affect on my in real need of help..
#84 - nafi - 04/02/2009 - 08:03
I have had exzema for my whole life and i'm only 24 years old. i hate it so much because in school people would look at my arms and think i'm a junkie! I was once proscribed steroid cream which worked wonders on my arms but as the years went by the cream stopped working. I really hate when your exzema gets so dry your skin cracks open and it looks like sores! makes me want to cry all the time because i cant treat it. Sometimes i cover it was coverup when i go out at night or just to wear short sleeve shirts it works but the down side of it is your skin gets drier later. I now have exzema on my EYELID AND AROUND MY LIPS. :( i dont know how to get rid of it and it causes my eye lid to get soooooo dry that it wont fold back like the other eyelid does properly! ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE!!
#85 - Stephanie - 04/05/2009 - 17:44
I found out I was triggering my sons eczema with laundry soap. I switched to soap nuts for the laundry. Now I also use an all nayural soap nut laundry liquid directly to wash him. It cleared up right away after years of pain.;-)
#86 - Janet - 04/06/2009 - 23:45
I'm 23 and i think i have eczema, never had any break out or anything like that until about three days ago when i started itching like crazy. Desperate to find relief but too cheap to see a doctor i am using a range of things i'm not sure if they work or if it's not eczema but it stops the itching; moisturizing cream w/ green tea+lime,toothpaste,salt with a little bit of water, lemon juice. None of these have gotten rid of the redness but it definately stops the itch for a few hours
#87 - Robert - 04/07/2009 - 05:41
Avocado applied directly to the affected area and left on for 30 minutes has been the most effective remedy I have tried. Eating avocado is healthy too, so I peel one and use the green part that is attached to the peeling for an eczema treatment, and eat the rest of it. Or it will keep in a sealed bag in the fridge for additional treatments.

Scrape the green part from the peeling, mash it with a fork until it's a smooth paste. Apply it like a thick mask to affected areas, or all over the face for a great facial. After 30 minutes use slightly warm water on your fingers or a soft cloth to gently rub the avocado paste into the skin (like you would apply lotion).

Rinse or gently wipe off remaining paste with slightly warm water and let skin air dry. Avocado is rich in natural oils (the good oil & fats) and leaves skin soft from the natural moisterizers. The redness & flakiness was immediately improved from the first use, and the itching stopped.

At first I only used it on affected areas, but later began using it all over my face. I experimented with doing one side and not the other to see how much difference it made. The (normal) skin was very much softer & smoother where the avocado was than the area not treated.

Use daily for best results in treating eczema breakouts, or 3 times a week for regular facials. It's even safe to use around the eyes and reduces wrinkles and fine lines considerably from the first treatment.

I have severe eczema on my face, hairline, ears, and back of neck. I have tried many remedies, including prescriptions, without relief. The outbreaks used to come and go, but now they "come" more than they go, and each time it's worse.

Avocado treatments have made a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels. I will continue to use it for facials even after the eczema clears up. I have also begun a process of eating foods that raise the ph level in the system. An alkaline body is necessary to fight of bacteria and viruses, a level of 7 or higher. Since raising my ph to 7.5 my eczema has cleared up along my hairline and behind my ears, which did not get avocado treatments.

It doesn't hurt to "feed" the body from both the inside and outside, so I'll continue to feed my skin avocado.

I hope this will help someone who is suffering from eczema or other painful, inflammed skin conditions.
#88 - Sharon - 04/10/2009 - 15:14
>-( i have had this since i was 6 months. i hve it on my stomach, legs,arms,and chest, oh and my back...i really want it to go away...i heard coloidal silver works...does it really?
#89 - britt - 04/13/2009 - 06:14
Like many that are on this site, I am among the afflicted. It is severe on my hands and feet since birth. My hands are like permanently wrinkled and discolored. Primrose Oil can work for most people. It can stop the itching. I started with 2 in the am and 2 in teh pm. When it wore off, I immediately started itching. So now I take 4 in the am and 4 before bed and I am itch free. A seniro lady afflicted with sever psoroiss told me about it. Now after 30years- I'm itch free. (but still the skin is dry and I use beeswax and wear stockings - double layer every day and even at night.
#90 - lethel - 04/14/2009 - 07:52
One more thing: Primrose oil is a natrual supplement oil capsule available at your local drug stores like CVS and Walgreens and nutrition stores. (not expensive) Without delay, try this. My effects were immediate. I've read research that says it does have a positive affect on some people. Thank goodness, I'm one of them.
#91 - lethel - 04/14/2009 - 07:56
I've had eczema my whole life. now at thirty and after a pregnancy it has flared up. the worst is the redness on my face that won't go away. Anyone have advice for getting rid of that? Well also My hands get really bad and cracked. One thing that helps my is emu oil. When i apply it, it will help the opened cracks to close overnight.
#92 - ray - 04/19/2009 - 18:08
I have ezcema around my eyes and mouth. When I itch the skin around my eyes, I get dark red patches around my eyes. The corners of my mouth are dry and cracked. Am really frustrated as I don't know what to do about it. Been to three different dermatologists each reaching out for the prescription for steroids, which I am using. Hydrocortisone seems to work but this latest one doesn't and in fact drys my skin even more. No history of exzema as a child nor in the family. Did used to get hayfever. Please help!!!!
#93 - susan - 04/20/2009 - 09:15
My whole family suffers from eczema, I have tried different things and found that "Bag Balm" works wonders, even for your cracked hands, it comes in a green metal container sold anywhere, walgreens, walmart.... I am a nurse and often have my hands cracked and bleeding during winter season. I put some in my hands and put on some mittens or even morning...completely healed....It is better than vaseline because contains lanoline. Now we are all eczema free.
#94 - Ingela - 04/27/2009 - 16:11
Drinkin LOTS of water really helped my eczema of 23 years. CETAPHIL cleanser and cream is great for the face. Steam room at the gym works wonders too. Avoid steroid creams. if you do put creams on your face, REMEMBER to put vaseline under. and at times, it also works great as a moisturizer. my derm told me this. Washing ur face less frequently and using cetaphil since it can be a wipe off with a tissue cleanser. water is bad for your face. taking dietary supplements for the liver really helps. just DRINK WATER!!!
#95 - Meelai - 05/19/2009 - 03:42
i have suffered from this for 3 years i never knew a skin disease cud make ppl feel so low about themselves i like this guy but i dont want him to see me in the summer becaus ei wear short sleeves and he might look at me funny. i just need help and so far nothin has worked. thanks alot:-(
#96 - lisa c - 05/21/2009 - 21:12
I've had eczema since i was a child like many of you. I used to put VAseline on my face, but not on my body. Fastforward 2 decades later. I've tried evertyhing: AFrican Shea butter, expensive creams, aveena oatmeal bath, but they all don't work for me. Aveeno oatmeal bath, in fact made my skin itch like hell. I figured I'll try Vaseline. It Works. The only drawback is it's greasy. So, put it on before you sleep. ItS worth a try for all eczema sufferers. Please be patient. It is the ultimate moisturizer! Also, i've avoided dairy since im allergic to those, avoid junk foods, avoid the sun, i thought sun would help me, but it's made it so much worse. drink lots of water, and do not view eczema as part of you. View it as something you have, that you can get rid of.
#97 - Karen - 05/26/2009 - 14:44
My 15 months old son has eczema since last 3 months, I remember he did not had any skin problems until he was a year old.Just when he was vaccinated he started this all eczema episodes and flareups. I have been to dermatologist and they prescribed desonate gel on body and eletone cream for face, but It was not very helpful as my son keeps on itching.
Right now I am using aloe vera gel directly from the leaf to the affected areas and after drying up apply vaseline, I have seen a difference but its not cured completely. I am trying my best to find a solution to this problem as i feel helpless looking at my baby itching all night.
#98 - A Mother - 05/30/2009 - 21:53
SUDOCREM !!! :-) and hydrocortizone cream.

Both very good and do not sunbathe, onl irritates the skin more and it becomes inflamed and irritable due to the heat
#99 - Shack - 06/01/2009 - 18:09
sunbathe 9am or after 6pm...u wont get as hot to irritate eczema. It does work. Lukewarm water only for bath/showr and immediatly use aveeno no frag lotion and if severe dry skin also apply vaseline. Use cotton clothes for 30 min and u will see a difference. Watch ecz food diet!
#100 - eczema b gone - 06/02/2009 - 04:51
Ive found out sulfur helped me a lot with mine... It can dry up the skin, but just be sure to keep moisturizing... it also helps a lot with acne, it cleared mine right up. baths with baby oil is great too
#101 - Daniel Barker - 06/04/2009 - 15:16
I am na desparate Mother whose 2 1/2 yr daughter has severe excema of the scalp. Just like all the others I have tried everything and spent a lot of money. Please could someone give me advice that they have tried and has worked for over 3 mo! My babies diet is very bad, so I am definitely going to do a radical change in her diet. Again, I am desparate and need help b/c my baby is loosing her hair and is bald in three areas of her head and gets blisters, scabs, and bleeds. She has experienced this once we moved to Texas, so if anybody out there who is living in Texas and can relate or recommend a doctor (alternative med is fine w/me), I would so appreciate it. I hope someone sees this and will give me some direction--I need it b/c I feel like I have failed my babygirl and completely blame myself for letting it get so bad. Thanks for anyone who reads this and can give me some answers!!!
#102 - Jackie - 06/06/2009 - 02:05
What worked on my son and a pharmacist told me this. was use flax seed oil and castor oil together and apply it. It worked wonders on my son he was 3 at the time, he doesnt really get eczema anymore its my newborn who has it and I cant use this combo on him.
#103 - ness - 06/06/2009 - 07:04
#104 - katy - 06/12/2009 - 00:04
Sometimes eczema is not from an internal problem. It can be atopical. I only get eczema on my hands when I use cleaning detergents, dish washing liquids, soaps or shampoos with SLS in it. I use gloves now.
#105 - Linda - 06/15/2009 - 06:34
I stopped using my prescribed steroid creamsand just sueeze plain lemon juice on my hands whee I am affected. I allow it to dry and reapply as needed. I avoid all CHEMICAL dishwashing liquid, even shampoo becuase it has sodium lauryl sulfate which aggravates the condition. I just squeeze it on my head and allow the shower to do the rinsing without touching. OK hope this helps
#106 - chrissy - 06/15/2009 - 11:02
if you have eczema then give neem oil a try, just rub on to skin.
#107 - hardeep singh - 06/21/2009 - 14:27
I have suffered from eczema for the last 25 yrs. and now my 5 mo. old son has it. Steroid and non-steroid creams are all temporary fixes, but once you stop using them the eczema returns. Avoiding food with acid such as citrus fruit, soda pop, tomato products seem to be the best at preventing flare ups. Also using nothing but non-fragrance products.

For my son I give him quick lukewarm baths with olive oil in the water. I also use that to rub him down with. Rinsing his clothes twice when I wash them also helps.
#108 - Tired of Eczema - 06/21/2009 - 20:09
Thanks to this forum and all the tips. It comforts me somehow knowing that I\'m not all alone suffering from this chronic skin disorder. 2 years ago was my first outbreak starting with flared-up itching on 1 side of the neck and through out the time it got only worse which caused my whole neck (front and back to get this ugly rash!! I got a prescribed hydrocortizone and another stronger steroid cream from my doctor. Just like some of you mentioned, this only gives a temporary relief. And I\'m totally not a medecine person, but am more into natural remedies.. So far I\'ve tried taking in vitamin E capsules daily and apply almond oil on the affected area. It eases up the itchness a little. I\'m planning to try some other remedies such as lemon juice, tea tree oil, honey, oatmeal, olive oil which all are already on my kitchen shelves except for the tea tree oil. And yes it is true that lemon and honey contains antiseptic. Allright, I\'ll let you guys know further about my hopefully progress using these other mentioned natural remedies out of my kitchen shelves
;-)... Kind regards, Julia
#109 - Julia - 06/27/2009 - 02:34
I have, for many years, suffered from eczema. FORTUNATELY, I only get it on my hands. What has always seemed to work is to liberally apply ointment (I use Eucerin) on the affected areas and to wear cotton gloves. When I do this after an evening shower, and leave the gloves on while I sleep, the results are fantastic.
Or rather, they used to be. I work as a waiter at a restaurant, and have to stick my hands in sanitizer water dozens of times a day, hundreds of times a week. The chemical irritates my hands so much. Now my right hand looks absolutely disgusting and causes me such pain, and it's really embarassing touching plates of food with my hand looking like it does. And if I make any progress at night or my days off, it's hard to tell. Once I start wiping tables and washing my hands, it all comes back.
I hate eczema. It affects my job, destroys my confidence, and HURTS! I wish it were curable. Would improving my diet, increasing my water intake, and taking my multivitamin supplement help get it under control, or should I look for another job?!

PS, if I made typos, I apologize. I'm wearing gloves. :)
#110 - Jordan - 06/29/2009 - 22:45
i had it very badly on the back of my knees and it took all of my will power to resist scratching it. i Was kept awake for 4 nights in a row with it. I aplied paw paw cream to it. If you are able to resist the itch then this is a good method as it goes in about 3-4 days. The hardest part is after you wake up in the middle of the night after a breif and disturbed sleep and you are in terrible pain from the itch. If you can manage to resist even at this point then you should be able to get rid of it as the scratching irritates the skin further no matter how relieving it is to scratch, resist the urge.
#111 - mike - 07/02/2009 - 08:15
I've had chronic eczema for almost ten years, mainly on my hands and head. I use to have it all over my body but I changed all my soaps and detergant because of the perfumes and fragrances in it. It helped but its still on my head and hands. I went to the doctor and they put me on several steroid creams and shots which would help for a short time and then would come back worse than before. I was also told the foods I eat affect it, so now I can't eat anything with tomatoes, citrus, or dairy. It helps not but even close to enough. I also found that cetaphil moisturizing cream works better than just normal lotion. I've tried using tea tree oil for the itching but it only burned and didn't stop it. Stress is also a big factor in my outbreaks. When I was in college I missed many classes due to the stress and got really sick from it. I fell behind from it and had more eczema than I could handle. I try and stay away from stress but in this bad time we're having it really hard. I'm going to start taking fish oil and go get a detox to get all the toxins out. Hope it helps. Any suggestions would be a great help.:-[]
#112 - Jennifer - 07/10/2009 - 18:55
Bio Oil works wonders for me, even better that what my doctor prescribes. Have a cool bath first then apply. Hopefully it will work for you too.
#113 - Dee V - 07/13/2009 - 23:03
How come no one mentioned Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera gel works pretty well for new eczema breakouts.
But for those that have been there for years the Aloe vera gel still works but takes a really really long time. I have one since i was sixteen, im 24 now recently new breakouts occured, i applied the gel and it worked marvellously. And the existing one i have is now fading. Well, I hope it works on you guys. Cheers
#114 - Freebo - 07/15/2009 - 12:30
Hi there folks, I\'m 15 years old and I have severe exzema all over my body. I have had it since I was 5 years old and then my teacher said she knew someone with severe exzema and all you need is a tablet called EVENING PRIMROSE its natural from a flower and it apparently cleared his whole body. It takes around a monyh to heal but it clears it all. I\'m going to start a course on it soon.
#115 - Daniel - 07/18/2009 - 06:17
Tiger Balm works better. Just wet the skin with water and apply this Tiger Balm
#116 - AJ - 07/18/2009 - 16:04
My son has suffered for 5 years with ezcema and we have found the best rememdy is:
- oatmeal baths
- inliven probiotic
- olive leaf extract
-neways revenol (1/2 tablet)
-kids mulit & omega fish oils
Also imperative is not to use any chemicals on the skin. Creams, shampoos etc that are not certified organic do damage!! Miessence is the best as its cold pressed which means the natural ingredient maintains it\'s nutrients thorughout the process, once it is heated, it turns chemical even though it started natural!! Their cocnut body milk is brilliant and baby barrier balm for really dry spots helps!!! Miessence make the inliven probiotics and I even use it!!
Please stay away from cortisone creams. Its only a quick fix, the problem is from within. Our skin is our third kidney, its filtering all the impurities in our body and lifestyle!!
Goodluck B-)
#117 - Dani - 07/20/2009 - 07:38
Hello everyone, I also suffer from eczema on my legs and arms. And i use johnson johnson baby powder to stop the itch! and use it getting out the shower,leting it soothe and then puting coca butter on it.

works miracles! god bless
#118 - kesh - 08/01/2009 - 03:01
BASIS SOAP for sensitive skin. I use this soap every day in the shower and for my face. If I do not use this soap for 2 or 3 days, I start breaking out in spots. I have used this soap since I was 7 years old after suffering terrible eczema and allergies, and receiving allergy shots. Originally it took a few weeks to get the eczema under control - not bad considering my fingers were cracked and bleeding. I have a stockpile of these bars of soap just in case they stop making it. I use BASIS SOAP every day, and only have occasional white spots that I put cortizone cream on so that they do not become dry and inflamed. I have recommend this soap to several people that suffer from eczema and it was like a miracle for them!
#119 - KRob - 08/01/2009 - 18:40
My daughter has eczema. We took dairy away and she has not had a flare up in a long time, but with it being summer she's been eating icecream here and there and it's back. This time it's around her private area, any ideas what we can use down there?
#120 - Melissa - 08/16/2009 - 21:59

things that irritate:
cofee, cigaretts, swet, pollen, dry-wall, eccessive dust

to help get rid of :
water based fruit & vegggies
ex: watermelon, celery, cucumber, lettuce
#121 - lana - 08/18/2009 - 17:56
Hello everyone. I'm Praying for you all and I know you will all be healed. Please see my list below

Don'ts: DO NOT TAKE INTERNAL STEROIDS!!! only temporary relief but not worth it. you will only get worse after effects wear off. Prednisone only hurts you body long term

DOs.. LOTS OF PROBIOTICS.. get atleast 15billion
stop Dairy, Stop breads, Stop sugars. Also, look up EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique

This is curable and we will all get through this together!
Much love to everybody.
#122 - skinGURU - 08/21/2009 - 08:59
Ive had eczema ever since i was about 6 - 7 years old. Im now 15 and i still have it.. i recommend using a prescribed cream called Advantan Fatty Ointment . its reaaallyy good :) the bad thing is, is it does last forever. i apply vaseline petrolium jelly on my affected areas before i get into the shower. therefore it keeps the oil and moisture on my skin balanced when im in the water, so basically it just prevents it from drying and becoming irratating. i DONT use soap . i know that may sound wierd but i DONT and yeah, i dont smell :D lol . once you come out of the shower you apply the Advantan Fatty Ointment and try leave over night. BAM ; and the dirt is gone LOL !
but yeah . you should ask your doctor about that ointment and im sure he'll prescribe it for you.
Oh and also i did have eczema on my face. was reaally bad people used to come up to me and say 'whats up with your face' .. once again this OINTMENT to the rescue. took it away in about 3-4 days. and you dont have to keep applying it.

anyways. i need help of myself. i have been doing this technique repetically. and it has been working on my back, but there was just a phase that made me scratch my skin off :( and now you can tell the patches of my skin on my back and my formals coming up. i really wanna wear and actual formal dress not something that basically covers my whole body.
and those who dont like their eczmatic legs. where stockings :) its good
hope i helped some of yous. please dont hesitate to reply to me cos i need it :)
#123 - Lote - 09/18/2009 - 09:13
Okay, i don't know how to get rid of the eczema but, after you get rid of your pimple with your pro-active or whatever, take Evening Primrose Oil. It prevents break outs and you can get it at your local chemist. You do have to take it daily, but it REALLY helps. I'm 13, hit puberty and have never had a pimple in my life. All my friends have pimples but I don't. Evening Primrose Oil prevents pimples, helps eczema and prevents PMS for those girls reading this. You should really try it, then you can get to treating your eczema without having to worry about breaking out in pimples. Good luck and much love - Michelle
#124 - michelle - 09/22/2009 - 04:56
I was diagnosed with eczema at 18 and have had horrible out breaks my adult life. I now have out breaks in my scalp! I have tried Rx shampoos and mouse, is there any thing Rx or not anyone can recommed? P.S. I started making my own olive oil and coconut oil soap. It has helped so much on my body, but not at all on my scalp.
#125 - Kay - 09/25/2009 - 06:02
I've had eczema since i was a tiny baby, it cleared up for years from when i was about 10-15 years old (Im 18 now) then with the stress of my family breaking up and exams coming out of my ears, it flared up badly. I have seen no relief whatsoever, doctors listened to me for five minutes then threw steroid creams and anti-histamines at me none of which worked. It's gotten so bad now that I can barely move when i wake up in the morning, walking up and down stairs is agony because of the eczema on the back of my legs, the itching and soreness stops me from sleeping at night and concentrating in class. Ive missed so much school this year and we've only been back three weeks! I went to a chinese herbalist who provided me with a 12 week treatment that gave me some temporary relief which cost my dad an arm and a leg /:
Admittedly i havent been strict enough with the routine or my diet, but surely after so long it should have had some sort of permanent effect?? I cant wear anything even moderately tight-fitting, i dont even really like leaving the house anymore. I currently use cetraben emollient cream and vaseline to moisturise, i have no remedy at all for the itching or extreme redness, or the infection that often follows flare ups. I have no idea what to do, its taken over my life and is ruining it. Every minute is pain..please help..
#126 - Krystle-Jade - 10/06/2009 - 12:05
My daughter has eczema. have taken her to multiple experts.
use the oils all day long especially at night. olive oil #1 we use.

experts not alot of help just money but one thing they did help was what foods she was allergic to.
BUT most important
SOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when we cut back on the soy her skin starts to clear up within 3-7 days. then if she eats soy within an hour we see the redness.


we will try some of the advice in this blog from some of you as well. and continue to pray.
#127 - josh - 10/11/2009 - 18:00
I have suffered with this since I was 7. The doctors thought in the beginning that I had ringworm, but the medicines for that just made it worse. When I was a teen, the only thing that made it better was practically living in the pool during the summer. I also find that when I tan, it gets a little better too. However, the worst culprit in my case is stress and anxiety.
When I was 18, I tried to go in the Air Force but when I went for processing they forgot to get me to do part of the physical & didn't get me sworn in by the end of the day so I had to go back. They couldn't get me back in for about a month & my step-mother made that month a living hell, so I had a flare up visible when I went back, which held up my app. This ended up being referred to the surgeon general of the Air Force who decided it was an unnecessary risk and rejected me.
Right now, I have a 16 year old son who is giving me fits, I'm in college full time, and I work full time, but just found out I'm losing my job in a couple weeks. I just found out 5 days ago and can see it getting worse already.
Nothing seems to work for me, even though I've tried everything I can find. As a last resort, I'm considering going back on depression meds and .5 mg xanex until my son and I both graduate in 2 years. The doses are so small it doesn't effect my ability to function and combined with with thorough hydration seems to ease it and all but the worst spots go away.
#128 - Leeja - 10/14/2009 - 08:14
Excema and any other disease can be healed by calling on the name of JESUS! IT WORKS! JUST TRY IT!
#129 - Chantel - 10/17/2009 - 17:34
my son has severe eczema all over his body. he is 12 .. he very embarresed although the steroid creams my gp has him on are clearing it at present they are thinning his skin and antibiotics and steroid tabs are only workin while he takes them .. can anybody help me with a home remedy away from steroids ..thanks
#130 - mammy - 10/30/2009 - 11:29
Hiya..ive suffered with eczema all my cleared up when i was 22 after going to malaysia..which i think was due to high humidity...i think the sweating also helped removing toxins.

7 years later..has nor re-appeared...and going to try and stop using steroid creams...and try using emollients only...

Does anyone know what colloidal silver is? Where can i get it from and how do i use it.

Many thanks
#131 - Meera - 11/09/2009 - 09:00
You can get colloidal silver at any pharmacy, I am kicking myself in the butt for not buying it last weekend. It apparently kills the flu bug and I heard that astronauts use it before going into space to ensure they don't get any bacterial infections.

My 12 year old just got eczema for the first time since he was 2-3, I will try silver this weekend once payday comes. It costs almost $30 here where we live.
#132 - penna - 11/17/2009 - 22:18
Look there!
If its there its there .. need to live with it .. know?

Have you bothered looking at your day's routine. c'mon
Give some time to your health as well....
** Go to 15 mins of morning and evening walk daily.
** Stop eating junk food
** like double the amount of water each day
** eat almost half the food you instake in one go
** do little mild exercise or yaga per as your body allows
** do not fight with family members
** target to reduce 1-2 kgs of body weight

#133 - Makarina - 11/23/2009 - 22:35

Shea Butter is great for eczema.
Every night before bed, take a bath or shower and use Shea Butter.
This really works.
[email protected]

#134 - Karen A. - 11/29/2009 - 22:14
I've been through medical studies with pills and creams. Since I live in a dry (non-humid) state with hot summers and snowy winters I am effected all year round so this is what I recommend from personal experience. I have extreme eczema on my legs, forearms and hands but the simple things at home helps best. Changing detergents to non scented or baby and NO dryer sheets. Washing with mild dove soap or cetaphil cleanser. Do not use anything scented on your skin. And wash your sheets often. For my legs and arms I've found the best solution is air, sun and exfoliation. I wear shorts around the house no matter the weather, sun tanning on occassion 5-10 minutes and shaving or wiping down with a wet rag to get all the dead skin off and pat dry. For hands, my dermatologist recommended wet soaks (soaking wet, warm rag wrapped around hands for 12-15 minutes then apply non-scented cream and let dry). If you have kids to bathe I use simple rubber gloves. I also use the rubber gloves to clean and sometimes while cooking to avoid washing my hands as often during these everyday activities. I buy them from sam's club or costco in bulk and they work great.
#135 - Erin - 12/04/2009 - 11:32
When I was in my 20s I had bad eczema. Saw doctor - eczema no better.
One day I read about Zinc for eczema. Tried Zinc pills. Eczema went away. Zinc can be found in the vitamin section in stores. I'm now in my 50s and no eczema problems.
#136 - Lola - 12/11/2009 - 13:10

My son is 5.5 months old.I have been using Gentle Naturals Eczema cream.It is working very good.Its been long time since I saw my son scratching here and there due to itch.Thanks to Gentle Naturals!

#137 - Aparna - 12/11/2009 - 17:04
i had eczema for almost 10 years and i think i found something that might work..... TAKE A BLEACH BATH!!!

When u take a bath add bleach in it, i kno it might sound a lil crazy but it really works.

Make sure u used lukewarm water....;-)
#138 - Justice - 12/13/2009 - 09:59
I am going to try chlorine baths as well, tt seems that we don't all have eczema for the same reasons and what helps one hurts another. Almost all advice is to avoid chlorine, but new studies have shown it can help. My evidence is that last spring, I was covered in rash. Went to a friend's for a few days and swam in her pool, my rashes were completely gone after about 4 days. I do wonder, though, if it is a matter of amount, going to public pools has made me more itchy often. Maybe it is the case that smaller doses are good, bigger will aggravate.
As well, even with the dangers of sun exposure, getting sun in summer helps me a lot as well. Between regular exposure to sun and some chlorine, summertime is my best time for not having outbreaks. The minute winter comes I am again covered, so I'm going to chlorine myself at home and see if that will help this winter.
#139 - Ericka - 12/13/2009 - 12:49
i have a 2 year old who has had eczema since she was and infant but as she's gotten older it has gotten worse. her pediatrition has prescribed oitments with steroids it calmed the eczema but know that she is all out of the oitment you can pretty much just imagine what happend to her skin. i have tried a few things but nothing really works and nothing that i have tried seems to take the itch away. she has eczema on her chest, her little belly, all over her back, and now spreading down her arms, and some times all around her front side and her litte butt. please if there is anyone with any suggestions please help.
#140 - karina - 12/14/2009 - 18:51
I am now a doctor and was born with Eczema. I have been suffering with it for many many years now, i can tell you have getting sun burnt and swimming in chlorinated pools are the two worst things for eczema. People with Eczema lack oils in their skin meaning their skin is usually dried out. Lotions and keeping the skin moist is the best thing you can do. Many people if their lucky enough grow out of it in their teens. Hope this helps :)
#141 - Georgia - 12/17/2009 - 03:18
Best thing for eczema besides topicals (I somtimes use aloe, but mostly zinc oxide ointment which works very well) but it really should be treated internally. Get omega 3 fish oil supliments or put a little cod liver oil into your food. (if your infant is not allergic to fish) this is safe and effective for them too!
#142 - laura - 12/22/2009 - 20:53
I'm 19 years old. I have had eczema since I was born, I was told it would fade as I got older, but so far, that isn't so. I get it on my legs, thighs, stomach, back, arms, neck and face, bizarrely the only areas not affected are my hands and feet.
I've tried loads of things:
Elocon (mometasone)
E45 milk
Aloe Vera
Baby oil
Special detergent
No lace clothing - cotton only
I've had to take antibiotics on several occasions because my legs and back have gotton so bad that they get infected. Sometimes it hurts to walk because my jeans rub on my legs. I drink about 3 litres of water a day, and have cut a lot of dairy out of my diet because i was once told that dairy can make it worse. I think I will probably always have eczema, but I wish someone would give me a magic cream or something just to stop the itching, the scabs, the mess it makes doesnt actually bother me, but this uncontrollable itching to the point of ripping my own skin off is unbearable. as anyone heard of a cream that stops the feeling of itching, rather than trying to heal the damage of the eczema.
If you could reply to my e-mail address with some answers I would be incredibly greatful.
[email protected]

I hope someone can give me some answers soon xx

#143 - Kate - 12/27/2009 - 15:04
My son started suffering with eczema after my wife stopped breastfeeding. After years of trying with NHS treatments, a homeopath said to cure it from the inside, out. Antimony Crd 200.
#144 - Kevin - 12/27/2009 - 18:32
I have had eczema for 58 years. Try drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. I found this to be the most effective on the skin and your pocket book.
#145 - Larry - 12/31/2009 - 09:34
I think what i have is eczema only because my hands get really red, they burn and itch, and in the winter they crack so bad that they bleed. I've tried so many over the counter creams, and they don't help. they either worsen the burning or they just feel like a greasy caked on substance on my hands and i can't get anything done with greasy hands. |I've been reading everyones remedies, and i will definetly try a lot of them, should anyone have any other natural remedies please contact me through email at [email protected]
Thank you:)
#146 - crystal - 01/01/2010 - 13:48
My daughter broke out with eczema in grade school, and the last 10 years have been an uphill battle. We live in the Southwest Dessert and sun doesn't help it hurts. With a recent out break she was in tears from the itching. A friend at the local university told me to dab 100% honey on the rash, and she got immediate relief from the itch. we also use avocado plasters on the rashes. I took her for allergy testing and she is allergic to all nuts, grass, and pet hair. She also found relief in swimming in a chlorinated pool, but the sun burned her to be out in it. As for colloidal silver go to youtube and type in "Smurf Man". He is blue from using the stuff.
#147 - Bobbie - 01/02/2010 - 17:20
i have had eczema since i was 11 years old. i am now 42 it comes and goes but i try to think back of the times when i was totaly clear . it was when i was most active lifting weights playing sports. now i get up have coffe with milk and sugar eat junk food drink beer ,mountain dew. you know the american way of life .ive tried all the creams and oinments no help here. so i got on this site looking for some help doctors dont have the answers its in us to find the cure so what im gona do is try your tips with one of mine. i believe toxins is the answer. we have two get rid of them .in the bible god told mankind to fast for 3 days and gives us a diet im going to try it thanks for all the great info . i will let u know what works.may god bless us all with a cure if its his will.
#148 - sid vandegrift - 01/09/2010 - 13:59
Hi all, my little girl is 9 this month and has had Eczema her whole life. I've tried everything i can to help get rid of the itch for her. At the moment it has got worse and i feel really sorry for her. Is there anything out there that works????
#149 - angeldoll14279 - 01/09/2010 - 15:56
ok my grandpa has eczema and i need some home remedies that will help my grandpa has been trying bannanna peels and they work a little but not much>-(
#150 - jordan - 01/10/2010 - 02:30
OMG..after many years I have finally found a natural help fo my eczema..aloe vera straight from the plant. I apply it to my face twice a day and it has stopped the itching. Its way too much effort to apply all over my body so I am still using medical creams to keep it at bay when necessary. But I havent used any kinda medical cream on my face for two months now. I have notices more spots on my face, perhaps from clogged pores cos of the gel application? if anyone can help on this that would be great.

Now I want to sort out the discolouration and scars on my face from all the years of itching my skin is darker than it should be, my nose and ears stand out so much fairer in comparison. I have hear many remedies in the scars section so am going to try nutmeg and milk masks. Anyway suffering from itching, please try fresh aloe vera, I tried gel from a bottle but it didnt work for me! Best of luck
#151 - MyWord - 01/10/2010 - 16:26
I have had eczema since I was a child and am now 25. I've been to countless dermatologists and they've said that it should get better with age, but it's only gotten WORSE. I've tried every cream, ointment, diet, medication, etc under the sun (including the sun!). I am a competitive runner, I eat relatively healthy, eat fish oil pills every day as many have suggested....AND NOTHING HELPS. This is so miserable. I wake up with deep gashes in my skin from all of the itching I do when I'm asleep. My wedding is coming up in a year and a half and I'm desperate to have normal skin.

Right now the only thing that gives me very temporary relief is Tiger Balm. I apply it directly to itchy spots. Lotions with peppermint or spearmint oil help too, but also very temporary. HELP!!!
#152 - JMD - 01/14/2010 - 00:11
My daughter who is 7 years old is suffering from eczema since she was 3. It's really heartbreaking especially when she was little and we have to apply prescriptive medication containing steroids. Stopped using steroids after a friend of mine suggested oatmeal bath to soothe the skin before eczema flares up. We're still battling it until this time. Chlorinated pool is a big NO-NO for her though salt pool (which also contains chlorine) is okay. I apply Caroline's Cream for the affected area and Johnson's Soothing Naturals to hydrate the rest of her extremities. When we're having tough itchy times, the GP recommended a dosage of anti-histamine which works great for instances but not a total cure. I am still searching and trying my best as to how to eliminate eczema totally. Could there be a total CURE?
#153 - MUM - 01/16/2010 - 20:36
My 2 year old has eczema since he 2 mths old. Now it has gotten worse and he is unable to do what a child loves best play outside. It breaks my heart to see him with this uncurable disease. He can't go outside, no pool, no petting pets b/c he sweats or the heat and flares up. I always have him indoors with a/c. I have tried every cream out there none of them work...his skin just doesn't want to suck up the cream. Dr. prescriptions only allieviate a little bit and it doesn't work either. He wakes up 3 to 4 times at night scratching and biting himself. It hurts me to see him this way and as his mom not being able to do nothing for him when he starts itching and crying for relief. I was considering and reading to start him on fish oil. I don't want any more meds since they have a lot side effects like protopic. If I could only trade places with him ( I will do it in a heart beat).
#154 - Myee - 01/18/2010 - 21:25
use salysilic acid ,it helps by removing the itch , after that use ointment that can remove eczema

it is quite painful but its effective
#155 - bonnie - 02/06/2010 - 21:10
hi i am 17 now and still suffering from severe eczema , i am really fed up it, as it is all around my body.i feel really itchy and i cant stop scrathing. being a victim of eczema makes me feel left out as i always have to cover my whole body
please can you tell me a natural remedy which is not too complicated and is expensive

#156 - hanna - 02/08/2010 - 16:04
Hi everyone!
I've had atopic eczema since I was like 2years old or something like that. It got better everytime I went the sea for holiday and I thought that it was because of the salty water but I think it's more likely that the sunlight helped it because now it gets really bad during winter as we have less sunlight and also the cold wind doesn't help it. So I would suggest sunbathing but it may affect everyone in a different way.
Anyway, the absolutely best cure that I've tried in 17 years is HEMP CREAM. I use hemp cream that you can buy in Body Shop, they have body butters, hand creams, etc. It works miracles!!!In only couple of days my skin wasn't so dry anymore but it was smooth and less red as well. Unfortunately it's still a bit red but I blame the winter.The cream is really amazing (it smells a bit but better than dry skin no?). You should definitely give it a go!
#157 - Niki - 02/12/2010 - 16:02
i realy think you can atleast let a person take some info just to let me show it to my mom but ok :-)
#158 - hey!!!!!!!! - 02/16/2010 - 10:49
I have heard Hope's Relief Cream developed by an Australian naturopath can help. It has all natural ingredients. I have never tried it, because I don't have eczema, but I remember someone mentioning it on some forum and I wrote it down because it sounded really good, it relieved that person's symptoms completely and she said as soon as she had another flare-up she put it on and it stopped. I just googled it again and e.g. Pharmacy Discounter ships it anywhere in the world (they say). Good luck for all of you!!!
#159 - Juli - 02/18/2010 - 12:41
I have been using pure shea butter for my daughter's eczema a week after I last posted my comment. Her normal scratching routine diminished dramatically, she even commented that she kind of missing it. I am relieved with her development. Can't get any cheap shea butter in Australia so I resorted to getting L'Occitane but it's worth it. Also change my daughter's shampoo to Gaia which is plant based and no harsh chemicals. Also switched to using plain goat's milk soap including our laundry soap to a plant based formula. She is also now taking multi-vitamins with fish oil which helps her body to produce oil which she lacks. So far so good, never felt this good before.:-)
#160 - Mum - 02/28/2010 - 06:50
Comment #14 written by angel is the biggest load of shit i have ever heard in my life if your kid has eczema the last thing you want to do is put them in chlorine. Im so sick of all there morons trying to make money by saying stupid shit works for eczema when it doesnt. If you want to get your eczema under control eat a healthy diet stay away from CHLORINE use a natural oil that suits your blood type for example O blood types use olive oil and if yours really having alot of trouble with eczema use manuka honey its a honey from new zealand that has tea tree in it i have just started using it today since the eczema on my face has started to flare up again because i tryed using a natural face soap which was just another load of shit if u dont want eczema on your face avoid using anything out of a bottle and if you have acne problems dont worry about the olive oil because it does not clog your pores and try using baking soda and water the cleanse and then use lemon juice on your face to tighten your pores the manuka honey also helps with acne. And anyone who puts a child with eczema in chlorine should be shot.
#161 - Zane - 02/28/2010 - 23:03
Do not trust doctors. Try using natural things first and i dont mean natural products because thats all a load a crap aswell i tryed using the akin natural cleanser my doctor recommended and after one week of using it my whole face is covered in eczema and my skin is on fire right now if you have little kids with eczema please do not trust the doctors. Try using things like olive oil, manuka honey and lemon juice. And if you do try the honey give it about 3 weeks. And i know this might seem like i just hate doctors but everything they have told me to do works for a short amount of time but it always comes back all they want is your money they dont really care about you there just greedy. Try rubbing olive oil on your kids to keep there skin moist or like i said in my last post find out what is best for there blood type and then use and oil that suits them or you. And if you have a reaction to it dont use it. Im going to start using the manuka honey on my face to try clear my eczema if it works ill let you know in about 3 weeks. Sorry if i offended anyone but people who do stupid things with there kids really shit me.
#162 - Zane - 02/28/2010 - 23:14
Comment #165 Mum Could you please tell me how much pure shea butter and goats milk is and where could i get those items from?
#163 - Zane - 02/28/2010 - 23:18
I manage to keep it under control by using Am-Lactin cream, doctor recommended, you buy it at the precription counter, although it is not a prescription, and it costs $14. I tried several other things but this works.
#164 - Terry - 03/07/2010 - 16:11
I went swimming in the sea last summer. (It was a bit chilly because it was in the North East of England) The salt water cleared it right up. So if you live close enough go and have a dip. I have also used honey on weeping patches and that works quite well. My Eczma has also got better since going veggie because I am eating more fruit and veg and that also seems to have worked. Good luck all of you and hope you find something that works for you.
#165 - Rosie - 03/14/2010 - 09:46
OK So I have had eczema forever and thought it was genetic, till baby number 4 had it so bad I did research and have been shocked to realize that all this time my eczema along with my babies and her constant congestion was all a immune response to food allergens! So for my breastfed baby, she had skin test which only showed egg allergy dr. said the blood test will be more accurate as she was only 3 months old. So bam milk and soy allergy were diagnosed as well thru a blood test, now keep in mind this was done by a regular Allergy specialist so the test shows IGE reactive levels for whatever foods they test for, it show the level of reaction based on the way our immune cells somehow bind to the allergn /food therefore making it clear as to what foods your body can not tolerate, the immune response to the food/allergen causes body to release histamine/inflammation etc causing a reaction (ie: eczema, and her chronic rhinitis) So she got better within 2 days and now I have been tested as well but I went to a naturalpathic Clinic because they offer the best testing and most in depth tests in regards to food allergies. This is because they offer one little blood draw, which tested for both IGG and IGE reactions to 96 foods. SO what do ya know I have a moderate allergy to Whey and most dairy products which is for me a IGG reaction not a IGE like my baby. Meaning I do not have an immediate immune response of hives and wheezing etc, it is a delayed response so for example 3 days of no dairy and eczema that I have had for years completely healed. Now because my eczema is only on 2 spots on my arms and on my fingers I gave in and ate dairy over the holidays and my body SCREAMED not this again and my eczema flared up really bad. This has turned out to be the case for my nephew and my husband as well who has had chronic sinus issues his whole life... NO DAMN DR. thought to test (hubby) him for food allergies or look into why his body was constantly producing sinus congestion and nasal inflammation.. botom line go get a allergy test and not just the regular IGE testing that Western MD's do but a ELISA full panel allergy test offered at most naturalpathic clinics as well as by top of the line "integrated Medicine" DR's who are a regular DR. but understand and offer the IGG and IGE testing. I say this because my baby began to get hives as she started eating foods and it was so often and so hard to pinpoint so I took her to the tahoma clinic and got the blood test that tested her for all foods and both IGG and IGE reactions, although insurance does not usually cover it and regular clinics dont offer it, it makes no sense to take my babies blood and test for 2 foods and only for one type of reaction because bottom line if IGG reactions causes eczema and immune response altering my childs ability to function properly it is most likely causing foggy brain etc, and many kids with adhd, autism and any of the 4-A epidemics can benefit and improve right before your eyes with the simple answers from a blood test that allows you as a mother to know what your childs body is reacting to. I am so grateful for where we are now and at the same time shocked by my ignorance in all the years with my other 3 kids It never dawned on me that a DR. might be telling me to give my babies antihistamines daily and put steroid ointments on a infant head to toe but not provide the proper testing to treat the root cause of their eczema/allergies in the first place.When I asked my allergist why this is the case her response was that it is unfortunately not cost effective for the clinic and regular pediatricians etc to offer full food panel allergy testing and therefore If it was her child she told me she would pay the 169.00 and get the proper testing from a naturalpathic or a laboratory that offers it if I really wanted my baby to get well... that was all I needed to hear and It was well worth my money I just wish my baby did not suffer for a whole year and receive strong steroids to treat her symptoms when all the while i WAS CAUSING IT BY WHAT i WAS FEEDING HER AND WITH PROPER TESTING i COULD HAVE PREVENTED HER MISERY WHICH IS NOW OVER. THANK GOD! So live and learn right.. now I read about it all the time and it's so typical that eczema has a food allergy trigger and I wonder how the hec I never thought of this or looked into it before. I just listened to the DR.s and thought all would be well... big mistake, MOMS be your childs advocate and do your research. Here are some websites that offer great info. this is the laboratory that my ND ran my testing thru and many use them as well also go to DR. Wrights Tahoma Clinic website they have their own laboratory that other physicians all over send samples to for processing due to their outstanding accuracy and detailed specific panels available, or even Jenny Mcarthys book Mother Warrior has great resources listed in the back as for integrated physicians who do allergy testing in all states. Good Luck and sorry so long...just the crazy mom in me!
#166 - Lin - 03/17/2010 - 02:35
>-( i really need help my 3 year old daughter has a really bad case of eczema and no lotions nor vaseline helps out her broken out arms and under her lip....please help. any advise is thanked
#167 - angy - 03/19/2010 - 02:27
I live down under, the 100%pure shea butter I'm using for my daughter is L'Occitane, quite pricey for $49.95 150ml tin. Tried to get it cheaper at first but it seems that this one is cheaper compared to what I can on e-bay. I also use Billy Goat's milk pure soap, can get in bar for $8.95 from any health shop and even from Myer at the same price. There are some soap variation but I feel that the plain one is much better. There's no hardening agent used in the soap too, you can also get it in liquid from for $12.95.
#168 - Mum - 03/20/2010 - 02:54
i was 13 when i was diagnosed with eczema and it has 2 years recently i stared to eat almonds and it really helps with the itching also try putting honey or toothpast on it it sounds weird but it helps
#169 - shannen - 03/29/2010 - 13:31

Hello there. I had eczema since i was a baby. In my early 20s it was very severe all over my entire body, face and neck the worst. I tried everything you could imagine. It was so distreasing at times i thought i was stuck with it for life... BUT
over the last 2 years it has slowly dissapeared. yay.
I believe that a combination of all the following is what has helped me.
-pro biotics
-zinc and magnesium every day
-eating plenty of oily fish (tuna, salmon)
-eating plenty of vegetables and not so much sugary foods
-eating the right food for my blood type
-living in a warm climate where tempature dosnt change dramatically
-swimming in the sea
- and possibly a drink i took for some time called body balance (if you would like more info please ask)

There are plenty of topical applications that help but remember the problem is almost ALWAYS internal.

I have heard that magnesium is good for CHILDREN WITH ECZEMA espically if they are a B blood type

I still get a little eczema on my hands and sometimes on my arms but i dont care, its nothing compared to what i use to suffer so for anyone who is seriously suffering like i was, i really feel for you but dont lose hope.
#170 - Kylie - 03/31/2010 - 05:24
I got desperate and used rubbing alcohol on my scalp for about a week and it worked except I have to keep using it. It only gets rid of it for awhile, not permanently.
Primrose oil is also good to take and apply under a coating of shea butter.......
#171 - me need big lucky..... - 04/05/2010 - 04:51
what is Body Balance??????? Do you make it or buy it?
#172 - me need big lucky - 04/05/2010 - 04:54
I've suffered with eczema all of the 14 years of my life and have found that the creams my dermatologist gives me work a treat...until they run out. Then it's back to the same old itching on my neck, both cheeks, mouth, hands, wrists, elbows and various patches on my legs. It doesn't really help that i live in an area in england which has alot of cold but humid weather, causing the heating to be on alot and taking the moisture out of the air, and my skin. Now its sunny out I am in the garden every day tryig to get sun on my eczema and to be honest, its helping. I am also putting on E45 and Oilatum cream in big dollops and waiting for it to sink in before putting on another huge dollop and starting the process again. I am also showering in as cold water as i can manage as hot water dries skin out. also every other night i am bathing in Oilatum bath lotion which you put in the bath as if it were a bubblebath which then creates a creamy substance which you bathe in for about 10-20 minutes. you can also dab it on wet skin and then pat it dry. Try drinking alot of water too, drinking before you're thirsty is a great way of keeping your body hydrated. One last tip for the girls- try to avoid putting make-up on the affected areas to hide them as allowing them to breath is helpful and reduces the chances of infection to cracked or weeping skin. good luck and i hope that you find something that works for you :)
#173 - Fed Up!! - 04/16/2010 - 10:52
My son atharva is suffering from ezyma since his childhood. Now he is 9years old but still has the same problem which has result in regular couh and cold too. He is very thin not gaining weight much. He is now 21kgs only. He has eating problem too. Had tried many treatment. Now we again started with Homepathy treatment since 2 months. We stay in Kuwait.The wheather over here is deserted ....Please advice the medicine to get rid of this problem so that he can also gain weight.
#174 - atharva - 04/21/2010 - 06:24
I too have eczema, what i have found is that mine is hormonal. The flair ups are monthly.The Dr wants me to go on the pill. I had allergies from teens until I had my first child, The allergies went and the eczema came. I am told they are of the same family, i have (as i am reading) 500 creams, oils ect. none work. I am looking for an internal suppliment that has worked for someone. i am going to try the silver. also the eczema around the eyes and mouth is supposed to be food related?! who really knows. thanks for all the help.
#175 - georgina - 04/23/2010 - 11:04
My Eczema is helped by sun bathing.
#176 - Lyndy - 04/28/2010 - 16:40
I am also a victim of this disease, I am 32 years old and I have had since 6 or 7. I get massive hives on my neck (ugh) and got it itches. As I'm typing this message I am itching. My skin is scarred permanently.

Anyway I have recently changed my diet and believe it or not it has helped to some degree. A lot of the places on my body that were horribly infested with eczema had cleared up but my neck is the utmost sensitive area. I also have asthma, does anyone here have the combination of asthma, eczema, and allergic rhinitis? I am also severely allergic to SO MANY FOODS, It [@].

Anyway sorry for the rambling I'm just at my breaking point and tired of suffering and ITCHY.

I saw the remedy for the aloe Vera gel I will definitely give that a shot because now that summer is here, every time i perspire my neck just gets inflamed.>-(>-(
#177 - Jerry - 05/01/2010 - 07:00
I've had eczema for a few years now and i honestly havent found that any of this stuff works.i've been through a dermo,docters,creams,lotions,u name it.actually THERE IS NO CURE FOR ECZEMA! however i'm sure there's somethingout there that will help control it,i just havent found it yet.but here is the info i have found out
-stay away from heat as much as possible.sunlight does NOT help.
-the oatmeal bath does help
-take short luke warm baths.about 20 mins with oatmeal.
-avoid fragrance directly on skin.
Hope this helps =)
#178 - babygirl - 05/05/2010 - 07:52
its just me i was diagnosed with eczema wen i was 2 weeks old, im now 13 & jus hoping & praying i will be better soon. Life is horrible for me, but of course my mom is always by my side. THe treatment i would recommend is wet wraps. Take a shower apply your creams then take a wet shirt or cloth or where ever u have eczema put cloth on that area but the cloth has 2 be wet then on top of the wet 1 place a dry piece on their & go 2 sleep. best if done @ night, just a little advice from me!!! :) ;-)
#179 - JUSSS ME - 05/17/2010 - 15:28
If your a teen like me and know what its like to suffer from eczema & acne mixed together you know how horrid it is. My skin was so dry i could peel my skin off, and really really red. And majorly spotty. ( It was so horrible I use to skive all the time. ) The dermatologist didnt give me any steroid or nothin to deal with eczema or the acne. I got a rubbish cleanser. Didnt help at all! I tried loads of remedies inc the toothpaste one. Nout worked. But then one day my mum got sick of my whining and got something to help it. Something we hadnt tried. Eau Thermale Shine Regulating Lotion. Fab for my eczema;got redness out and got dryness out. But didnt work for my acne. (didnt make it worse; but didnt improve it.) For my acne i've had to spend £15 a week on clean & clears. Buying 4 or 5 at a time to get rid of it. Done it for 4 months and every one gone. even the tiny annoying ones. The £15 a week s my pocket money by the way lol. I know how horrible eczema can be but + acne makes it 1000x worse. Having to deal with both was seriously hard as one thing that worked for my eczema inflamed my acne. If you have eczema acne you will have to treat both with separate things as one may inflame the other. And if you are dealing with eczema acne DO NOT LET IT GET YOU DOWN! you shouldnt be thinking 'oh god shes got perfect skin and mines crap' Or worrying if someone will say something. It drove me insane! My sister shes had acne since she was 11 and shes 16 now. She tried treating it since she was twelve but gave up when she was thirteen. But now it doesnt affect her at all that her acne's through the roof; shes accepted it. Now she can joke about it; when she was 11 and anyone said anything she'd burst into tears. For my sister she had great diet and tried everything but i suspect she got the acne due to a imbalance in her hormones. I wish i could have done the same as her but being known in the family as 'the pretty one' and before having eczema acne everyone saying my skin was like porcelain; it made it all the more harder. Plus im not as self accepting as my sister as i can always pick out my flaws so quickly. But i am so soooooooo happy ive sorted myself out. :-D:-D:-D
The lesson is if you cant beat it accept it. Ive beaten my facial eczema and acne but still have acne on my arms and back. Anyone got any body acne homeopathic remedies as i dont want to be spending my money on clean & clear again. Lol Hope i helped somebody xx:-)
#180 - Kara - 05/23/2010 - 04:50
Cannabis Oil has worked a treat for anyone I know thats tried it ( not hemp seed oil, although this is verry good for the body).... find out how to make it by searching 'Rick Simpson run from the cure' on youtube
#181 - Will - 05/27/2010 - 19:37
Hi am 16, i suffer badly with atopic eczema which I've had sense i was 3 months old, i have it all over my body, but it does seem to be worse on my scalp and legs. I have very bad scaring from the eczema on my legs and can never wear shorts etc... as it is very unattractive and find it really embarrasing. I cant' wear any fake tan anywere on my body, i have had nearly every cream possible from my GP. Have been to see skin specialists, everything really. Behind the backs of my legs are the worst!! I have had to use steriod cream for a few years and has badly thinned my skin, so everyone stay away from them!

Yes, the sun does help but would dry it up it helps a few days after, i would sometimes go to the sunbed which helps. Make sure you have lots of moisturer on constantly.

I can really recommend something that actually HELPS eczema!! Go to your GP and ask for Viscopaste wet bandages. i use them alot. You put a cream on your body well on the effective area, then wrap around the viscopaste wet bandages that are soaked in cream. Once you have done this you put on a dry bandage over it and keep it on for as many hours possible, its always a great result when you keep it on all day and all night you will feel a big difference when you take them offf;-) and you can use them as frequent as you want to. If anyone needs to know the actually names for any of these just ask. xx
#182 - Shannon - 05/31/2010 - 17:22
#183 - XXX - 06/01/2010 - 08:21
I have suffered from eczema since I was about a week old, I am now 22. I have always used steroid creams because the doctor told me that this was best. But I have just discovered aloe vera gel. It stings a little but it is so worth it. I pit it on the most recent flare up of my hands and left inner arm and, within 20 mins, I had the full range of movement back in my fingers. I had not been able to move my fingers for nine days. It was such a relief. I used Health Aid Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel. Hope it hels someone out there.
#184 - Claire from London - 06/22/2010 - 07:21
I went to a doctor about my "rash"
He said it was eczema
Mine only nautrally flares up cause of the weather.
Do NOT turn on the heater cause it will flare up even more and 60% of eczema flares up because of dry skin
my doctor recommeded Dove soap
cause if you use other soaps on your eczema it will make it even more worse
I use Cortaid advanced Anti-Itch cream
It's pretty expensive
but works fast if you apply at night or after you take a shower

#185 - Janis - 07/01/2010 - 13:57
Hi All

I suffer from Dyshidrotic eczema which is little itchy clusters of blister that come up 2-3 times a year on my hands and feet. Its painfully itchy and very unsightly.

The best thing I tried was a homeopathic remedy called Urtica Urens - you can buy it online at helios pharmacy. I recommend the 4g tablets at potency 30. I started taking them on holiday for prickly heat rash but found out that they actually control my eczema too! Bonus. They are herbal so you can take them long term. Try 1 a day and take no more than 2, see how you get on.

Also, the chinese herbal medicine shop gave me some kind of dry bark and other organic, odd looking ingredients. you have to have a consultation first but its well worth it. You have to boil the ingredients in hot water for an hour and drink the liquid. It tasted DISGUSTING but within 3 days my rash was gone, it was a miracle! This along with the homeotherapy pills will work wonders.

One other little thing that helped was some shampoo with coal tar in. If you wash your hands with it (Boots pharmacy sell it) that helps with the itching. Make sure you leave it on your hands for a couple of minutes before washing it off.

As a last resort I just put a dermovate steriod cream on my hands (5%) which I can get a prescription for. Its not really good to use long term, but for 3 nigts in a row its fine and all the blisters dry up and peel off. Not too nice but atleast they go away and my skin is back to normal in a couple of days.

Eczema is really horrible especially in the summer as the heat makes it worse, and I feel for anyone who has it as there are no real cures. But try these remedies I guarantee they will help.

Please do come back on here and let me know how you get on.

All the best, Sarah
#186 - Sarah Jane - 07/02/2010 - 06:47
i've had eczema for 30 years and have just dealt with it. But when i was pregnant with my 2nd child, i developed a horrible horrible rash all over my torso...the most intense itch i have ever experience in my life. awful!
i tried the lotions, the oatmeal baths but believe it or not...Milk of Magnesia saved my life.
Kept in the fridge was even better.
apply where needed and it def cooled the itch and although it never cures it entirely or indefinitely, it strangely was the only thing that broke the itchy spell.
So it only seems right that my daughter was plagued with intense eczema since birth and we battle it now.
the Milk of magnesia def helps her but now that i have read ALL of these posts, i will try a few new remedies. thanks all!!

#187 - car5olina - 07/06/2010 - 01:38
I have tried polysporin ( which has anti itching, hydrocortisone in it and [@]gesic ) .. the hydrocortisone helps with decreasing the reddness, tenderness and inflammation. You do not need a prescrption to buy this. As I am in the medical field it is very much correct that there is no definative cure. But this may work to at least take away the side effects of exzema.
#188 - I suffer too... - 07/09/2010 - 21:15
My son is 8 now and has had eczema since he was about three. We have always used the Aveeno bath and the Dr. prescribed creams. I have just now noticed him, getting the splotches on his skin (discoloration). This summer has been our worst summer yet. Any time he goes out in the heat he starts itching (he can be out only 10 minutes and it starts up). I have taken him off the Chortisone cream and have tried the oatmeal bath, [@] olive oil in the bath and vagisil for the itching alo, nothing seems to work. We went to swim in the lake the other day and when we got home his eczema was horrible. Splotches everywhere , he took a bath in dead sea salt and I rubbed him down with the [@] olive oil it looked like it was worse. I finally broke down and put the chortisone cream on him ALONG WITH SOME cETAPHIL CREAM. Anyone have any ideas to help my little man.
#189 - diamonddeb25 - 07/11/2010 - 10:16
I've never gotten dry red itchy patches on my skin, just recently =(, it looks bumpy and horrible. I've used Dexeryl on my skin for a couple of days and its working great! Its not as bumpy and thick and it doesnt make it itchy, it feels really cool and soothing. I also applied baby oil on the infected area and it also worked. Its not 100% gone, but its getting better =) Hope this helps. Dexeryl can only be found in France.
#190 - Dexeryl - 07/20/2010 - 20:27
i have had exzema all my life and i am in my 30's.
corisone shots are a temporary fix which results in worse outbreaks and thickening of the skin and dark patches.
i found that going to the caribbean and bathing in the natural sea water helps... but do not stay in the water too long and bathe in fresh water immediately afterwards, to avoid further irritation.
also, using vitamin e during the day and tea tree oil at night helps...
exzema can be really upsetting at times, especially when it appears in obvious places and looks unpleasant ...but it has made me a more aware, astute person with great empathy and understanding for others... i know what it feels like to feel alienated and for that i encourage you to be strong and love yourself regardless.
#191 - Ilesha - 07/21/2010 - 14:07
i dont know what to use for my burning skin !?am only 12 years old, and it burns really bad. It has gotten so bad that skin just comes off, and when ever I move my elbos or knees it rips up my skin ! and it starts bleeding ! (kinda) & it smells BAD ! :oops::oops: LOL so i dont know what too use, and the worse thing about it .. am 12 hours away from my mom(for a whole 2 months) ! i need tips .. FAST !
#192 - sad-girl - 07/27/2010 - 03:06
am still the same girl ! am going to try the tooth paste and am wondering if am sapose to cry suz it burrns so much !??? AOOW IT BURNS
#193 - sader-girl - 07/27/2010 - 03:16
My husband has eczema and he uses "lanacane "cream for the itch. he also uses "Solarcaine spray with aloe" for the itch.He still has it .he also uses "Spectro eczema care cream "helps with the redness and drying,. But is there any tips to get rid of it?or any tips to make it not so noticeable.
#194 - dee - 08/02/2010 - 12:26
I was suffering from eczema for a long time; both my hands were affected. I was very embarrassed because of the way the skin looked. Having used lot if creams and I was getting tired of using steroids too, which were causing their own side effects. I have now found relief after I started using natural therapies (Biogetica). They are known to safely and naturally address all physiological, immunological, emotional and energetic causes of this condition. The products teach the immune system to stop being hypersensitive to otherwise harmless substances. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which help heal the skin and work to restore its texture and appearance. I am thrilled with the results.
#195 - Samantha - 08/03/2010 - 04:10
My daughter has eczema and I saw this story on 20/20 where bleach was used...something like a little in the bathwater...i tried it and it worked for my daughter. tHERe was a study done and it proved to work well with other cases. Those other creams did not work at all and I did not want to give my 2 year old steroids. It is a topical germ and bleach kills bacteria. So now about once a month I bathe her in water and put like a medicine cap full of bleach in her water. of course you want to make sure there are no open scars because you dont want the area to sting or burn. I also use goldbond healing lotion everyday.
#196 - alanda - 08/03/2010 - 21:49
Hi Sad Girl,
Pls dun b sad...i noe wat u're going thru...
You've just gotta read up more about eczema and keep trying all the methods offered.
Pls don't use toothpaste...Momentarily it offers cooling sensation to ur burning itch.But!!!In the long run,your skin will darken dude!Eczema is basically a Itch-Scratch-Itch cycle.The more you scratch,the more it'll itch.I've done my research.So...I know it's not gonna be easy but you've gotta train your mind NOT to scratch if you really wanna help yourself.Also try following natural methods mentioned by other fellow eczema sufferers.They must have tried out an ordeal.Alright?You can try Pinetarsol Bar or any other fragrance free soap...Dont stay too long in the bath...I use fragrance free lotions.It helps.And keep your bedroom dust free as possible and stay away from WOOL!!!Change your bedding frequently.All these small steps really makes a Diff.TRUST ME sad/sader girl.Lotsa love from a Fellow Eczema Suferrer.
#197 - Melanie - 08/10/2010 - 22:28
my husband has eczema for several yrs. on and off.cause maybe of food he intake. i would like to know if egg can trigger eczema,
#198 - lanie - 08/11/2010 - 09:00
i just recently started haveing these breakouts on my hands and feet it itches so bad and its spreading up my legs onto my tummy i need a cheap home treatment please help
#199 - Traci - 08/12/2010 - 14:52
i've been suffering from eczema for a little over 5 years now. my legs, arms, stomach and sides are covered in it. for only a few months now i haven't had many flare ups, but i have scarring where i once had the rash. i went to a dermatologist a few years ago who prescribed a cream called triamcinolone, which was absolutely HORRIBLE. don't ever use it. it's a steroid and it thins your skin and doesn't help with itch or irritation/inflammation at all. all it did for me was thin my skin so when i did have a flare up i ended up pretty much scratching off my skin, which left me with huge open sores and now scarring. i tried EVERYTHING. vitamin E gel helped for a while, but the one thing that helped me the most was tanning or sunbathing. i can't take hot showers anymore, so i'll run ice cold water over the infected areas before i get out of the shower. also, it's stress triggered. there's a lotion by aveeno that's designed to help with stress. as soon as i started using this lotion my eczema started to go away. then i found another lotion called dermarest. i swear to god, it is the most amazing remedy ever. you don't have to use much of it, and honestly within a day or two my eczema was completely gone. every time i have a flare up or my skin starts to feel dry or irritated i'll put some lotion on the area before bed and/or right after a shower and it will completely disappear by the next morning. in the winter time when you can't sunbathe, i highly recommend indoor tanning. even though there's a ton of myths about how it's so bad for your skin, it truly helped me with clearing up the rash. DON'T use any of the tanning lotions they sell at the salon though, most of those irritated the hell out of my skin. i used just a normal lotion, not for tanning or anything.
#200 - veronica - 08/18/2010 - 08:39
#201 - jean - 08/18/2010 - 08:49
I had a friend recommend pine tar soap for my 3 year old who suffers with eczema.. I just ordered some so we'll see. Letting her play in the sun seems to help. The biggest skin improvement I had even seen was when we took a trip to the beach letting her wade in the salty water it completely cleared her skin for the time that we were there.
#202 - me - 09/02/2010 - 13:06
i have a two n half year old son who is suffering from eczema since he was 5 months old. i have been trying diff things on him on n off. but all i realized every summer his eczema gets worst cause of heat. i got a humidifier in his room but dont see any change. with raising temperature his eczema gets bad. nothing helps. his skin gets dried out. i used to use aveeno on him but now past two weeks i have started using cetafill cream. i found it more better than aveeno. my only concern is my son cant sleep through out the night . he doesnt take naps in day. he sleeps late at night after i give him shower and cover him fully with moisturizer. he sleeps in no time but just in 2 to 3 hrs he is up again out of bed. he thn takes all his clothes out and moves from one room to another. i got him sleeping in my bed but nothing helped. its frustrating to get up every couple hrs to check on him . get him back in bed and stop him scratch. my head is always heavy cause of lack of sleep. can any one suggest anything that can soothe him to sleep.
#203 - asia - 09/03/2010 - 11:47
Best cure, milk!!! Just soak eczema in vit D whole milk you get at the store, about 10 min. as much as desired. Let area air dry, do not wash off. Also keep area as dry as possible. I have 4 kids under 5 yrs old and I am constantly washing my hands and changing diapers, so my hands were horrible. The eczema was itchy, weeping and oozing, cracked and bleeding in some places, it hurt to move my hands. Creams and oils did not work, tummeric did not work. My mom read in a home remedy book about milk, so I tried it, and I saw results immediately! The lactic acid in the milk removes the dead skin cells on top revealing the new skin and makes the skin more flexible. The fat in the milk helps to moisturize. Also, it will stop the itching. Just open your fridge and get instant relief!
#204 - LK - 09/04/2010 - 07:10
I have eczema on my legs, face and hands. I also have a patch on my foot. I feel like it flairs up the most when I have been sweating, so I am assuming it is an internal problem. I don't have a great diet and I don't like to drink water. So I know I need to change that. I used to use Elidel which helped a lot, but it is too expensive for me now that I don't have prescription coverage. But I was getting a pedicure one day and the lady said to swim in the ocean, it would help. Well little that does me living in a landlocked state. Then I found a place that sells sea salt scrubs and bath salts. I have tried that and it was worked but you have to constantly apply it during your shower and then follow up with the lotion they sell too. It also burns really badly, but it eventually clears up. I might try to oatmeal bath, the milk thing and the avocado thing too. I really dont want to have to spend anymore money on this... Thanks ffor all the tips!
#205 - Kate - 09/04/2010 - 18:27
I have eczema on my hands. I don't get the blisters very often but my hands always have huge cracks on them. Hard to do anything. Even writing hurts. I am a college student and a full time in home caregiver. I don't use latex gloves. I have tried everything. Nothing helps. I have had it since I was 17. I am losing hope at this point.
#206 - Natasha - 09/06/2010 - 10:41
I had eczema when I was young, then it stop. Then it came back during highschool. The back of my knee was horrible. scars all over. I seek western treatment. It doesn't helps. I seek chinese treatment. It helps. It stop. But then I stop treating, it was back. I had super low self confidence. I wear long pants almost everyday. People asked me I feel so sad about everything.

But the main thing is, drink plenty of warm water NOT COLD! Do not eat nuts that you are allergic to. Apply moisturizer! The most IMPORTANT! And I think swimming does help. Plus sunbathing to tan yourself to cover up the scars on my leg.
#207 - annie - 09/27/2010 - 05:34

Very nice article...

We have 100% herbal & homoeopathic treatment for all types of eczema, psoriasis & leucoderma.

with Regards
Ramesh Kadyan
[email protected]
#208 - Ramesh Kadyan - 09/27/2010 - 12:01
I've had eczema for about 16 years now and I've tried everything under the sun. This includes steroid creams (both over the counter and prescription), pokeseed oil, extra [@] olive oil, acupuncture, homeopathic detox, Mayan Magic cream, and even Reiki and meditation. Nothing seemed to work and it was very disheartening and depressing.

However, I just recently found out about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)... OMG... this is the REAL DEAL!!! I mixed a 50/50 solution of ACV with regular tap water and dabbed it on the affected areas once in the morning and once before I goto sleep. It stings like hell and causes it to be itchy for about 5 mins. However, after that it's not itchy at all for the entire day.

It's been 2 days now and the eczema is almost entire cleared up... I can't freaking believe it!!! Seriously, I had doubts that something so simple could be so effective... I only wish I had known about this many years ago; I would have saved a lot of heartache and a lot of money.

Here's the website I found that told me about ACV and eczema:

I truly hope this helps you too because I understand the anguish you're going through. Good luck and God bless.

If you have any more questions about how this worked for me, I'd be happy to answer. [email protected][dot]com
#209 - Robin - 09/29/2010 - 12:40
i have eczema on my feet and all the way above to my knees. it itches like hell all the time and when i get my nails on it oh... what a reelief then my skin comes out like tissue from a paper. then it burns but it still feels good. but next it swells and this is where the horrible part starts it becomes red secretes fluid won't heal let alone dry. my whole leg is covered in bruises i cannot wear shorts as everyone stares or starts asking about my bruises. i have been to several skin specialists bu no one has been able to help me yet.
#210 - jitu - 10/01/2010 - 09:41
I have had a terrible outbreak on my hands (both) for the past several months. The last time I had this, I used Fluocinide, which is a corticosteroid. That cleared things BUT chronic use of this stuff is really bad for your skin and internal organs in the long run. Currently, I have up'd my fish oil intake to 4 gel tablets (each taken at different times with a snack/meal), use Dr. Smith's diaper ointment for lubrication/relief (it's mucky but I keep a tube in my purse, on my nightstand, and in the kitchen). Cetaphil actually stings (the bar soap, the liquid soap, and the lotion). Post bath, I use Weleda baby oil which has calendula oil as it's main ingredient. This seems to help. I am getting better at using gloves when I do cleaning activities, as even unscented soaps/detergents coupled with water (with or w/o detergent) tears up my skin. I have 2 wee ones so avoiding water is hard. I need to get some more gloves b/c even folding laundry - the friction - irritates my skin.

My homeopathic clinician has encouraged me to stay off cow's milk and wheat for 6-weeks. I"m on week 2 but my clearing symptoms could be due to fish oil intake, using gloves, getting full nights sleep, and have 3 days of 400 mg. of ibuprofen at night to reduce swelling/itch. So not sure if the diet change is a key factor in my healing. A side note, my doctor said that most skin disorders are due to food allergies, and/or environmental allergies (detergents, perfumes, fragrant soaps, dust, etc.), heavy metals (I have also removed jewelry from my body and will be having my blood test in a few weeks for other metals), and emotional stress (hard to find peace in this malady!)

I feel for all of you out there, particularly the young and those afflicted with symptoms throughout your body. This is a terrible autoimmune disorder.

Stay hopeful - keep lubricated - stay away from detergents. I'll get back to you with my results.
#211 - Kim-Marie O'Driscoll - 10/03/2010 - 22:28
i have eczema in my legs and butt, but the worse of them all is the eczema in my right hand, it is actually bleeding and became very much infected after drinking lots of alcoholic beverage. the eczema in my hand is having a multiple virulent all over the infected area and is actually swelling, i feel so much pain that i even took pain reliever medicines such as mefenamic acid and antibiotic, and it didn't work. I wonder if massage oil will help after reading some testimonies 'bout using oil as pre-treatment.
#212 - ungasis - 10/12/2010 - 11:37
You need a lot of patience with eczema. My son was suffering from eczema and I tried everything-all creams/lotion/home remedy....but please donot torture yourself. The only thing that cured eczema for my son is homeopathy....this take time but cure eczema from the roots. Homeopathy(not the classical) controls the spread of ezema quickly.The cause of eczema is due to the ph balance in our body and homeopathy helps fix this.I can bet homeopathy has no side effect but works wonders.I have been using pears soap as recommend by the homeopathic doctor
#213 - smitha - 10/14/2010 - 06:48
i have had eczema since i was a kid. have been doing homeopathy since years but it comes back every year. right now m applying papaya milk(prick a raw green papaya n white liquid oozes out) on the affected area. it itches n burns n i wanna rip my skin off but it worked for my mom. it aggravates the eczema to the extent that the skin seems to cut and tear apart but thats the way the dirt comes out n thats how my moms' eczema got healed. leave it for 1 1/12 hrs then wash it with water n apply coconut oil.
#214 - Dinky - 10/15/2010 - 04:35
i was told by my doctor to use petroleum jelly or crisco shorting to heel eczema
#215 - none - 10/29/2010 - 00:31
QUICK AND EASY ! Get yourself an Aloe plant (medicine plant) Take off one of the bottom branches and slice one side of it open exposing the jelly inside. Scoop this jelly out and apply to the affected area. This is a miracle plant!!! You'll get instant relief and whats more it will heal and sooth your skin! You wont be sorry!
#216 - Laura - 10/30/2010 - 13:06
i tried the aloe vera medicine plant,,it does help heal but still itches after awhile. Once it dried the legions and started itching again i put some honey on it, (Ihave eczema on my hands and fingers),,now that took the itch away and felt so good! Now Im sticky,,but have some relief.
#217 - waudie - 10/30/2010 - 13:48
FLORAZONE!!! cream seemed to help the most on my son so far. it is 100% natural, safe for all ages and to use anywhere on body. it is homeopathic. great alternative to steroid creams. he has very stubborn discoid eczema all over his body.

I also read that zinc and biotin and b12 help, as well as omega 6. He is 100% Breast fed and unvaxxed, i was surprised when he got it at 2 mo old. next i will get an allergy test for him, i was tested since i am breast feeding, but diet change didnt help. a cream on ebay also worked ASAP it claims to be 100% natural but i am skeptical since it worked so fast, i wish i could get it it tested. search 'get rid of eczema' on ebay
#218 - shannon - 11/07/2010 - 01:40
theres a lot of talk about all different cures for eczema on this site but nobody seems to be specifying what form of eczema they have...i have had discoid eczema since i was about 14, im 27 now...used to take the usual steroid cream and pills and it would go temporarily but it always cameback....antibitoitics worked as well but only when the skin was infected - im in the middle of a flair up at the mooment and im just using cream like fucibet but im goin to go visit a homeopath next week and try something new....doubt my lifestyle helps - i smoke and drink and do drugs occasionly but my eczema is usually quite manageable for the mostpart...anyway gonna try homepathiv remedies and see if i can get rid if this shit once and for all......the one thing ill say to anyone with discoid ezcema is SUNLIGHT and HEAT is extremely important and good!!.......and oh yeah - i think stress plays a more important role than some people might think...anway ill make sure to let you all know how i get on with the remedies....wish me luck!!!
#219 - robin - 11/15/2010 - 17:03
If your eczema is itchy take a rough cloth and dip it in lukewarm water,squeeze it and wipe the area lightly,the itching stops.In eczema,the skin starts scaling and this application removes the crusty skin.If possible also apply tumeric on the bring down the inflammation. Do not apply oil on eczema,it will itch more.
#220 - smitha - 11/16/2010 - 14:17
Wow, lots of great advice above! My d has had eczema on her scalp for years, I've tried many things & nothing has worked. She just started experincing eczema on her hands & feet. I am anxcious to try the advice above, but I didn't see much for the scalp. Any suggustions?
Thank You
#221 - Kim - 11/23/2010 - 21:44
I was told I have eczema. I find that chlorine, as has been mentioned above, helps immensely. Also, washing it normally in the shower and then putting on a collagen and vitamin e lotion right after getting out works really well for me.
Hope this helps! :-)
#222 - Becca - 11/27/2010 - 05:16
Sunlight helped my eczema. One can never make a blanket statement that something is bad or good as everyone is different. I think the rule of thumb should be:

Sunlight makes it go away - it's good for you.
Sunlight makes it worse - it's bad for you.

I have had success with Selenium (not for children) at a dose of 200 micrograms daily for 6 -8 weeks. After a good response I took 100cmg daily.

I also can recommend Zinc 50mg chelated (not ionic form) 3 times daily. A response in 4-6 weeks.

As stated before this doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a try one at a time. I still take a lower dosage and it's been over a year.
#223 - Sunshine - 11/27/2010 - 07:32
Hi, my name is ryan. In this recent month, my eczema has been acting up. my whole back is like brownish redish and my shoulders and thighs and my face. I have tried using asian herbs and they helped for the first days or so and stopped working. Over thanksgiving it has gotten worse...PLEASE HELP meeee!!! >-(>-(>-(>-(
#224 - Ryan Zhang - 11/29/2010 - 20:34
I have had Eczema since I was born. I can thank my Grandpa for it. In the 40's he was a test baby. His eczema was so bad doctors were testing meds on him to see what worked!
Anyway, when I was 19 I moved from WI to VA. The humidity there was so HIGH. The 2 years I was there I had no outbreaks. Now I'm back to WI and I can't get rid of it. Makes me want to move back to VA because now I know what it is like to have "perfect" skin.
Humidity is the key. The skin is always moist and never dries out. Dry skin is non-healthy skin.
#225 - HUMIDITY - 12/02/2010 - 14:32
I have eczema on my hands and inside my thighs. It's annoying and embarrasing. I have found that ordinary white vinegar works the best. Just make sure it's the 5% acetic acid. Use a cotton ball to apply. You need to hold it in place for several minutes to allow the acid to penetrate the epidermal layers. Of course, humidity and good heavy lotions are a must. I also found that detergents free of dyes and perfumes will make a huge difference. The vinegar is the best topical solution and it won't thin your skin like the prescription steroids. If you have it all over your feet or hands, like I had, then just soak your feet in a shallow pan of vinegar for only 5 minutes, then apply eucerin (lotion) to your hands or feet. Over the next 2 days it will be gone. In the winter time, my eczema gets much worse so I always wear many layers of clothes to maintain a moist barrier of air over my skin. This all [@], but until you find what you're allergic to, you're never going to cure it. Try changing everything you eat and drink. Change milk, juices or even the beer you drink. Eat different foods and note the results. Good luck to you. Persistence is the only key I have found to work. Just accept the fact that you have it and start trying to find a solution on your own because there is no medical cure. I hope this helps.
#226 - Persistence - 12/09/2010 - 09:43
I've had eczema since I was a teenager. I only had it on the back of my head in middle and high school, which was good because no one ever saw it, but it was bad because it gave me HORRIBLE dandruff and I could literally pull scabs out of my head. towards the end of my high school and beginning of college I got it on my hands and to this day they are constantly dry and very, very red. I've recently gotten it on the back of my neck, within the last year, and nothing would cure it. My mom bought me some Carmex Healing Cream and it is the ONLY thing that has cleared up neck. Its also helped to clear up my hands, they arent 100% but they are a lot better! the back of my head is just stubborn and nothing seems to work. I thought I would come on here and recommend it, you can get it at any CVS, Walgreens, Target, or order it online. It doesnt hurt to try. I just put it on once in the morning after I get out of the shower and it absorbs pretty quick and smells pretty good. its in a yellow lotion bottle and its not to expensive. I hope I can help at least one of y'all :-)
#227 - Sarah- Try Carmex Cream!! - 12/09/2010 - 21:51
I have grown up with eczema and it really has been horrible. I struggle to sleep at night due to constant itching and having to contantly get up in the middle of the night to shake all of the dead skin off my bed sheet. It really is taking control of my personal and social life. I have been to the doctors so many times and that didn't make it any better!
#228 - Josh - 12/11/2010 - 16:06
@ josh post #231

I go through the same exact thing since a child and into my adult years, it's disgusting and depressing. My eczema I have come to find out is allergic, so if I eat wheat for instance my neck will itch and I will SCRATCH like a savage, you should see the scras on my neck from 20 years of scratching:-(
#229 - jerry - 12/12/2010 - 04:11
I have had eczema for several years I've tried a lot of different things and sunbathing is great for it. It does irritate it but the Lack of vitamin D in your skin is half the problem so if it bothers you too much take vitamin D supplements and that should help with the itching. Right now im using olive oil before i get in the shower and i pat dry and put aveeno on right after. Its important not to keep the olive oil on for long and to keep it light. It works really well for minor eczema but i have it all over my body so im going to try something else. Hopefully one of these new remedies will work for me :-)
#230 - Jen - 12/20/2010 - 16:02
:-) is internal. more fruits veggies n water. i use olive n shea butter for my child
#231 - baset - 12/21/2010 - 03:05
sunbathing helped mine out heaps even though i still have it but it does help for me also the fresh air is probably helping it to
#232 - annoying itch - 12/27/2010 - 06:31
My first son who is three now, started getting excema when we started to feed him baby food (around 5 months old) It took me a while to realize that it was from food allergies. I had taken him to numerous doctors, including two different derms. Some doctors said it wasnt excema, when it obviosly was and was prescribed a ton of creams..some that were not meant for the face or probably babies, looking back. Anyways. Finally i saw an allergy speciaist. He had a blood panel test done of like 80 different foods, he was allergic to 30 of them. Pretty much everything he ate or anyone! By the way, his pediatrician had us take a simple blood test for the common allergy food panel and i came up all negative. So, what we did was take away everything on the list, found alternatives. Then when he cleared up, and he did. We introduced stuff back in slowly. He grew out of everything by eliminating the causes and bring them back after a while. He now eats everything and has had clear skin for a while now.
Now, i have 5 month old with the same issues, i'm only breastfeeding and the excema has just showed its ugly head as winter is here now. I'm still deciding what to do. Both my boys have had it very bad and oozy on the cheeks. While i do agree that you may get flare ups from environmental causes, it is mostly internal.
I hate using aquaphor as it is synthetic crap, but i do use it sometimes over other natural products to help keep it there.
#233 - Jubilee - 12/30/2010 - 20:03
Well, I'm the classic case of developing eczema in my early 20's. I rapidly developed it all over my arms, legs, face, and hands. After the initial suffering from confusion about what was happening to me, I changed a lot of things and now I only get a little bit of eczema on my face - here's what has worked for me:

--7th Generation Baby Laundry Detergent
--California Baby Sensitive (or Tea Tree & Lavender) Shampoo/Body Wash and Conditioner
--Cetaphil Facial Cleanser
--Cetaphil Lotion
--Vaseline or Aquafor (for really dry areas)
--Homemade Linen Sprays (vodka, water, & essential oils) for perfume
--Fish Oil (don't by shy, take a lot of it), Vitamin E (mixed tocopherals) (take a lot of this too), Multivitamin, and Digestive Enzymes
--Diet with lots of veggies and fruits (although I still eat a lot of processed food, fast food, and sugars)

For my face I'd been using Elidel cream, and recently started Protopic, which have been mildly effective, but now that I know they both can eventually lead to skin cancer, I'm going to be trying out the following:

--add biotin to my diet
--ionic colloidal silver
--baby fissan paste
--vaseline + tea tree oil
--raw african shea butter + coconut oil

I will try the topical things separately and try them out for a week-long period to watch for effectiveness and then I'll report my results.

I hope this helps. Best of luck to everyone!!
#234 - Shaneen - 01/12/2011 - 11:50
Had eczema since I was 6 months. Tried eeeeeeverything!!!! Numerous dif doctors. Natural paths. Mine never went away it was always showing and aall over my body. Sometimes it would crack and bleed. I never wore t shirts or shorts. When I was 15 my mom took me to Hawaii ... My rash completely cleared in a week!!!!! Unbelievable!! Suntanning cured me!! 20 years later I am having break outs uncontrollable itching until I bleed. Lotion after a bath helps but the funny thing is, I haven't been in the sun for a year...(had a baby) so for me, the sun is my hero:)
#235 - Sara - 01/18/2011 - 00:11
Ingram's camphor cream works wonders for eczema on hands. I started applying it and within a week my hand eczema started clearing. Before it used to itch,bleed and my right hand fingers were red-but now it has gone for good. It stings a little when eczema is sore but it is the best non-steroidal is way better than petroleum jelly. I am also on homeopathy and use only pears soap
#236 - smitha - 01/21/2011 - 05:29
I have excema for 20 years all over my body and on my face, I tried medicated creams with steroids and cortizone creams. They work for awhile but not worth using because the long term side affects are unchangeable. I have now thinning red excema becasue of these creams and dislike the way I look. If any of you people know a great cure or long term healing affect for getting rid of my redness on my face due to my excema, please let me know. You can email me at [email protected]
and let me know your input. Thanks.
#237 - Ali - 01/25/2011 - 21:05
Reading these comments made me sad to know that SO many suffer from this horrible skin condition, but also gave me some relief because I know that I am not the only one who has been searching for a remedy!

I am 31 years old and have had what I believe to be Dyshidrotic Eczema on my feet and hands for the past 6 months. This is the only time I've had it my entire life, which makes NO sense to me. I have been to my family doctor and a dermatologist with no help. The steroid creams are not working and I don't want to use them anyway.

I get relief from the itching and burning by using Curel Itch Defense Lotion. It is approved by the National Eczema Association and give me relief until I get home from work. Then I need to apply more and before I go to bed. I am applying this lotion about 3 times a day. Granted, my Eczema is not going away, but it DEFINITELY calms it down, taking away the burn and redness.

I found that soaking my feet in Epsom Salt before bedtime helps me get through the night without itching my feet. This, however, did not work for my hands.

I am still searching for a "cure", as I don't know how I all of the sudden started getting this to begin with! I sympathize with anyone with Eczema, as it is driving me crazy after only having it for 6 months! My hands hurt so badly that it is now interfering with my job and I get so frustrated that I cry.

My present plan is to try to eat healthier, exercise and do yoga more to calm my nerves, and I bought Sublingual B-12 & Probiotics today. I also have to try to remember to take a multivitamin daily. I have a good feeling about Tea Tree Oil and evening Primrose tablets, as well...

Definitely use Curel Itch Defense Lotion for Eczema all over your body for instant relief!!! Good luck to you all & keep your heads up! I know how hard that can be, but we have to keep searching until we find what works for our bodies! ;-)
#238 - Still Searching... - 01/29/2011 - 23:34
I am suffering from ecezema, past three years, I have been applying Whitfield ointment recently but no use, I hope that Allopathy drugs does not suit me. I have planned to go for some home remedies like Turmeric powder and Neem leaves powder, i do not know how it is going to workout, Has any one tried,

Dear Doctors

I have one question, what is the best treatment for ecezema,

I feel sorry, for all those who suffer from ecezema including me.
#239 - narayan - 01/30/2011 - 00:10
:-( i have eczema for years now and it affects me so much!!!! !!!.i have it on my face ,my problem is the REDNESS!!!! ,on and off on some parts on my body. i also have it on my hands. I've been thru a lot of doctors!!!! any remedies for the redness in my face?
#240 - sarah P.S. - 02/11/2011 - 19:42
So I've had this problem for a while and it would be on my arms hands and I hated it. It would get so itchy some times I would scrape my skin to get relief. Worse thing ever. I was diagnosed with severe eczema given a steriod ointment it worked. Then I was making a big move and I couldn't get to the doctor and my insurance just expired so it popped in my head to put water milk and honey warm it up a little and soak my hand. In less then 24 hours it was 70 percent better. Let your hand soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes then wipe the dry skin off with a cotton towel. Keep doing it till its completely gone. This was the easiest best and quickest remedy.
#241 - jackie - 02/14/2011 - 10:23
Try A-Derma (Epitheliale A.H). It's a wonder cream that repairs your skin. Use it to believe!!
#242 - riyer - 03/02/2011 - 10:28
'Learned this from a nurse. When shopping for soaps and shampoos read the ingredients. If you see any word that looks like 'sulphur' or 'sulphate' DON'T BUY IT! That ingredient irritates the skin, serves no purpose and is bad for the environment. Go organic. It is a little more expensive, but the quality is better than commercial products and lasts longer. Dawn makes a 'phosphate free' dish soap. Dilute 1/3 to 2/3 water, put in a hand pump and you have a soothing hand soap. Take 1 or 2 vitamin D's (the sunshine vitamin) in the morning if you hate sun (we are very low in this vitamin), and a vitamin E at night. There is no cure for this as it is the body fighting itself for some reason, but we can keep it bearable! ;-)
#243 - Sandra - 03/09/2011 - 17:50
I had acne, dry very dry facial skin and horrible dandruff. I started using a low cost($1 white rain) shampoo with a creme rinse and it has all cleared up. If I shampoo daily and use the creme rinse on my face at the same time leave it on for a minute or 2 as i am in the shower. I noticed improvement in 2-3 days. In 2 weeks nearly all gone. It has continued to improve. May God Bless you all!
#244 - Will - 03/09/2011 - 21:33
I have been an eczema patient for as long as i can remember. Some things to think about eczema is to get to know your triggers. Some can be any changes in the soaps, creams they use. Concider wearing natural clothing as much as possible. ex-cotton, wool, silk and so on. Most manmade materials can be very harsh on your skin. Some like me also have stress as a trigger. The more you stress the worse it gets so learn to let go. Since I have been meditating my eczema has gone down dramatically. Being a mom I have learned that coloring, dyes and perfumes arre the worst. If you can try making your own soaps and creams yourself. That way you know what is in them. One of my best recipe for a cream is 1 part vegetable grease for 1 part corn starch. I know it sounds a bit crazy butting that on your skin or your childs skin but it really works. The corn starch draws the moisture in and the grease locks it in and protects you skins by acting like a barrier for pollutants and irratants from penetrating your skin. Thia cream is a great butt cream for babies. Added bonus it is cheap to make and last forever....well just about.
#245 - Natalie - 03/16/2011 - 13:27
Eczema has come back after many years--had it when I was young and in my teens along with severe hayfever. After marriage it went away and my allergies continued with bad hayfever in the spring...Many years have passed; high stress has brought eczema back...on my face, around my eyes, neck, arms, chest. My skin has drastically damaged and aged where I have scratched it. I have to take Benedryl and Hydrocloride on a continuing basis to control and keep it manageable.
I discovered that Castor Oil soothes the skin. I was looking up olive oil as a lubricant on the internet and stumbled on how Castor oil is good...check out Castor Oil on the net and you will want to give it a try. I bought a small 4 oz bottle at Walgreens for about $5. I'm using it to clean my face and rubbing it in everywhere I can...It does not irritate my skin and soaks in and leaves skin feeling good. It's good for cuticles, feet, hair, etc. It is recommended that you need to purchase the cold pressed castor oil. I started out with a regularly manufactured in America kind. 32 oz size and be purchased reasonably an the internet site. Eczema has damaged the skin around my eyes and neck. The wrinkles came after all that swelling and itching. Castor Oil is a little messy at first but soaks into the skin on my face very well. I go to bed with a clean face and the oil. It has not taken my wrinkles away, but my skin has improved and I can wear eye makeup. It slips after a while and I just clean it off with a wet paper towel and reaply my eyeliner. I continue to apply the oil to my neck, chest, arms, etc--rash is not completely gone, but manageable. Plan to drink lots of water and try not to stress out on bills and whatever...etc...Nanc
#246 - Nanc - 03/29/2011 - 16:50
I was diagnosed about 2 years ago, when I was 59y/o.I have tried the steroid creams, and yes they do work somewhat. I am 'lucky' I guess my affected area is only on the tips of four of my fingers. They crack and become very painful at times, my dermalogist told me that his friend who is also a Dr. puts super glue on the cuts to seal it.
I have tried this as well, and yes it does seal it until it heals. If you can deal with the hard spots on the affected areas ,it works okay. This is certainly contrary to what the directions on the outside of the package. There is a wealth of information on this site. I am going to try some of the remedies. Supposedly the brain tells my fingers to produce more skin cells, as Kenan Thompson of SNL says " what's up with that".
#247 - Don - 04/02/2011 - 08:33
I have pretty bad excema on my wrists elbows head mouth and neck. The 2 creams which really help me is avene which is a soothing moisture mask and aveeno with lots of oats in it.This really helps me because they take the redness and infected area out and makes my skin feel comfortable and not irritating.Hope this helps
#248 - Emma - 04/05/2011 - 15:23
i had eczema its about two years now i treid so many creams nothing happen to me

#249 - ester selani - 04/06/2011 - 08:06
my daughter started to have eczema around the age of 3 months old..she has a severe eczema , we tried to switch the formula, enfamil to elecare, alimentum, pure goat milk nothing helped, so we decided to stick with elecare, hopefully it will help, also i am using neem cream, neem aura, it helped a lot in the face, i am going to give her baths with dry neem leaf after boiling it for a while and mix it with her bath water, hope this helps. pray for the little one.. thanks..
jabeen, ny
#250 - Jabeen - 04/11/2011 - 03:09
I don't agree with the sunbathing suggestion. In fact, this is exactly how my 1yr old son's eczema started acting up again yesterday. We went to a carnival and he got sweaty while playing in the sun for most of the day. By the time we were ready to go home my poor boy could not stop itching. Now his ezcema is all over his face and neck. It always acts up when he's hot so I hardly think the sun is good for his type if eczema. Will try nutmeg though, hope it works!!!
#251 - Nik's mom - 05/09/2011 - 23:18
Cocoa Butter or shea butter help with eczema.
#252 - Mia - 05/10/2011 - 14:25
Wow! I never realized how many people suffer from this... Well, it's back...

My Eczema decided to rear its ugly little head with me when I was 19. Although I've ALWAYS had outdoor & wool allergies, chronic sinusitis & rhinitis, etc. (which I'm seeing quite a few patterns amongst a lot of us.) I had moved from Oregon to Southern California, enrolled in college, & had a hell of a time trying to get rid of it. It took me about 2 full years to finally rid myself of it, but only for approx 5 - 6 years at a time. It just loves to remind me -- that he's NEVER GONE FOR GOOD. He's B-A-C-K yet again!

These are only my results from all my ordeals with what I call "The BEAST." But some of you, I gotta say, your responses ARE ABSOLUTELY LUDICRIS! Are you CRAZY???? Where are you getting your info!

I do honestly believe there are SEVERAL problems that will trigger this condition from it's dormant state. BUT FIRST,

ALL YOU ECZEMA SUFFERERS that have bodily fluid seeping out -- TRUST ME. I KNOW WHAT KIND OF PAIN YOU ARE IN & the sleep you are losing because of it -- My first experience decided to flare up on the inside of both my thighs. Try walking without it constantly rubbing together... I would scratch them raw in my sleep. And I have found that once you break the skin, you are S-0-L, please excuse my English.

Anyway, go to a dermatologist, your internist, if you have a decent doctor, do whatever you have to do to get this under control first & give you some much needed relief & get your outbreak under control! I know they're not good for you, but as long as you're not getting them frequently or on a regular basis -- go in to get a Cortisone Injection (Steriod)! I've only had to have 4 of these injections in my lifetime to date over the course of 30 years -- JUST DON'T MAKE IT A HABIT!!! But a couple of them over your lifetime isn't going to kill you. After you receive the injection, it won't itch, you'll probably just sleep like I did for a day or two. It'll be the best sleep EVER. That will get it to start healing -- I think I've done just about every prescription a person could have for this unbearable condition.

My FIRST dermatologist gave me one Cortisone shot, & put me on a daily prescription of Benedryl. He was hoping it would knock me out enough at night so I wouldn't scratch them open again -- no, it didn't work! But it will make you so tired & groggy on a daily basis that you won't want to get out of bed soon -- I ended up taking myself off it against Doctor's recommendation. Don't do the Benedryl ON A DAILY BASIS -- it'll just make you way too tired everyday (unless you're the other percent of that coin.) If my sister takes Benedryl, she gets very jittery & wired -- go figure. Just remember not everyone reacts the same on every medication.


I found that STRESS also plays a very large role with this condition. It always seemed to appear when I was stressing about classes; try to find ways of calming your lifestyle down, drink plenty of water; stay away from perfumes, fragrances in soaps, washing detergents, shampoos, anything that could end up on your skin. I found CETAPHIL to be an excellent shower soap, & they have also have a wonderful moisturizing lotion, not thick & won't clog your pores. I can't believe some of you are using OILS, VASELINE, BLEACH (come on, REALLY) - please don't clog your pores. I found it makes it so my skin can't breathe, thus, bring more heat to the inflammed area. And you all know, where there's heat, THERE'S ITCHING! I know WHY you're thinking it's good, BUT IT'S NOT... I do believe that any doctor advising you to use the thicker the better oil, lotions have never personally experienced this condition. I found that it just made it worse. My skin was being suffocated with it, thus bringing more heat to the location; therefore, itching like CRAZY.

It wasn't until I moved back to Oregon & started working with a wonderful doctor who listened to my issues I was experiencing with this condition & she prescribed me Cordran Tape. It is a medicated transparent adhesive tape. I remember having to have my pharmacy special order it for me the first time in the largest size they could get it. I think Rite-Aid special ordered it for me. I am Very, Very happy to report that the last time I had a flair up was 11/14/1998 until now. At least it's not on my thighs anymore. It's just in between my fingers on one hand. Oclassen Pharmaceuticals distributed it. It feels & looks just like scotch tape. It's waterproof, & after I got used to the feeling of scotch tape being on my body, you soon forget it's even there. A small price to pay for relief & a solution. I do remember it being rather spendy though, & I would get it in either 2 boxes of 12 patches per box or 1 box of 24 patches. This is a topical corticosteriod. But as I said, I tried it all. This was the only thing I found that worked for my situation. I'm sorry that this isn't a naturopatic solution, but this stuff saved my life. It stopped the itching so it could heal, & also my skin is NOT thin where I applied my patches.

Also I read the note from #166 Lin on 3/17/2010. She made some EXCELLENT suggestions, & I also have done some research on it. So I do believe I'm going to try that route as soon as I can.

Good Luck & may you all find speedy relief from Eczema -



Let me put it to you this way -- THINK of ECZEMA as very sensitive skin, things are IRRITATING & INFLAMMING THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR SKIN -- so please, stop FRYING YOUR SKIN WITH BLEACH! Sorry, but I'm still in shock over the Bleach thing...

#253 - Rinda - 05/31/2011 - 12:14
I'm 15 and I've had eczema since I was around 6. I've been to many dermatologists and broke out many times really badly. What I do is put on a really good moisturizer everyday after you take a shower and reapply every few hours. Drink lots of water and DO NOT hot showers. Never use soap, no matter how nasty that sounds. Soap really dies out your skin. But sometimes, I use Cetaphil. Humidifiers are good too. And it would help if you knew what you were allergic too because you might also be getting a rash from that.
#254 - Someone - 06/28/2011 - 21:58
im 35 living in the tropics the hardest thimg abt this is not being able to go to the beach with family nad friends my eczema is like round dark spots on my legs n arms that itch like hell im going to try soe of the suggestions I read here thanx ill keep you updated
#255 - giselle - 06/28/2011 - 22:38
256 comments and no one knows what "causes it." a famous psychic Edgar Cayce once did a reading for a person suffering from it, then many more. he also did some for Psoriasis too. cause of both were similar. he said the duodenum area after the stomach was leaking food particles into the bloodstream and the body leaches it out through the skin. Psoriasis was the ilium or something just after the duodenum as he had a name for that area, as the cause doing the same thing.

it may be the cause of different oils helping as they may act as lubricants to help food slip by. fasting may help the stomach heal.
one of Cayce's ideas on health was "circulation." meaning being active like walking, running, swimming, biking etc. as some here say swimming helped them or was it the chlorine in the pool!? I think it was swimming that caused a good blood circulation that healed the intestinal lining......that or made it work much better or both.

I hope that gives some a idea on help. you might find Cayce's readings in libraries. his is in [@]ia Beach and open to anyone who would like to see the readings he did. it is online too but I think you need a subscription to read them. 20 years ago I bough a Cd with all his readings on it.

I recently had a flare up of eczema all over my body (never had it like this before) and though about Cayce.
it was from a drug reaction.

for itching at night you might try Alka-Seltzer Gold at bed time. also take a soaking bath before bed time in 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 bleach. the bleach to kill skin bacteria and the baking soda to neutralize you slightly acid body that is out of balance. don't bleach out your hair.

for nasal allergies, at bed time "1/2 tablet" of Chlortrimeton or it's equivalent but read the directions as it can have side effects. it may take three days to work but it heals you over night and most of the time will get you through the day while others suffer allergies.

until there is some real research to eczema, I hope my remedies help some of you.

one more thing, Cayce did some other readings and one recommendation of note. for one person he said "two almonds," and another he said "three almonds" a day to keep cancer away is better than a apple a day."
#256 - Kneedragger - 06/29/2011 - 17:05
interesting, lots of people treating the skin but not the cause.
#257 - Kneedragger - 06/29/2011 - 17:15
Ive had atopic dermatitis since I was born and I am now 22 years old. Anyone using Protopic I would suggest you stop using it; it does work but overtime it has made my skin so thin and I have discoloration over my entire body-face down to my feet. I have to wear long sleeves & pants all year round because still I have not found an effective method. Stress and a healthy diet/lifestyle do help significantly, aveeno, nivea, shea butter and cocoa butter do work. Is tanning the only way to even out my skin tone because bio oil & cocoa butter do not help.
#258 - Gloria - 08/06/2011 - 02:08
I finally cured my eczema! I've tried a million different things (natural and prescription). I think that every person is different, but I wanted to share what I do just in case it can help someone else...

I use California Baby Shampoo/Body Wash & Conditioner, Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Detergent, Cetaphil Restoraderm Lotion, and the thing that made it completely disappear: Raw Milk from a local dairy.

It's been almost a year now that I've been completely free of eczema... I'm even able to use normal products on my face now (but my body is still sensitive).

Do some research on Raw Milk... it's amazing, but you have to be safe about it.

Good luck!
#259 - Shaneen - 10/11/2011 - 11:53
I use Dermasmooth on my kids. It is a prescription and it is a steriod oil. Must apply twice daily to the affecteded area. The skin must be wet when applying, so in the mornings I just use a spray bottle to mist the areas and at night after their bath, before towel drying, I apply the second treatment. It really works. For 3 month olds to adults. My kids' doctor said that lotion will not heal the eczema. It must be healed first, then lotion can be used as a preventative measure.
#260 - JH - 10/25/2011 - 18:29
I too have suffered with excema all my life. Iam 42 now! All my school pictures (grade school) show red marks at the corners of my lips. The itching on my hands at times became unbearable. My first foray into eye make up...eye shadow...was a disaster. I also have asthma, sister has psoriasis, and Mom suffered with childhood asthma and later fibromyalgia and lupus! Auto immune def. runs in families. While I was pregnant all my skin problems went away. Now they are back...and my 6 month old daughter has excema behind her ears. I am really hesitant to use cortisone cream on my baby. I saw my sis develop a HUMP on the back neck/shoulder area from daily use of corticosteroids for her psoriasis. It eventually went away, but anything we put on our skin is absorbed! Excema seems to be different in regards to what causes it, exacerbates it, etc. Stress does make it flare! Good luck in finding what works for you...and thanks for all the great ideas!
#261 - Elizabeth - 11/09/2011 - 14:19
abe hat sab bekaar hai hahahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#262 - ashfghdsgfahds - 01/16/2012 - 10:45
i have the worst eczema... the kind where my entire hand (both hands) and covered in small blisters and begin to puss... the healing process is even more painful. i had been to doctor and after doctor and it kept coming back after i finished the creams/steroid pills. the ONLY thing that even remotely worked for me was using a different baby wipe with vitamin e and aloe AND the goldbond lotion in the green bottle, with the menthol. so far, it has been a couple of days without it... trust me, a couple of days are heaven compared to my history with it!!!
#263 - anon - 01/20/2012 - 00:08
I have been experiencing eczema on my eyelids. It is so bad that my whole eye will swell up. Has anyone else experienced this? This is the 2nd time it has happened and it's really annoying...painful too. After the swelling goes down I get really bad wrinkles under the eye that make me look like I'm 80 years old. I want the wrinkles to go away because they are embarrassing. Anyone have any solutions or remedies or have experienced this?
#264 - missanonymous - 02/16/2012 - 19:29
I had eczema all over my arms and legs. I had strong cotisone creams that did not work well - lidex and clobestrol propinate. Two months ago I stopped using the cortisone creams and did the following and my eczema is gone:
took oil of oregano under my tongue (2 drops/2x/day) and topically.
took 1 daily probiotic
took 1 to 2 capsules tumeric daily
took 1 scoop wheatgrass powder daily
took herbs for liver detox in a tincture form - I took a blend that includes dandelion and burdock.
I also started an anti-inflammatory diet that includes lots of whole grains, fruits, veggies, and beans.
I stopped consuming dairy, meat, sugar, and alcohol.
It worked!
#265 - Carol - 06/05/2012 - 14:22
I forgot to add that I use Cerave lotion in the morning after my shower (buy at CVS) and extra [@] coconut oil all over my skin before I get into bed at night.
You can purchase everything I listed above at a whole foods or healthfood store - just bring them the list. You can get the coconut oil there too. You can also order everything from amazon.
#266 - CAROL - 06/05/2012 - 14:25
i suffered from eczema my whole life. i treated myself with acupuncture.
#267 - sasha - 08/14/2013 - 11:48
My eczema started 3 years ago (I am 66). It was behind my ears spread across back of neck. Then it was on my back in two separate places. My Doctor prescribed antifungal cream, antibiotic cream and finally hydrocortisone cream. I have tried zinc ointment (which soothed but did not cure). None of others worked.

I then went to a dermatologist who suggested Glaxo cream which is a base cream with no additives. You can buy this over the counter. If no Glaxo there just ask for Base cream. Apparently the additives in the creams increase the irritation. (I dont think it should be applied to oozing or seeping rashes). Don't apply to dry skin..apply right after your shower or after washing to trap some of the moisture. He said most eczema is caused by lack of moisture to the area. He does not use cortisone creams unless really necessary.

It worked! Took about a month or so but the back rashes cleared completely with the Glaxo cream. Have not returned in two years. The neck rash remains though and resists the glaxo. The glaxo soothes it but does not clear it. Lately I have been trying the Tea Tree oil that seems to dry it out and soothe itch. I may add the lemon juice with it.

It makes me wonder about eczema, some areas are lacking in moisture and others are irritated by too much moisture. So I will let you know if the tea tree oil and lemon work. I can tell you right now after applying, it stung a bit and is smelling but the itching has stopped and rash feels less prominent.

Thanks for all your comments.
#268 - hollyjune - 09/09/2013 - 23:04
I have read all of the previous comments and I will try some of the things suggested. I have had severe eczema all my life. When I was a baby I was covered and the doctors told my parents to use crisco and hydrcortisone cream. I have been on steroids all of my 30 years. Afraid that the steroids are going to cause me problems in the future. I also have severe enviornmental allergies. I have hay fever. Allergic to pet dander, dust, pollen, cockroaches, mold, and tons of other things. At the time I was tested they said I had no food allergies. As I grew up I found out I am allergic to latex, walnuts, kiwi, chestnuts, water chestnuts. I stopped eating dairy foods. I was eczema free for at least 5 or six years and I have always used aveeno products and they are really soothing to my skin. I am allergic to dial and dove products. I have my own children now and they have it too. not nearly as bad but bleach baths do work initially for me to dry out the spots and get them to close up. For the scalp, tea tree oil and jamaican blackcastor oil work wonders. For dandruff I use sulfer 8 shampoo. I recently have been super stressed and with the pollen my allergies and the eczema is back worse than it has been in years. I get it in my face and neck mostly. my arms in the elbow creases. I want to get off steroids. i believe I have more food allergies I do not know about. I am going to get a better allergy test and change up my diet. heat and sweat do not help me at all. It makes it worse. I use vasoline on my kids twice a day in the morning and at night. their skins stays beautiful. Aquaphor is helping me now. To the mom and dads with babies with it in the scalp. If the doctor tells you not to scratch it out, DO NOT LISTEN! please get a baby brush and some baby oil or lotion and brush in little circles to get the crust out. this will keep your baby from going bald if they have hair. Let the scalp breathe and it will heal. I used the stress relief aveeno baby to wash them and They have not had many problems. Just my son in his scalp and tea tree oil cleared it right up.
#269 - hoping for a solution - 04/19/2014 - 23:30
Use corn starch as a powder. It cools, keeps dry, and creates a barrier between you and your clothing. Ahhhh. Soothing.
#270 - Kathy - 07/07/2014 - 15:34
I am new to all this. I hate traditional meds as they have horrible effects that destroy other parts of the body. My heart goes out to all of you who have had this for years and/or so severe.
I thank those of you who suggested to check for food allergies - this I will do. Also, thank you for suggesting lotions, detergents and soaps. Most helpful to me. What about a shampoo?
I have always had problems with my skin, but just diagnosed with eczema.
#271 - brand new - 12/12/2014 - 20:20
Well, I'm back and sad to see no one looks at this blog anymore: (
I have found something fantastic that actually works!!!

Organic lemon juice! Non organic has additives/preservatives, which really does make a difference and isn't as good - but still helps.
You can squeeze lemons yourself, which does not have to be organic because there is no additives/preservatives.

Put 2 Tablespoons in a cup of water. I add a pinch of red pepper and tablespoon of maple syrup. Drink this first thing in the morning when you get up on an empty stomach. Wait 1/2 hour before eating/drinking anything else. You will see a definite difference in one week or less.

Try it and let me know how you made out. It will help!
#272 - brand new - 01/17/2015 - 07:23
What an interesting idea. The lemon pepper drink is good for upset stomachs so it must detox the body. After reading most of the comments there are a few topical treatment I want to try but I am convinced this is some kind of autoimmune disorder and I think most of us need to find out what is irritating us from the inside out. Thanks for the idea.
#273 - katisaw - 02/19/2015 - 09:03
My daughter suffered from exzema on her hands, it was worse in the winter for her. She stopped eating gluten in her diet and the exzema is gone. Hasn't had any sign of it for 2 years now.
#274 - Theresa - 05/16/2015 - 13:25
Eczema is caused by toxins and food intolerances in the body. The #1 cause of eczema, asthma and digestive/bowel problems is GLUTEN in the diet and by contact with the skin. Get all the chemicals and gluten( wheat, barley rye and anything derived from or possibly made in the same facility as anything else that may contain gluten) out of your house. Get rid of all dry pet food and switch to a gluten free pet food and avoid even smelling cooked gluten. Stop eating at restuarants and be carefull in grocery stores to make sure not to touch anything that might have gluten on it. Stop eating packaged foods to avoid cross contamination if gluten and do a liver detox once a month for 6 months or until there are no more stones or grit in your stools. Gluten free, eczema free!
#275 - Dr Wallach - 09/04/2015 - 03:23
Great article!! this is marvelous post that containing very useful information for them who been suffering from eczema.

Eczema – the name given to a handful of dermatological medical conditions that affects far more infants and children than it does adults. The condition is fairly easy to identify. Generally appearing on the hands, feet, face, legs, or the inner creases of knees and elbows, symptoms typically include extremely dry or thickened skin, redness,

#276 - eczemaliving - 05/08/2017 - 06:26
My three month old has eczema we tried a few different lotions to treat it they worked slowly maybe a week to clear up so i started looking for a different brand and i ran across Foderma serum, what a difference this made it took two days to clear up we now use it as an everyday moisturizer and her skin is so soft me and my wife love this stuff and will continue to use it we are now on our third bottle and love it.
#277 - Juih Guidelli - 05/18/2017 - 07:31
My beautiful baby boy was born a perfectly healthy baby. As a working mother, I had a perfect plan for him: breastfeeding/formula supplementation for 6 months, food introduction at 4-6 months, and then traditional milk and so on, and I stuck to that plan.

Mom quits job and flourishing career to manage son’s severely worsening eczema, keeping him at home full time, attending multiple doctor appointments, getting blood work done on various diseases, cooking allergy friendly foods and changing our lifestyle to a hypoallergenic one — read, read, read, track, track, track, stress, stress, and more stress.

Finally I found enough time, had enough insight into the condition, and knowledge from reading research papers and studies to start sharing my experience. Now I am runing blog with name of (eczemaliving) This is blog an outcome of my experience in managing my son’s severe eczema, food allergies, asthma, along awesome allergy free-recipes, latest research and treatment plans that worked for us.
#278 - Nav Gosal - 06/23/2017 - 04:53
On the recommendation of a friend I bought foderma serum for my grandson who suffers with extreme Eczema. This has been a wonderful product and it helps give him a relief when he has an outbreak. Because it is a lotion he can apply it himself (age 8) whenever he needs it. In addition I also bought CeraVe lotion for between breakouts. He loves the combination and finds it really helps.
#279 - Thania - 07/02/2017 - 04:24
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I'm going to try Lemon, Tea tree oil, Apple cider vinegar so convinced these will help my son lols. Will revert very soon for my feedback
#280 - Kgomotso - 07/03/2018 - 04:44
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